Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 is coming! :)

i'm not a fan of New Year's resolutions... but since I'm soo bored and had soo much to thank for - for the things that happened this 2008 - i just thought it would be FUN to list down the things i want do/ happen/ accomplish next year! :)

anyway the list goes in random...
  • triple my $avings
  • win at least 3 bidding's/ projects
  • visit the great SALE in Singapore!
  • spend Christmas in a winter country (i just want to dress up for winter!)
  • be able to stand up & finish the whole ramp (2x) in wake-boarding!
  • commit to belly dancing and yoga
  • have the "laser" thing going :)
  • be able to pattern/make my own clothes
  • spend more wisely, and get rid of the "we buy things we don't need, to impress people we don't like" mantra
  • visit China, drop by HK, then shop in H&M! :)
  • wear circle lens with ease
  • renovate my room
  • have a wonderful, to-die-for, beach getaway!
  • make a total hottie ask for my number, then make him cry...(haha!)
  • fall in love again ♥
  • be more confident
  • be more thankful
  • be a more responsible daughter/ better person
  • cook food and bake a cake :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


one of the drawbacks of prolonged vacation is LAZINESS and crazy body clock schedules... yesterday, i slept around 4am, then 6am... and so on. ugh! i feel like i don't sleep anymore! :( and i always feel sluggish/hungry... bah.

on the brighter note, i am LOVING these shoes i got from CLN, before i left Manila for the holidays.

and i think its the 2nd non-black shoe i ever purchased this season :)

top: h&m. tights: topshop. cardi: from hongkong. shoes: cln

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas!!

while all the girls in the family are baking cakes, and preparing dishes for Noche Buena (Christmas Eve dinner)... bratty me (together with bratty niece) is on her macbook, surfing the net, lusting over uber expensive stuffs... and just waiting for the food to be served! :)

anyway, had anyone of you watched Hors de Prix? it obviously is one of my fave French movies made!

again, Merry Christmas y'all!

Monday, December 22, 2008

sunday funday

spent a lot on shopping today... and i'm major broke! hahaha! ILOVE Christmas!!

and also the clothes in SOFA, rockwell... tsk tsk tsk. (i can't wait to wear the cocktail dresses i got!! :) yipee!

and also these crazy headbands! yum.

and for my New Year's wish list (zara dress)... 'cos im so effing broke right now! :):)


Thursday, December 18, 2008

so last Monday i went out in what-my-cousin-call a "harajuku" outfit. i'm not sure why, but i guess its the white tights...?? or the layering?? cause i've never seen anyone wore white tights here, and neither had she, hence...

anyway, the dress is from one of our malls in Manila (Landmark) and is $4 ONLY!! it was sooo cheap that i got the other color as well! :) BUT the original fitting & length sucks, so i payed another $5 for alteration etc. (in my new, secret tailor :), waited for almost 2 weeks (i had 6 of my clothes altered!), and i'm totally inlove with them now!

and what's funny is, i NEVER did thought of wearing them for dinner (or something special), as i only imagined myself - flocking the beach/ spending some lazy, out-of-town holidays - with these. but since the weather suddenly became a lil' chilly (really really weird!) i tried layering, and stuffs... and hey! i think it looked okay for a Christmas dinner! :)

and just as i thought that i'd be able to go out without any of those (yeah, so so lame) logo handbags, i changed my h&m studded ones for these gucci on the last minute! (btw, i already sold the studded bag on ebay).

dress: landmark. tights: h&m. shoes: zara. layered vest: online. bag: gucci joy. pearls: sm. sorry for the clutter in my room!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne. - Bette Davis.

last Saturday was spent in 'me & my friends' annual Christmas dinner (16 attendants this year! we're expanding! :) - good companion, sumptuous food (Silk Thai)/ wines + desserts (The Stock Market), some alcohol/ vodka's (thanks to the b'day boys!), boys boys boys, partying, and more!

really... i had the best high ever! :):)

and just when i thought we're DONE with partying (the effects of getting OLD et al) - we were WRONG! 'cos after dinner, we headed to Cuisine & Piedra... and danced our night away!

and everyone's saying that my heart got stolen that night, 'cos i had way too much fun/ alcohol/ dancing/ and boyfriends in one night! but i guess it's just the HOLIDAY CHEER in me... like c'mon, let's share the LOVE shall we? it's Christmas Season after all!!!

silk dress: zara. gold necklace: h&m. fringed clutch: h&m. juan shoes. j12.

i sooo love MANILA!! can't believe i passed it last year, working my ass off in Shanghai 'til Christmas Day!

(i belted out the dress, cos it's way too long for a fun night!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

mac updates

finally bought a new, 250GB hard drive for my baby :) installed all the softwares that i needed/ wanted and trying to bring back the "old" look of my desktop (ie. gummy bears and tokidoki icons!) but i'm still thinking whether i should pay (that's about $100++) or ask someone to recover my files from my previous hard drive. hmmm...

anyway! glad to be back!

and ps. i'm so addicted to facebook right now!

Monday, December 15, 2008

layering makes my life LESS complicated...

snakeskin tube top: topshop. sequined tube top (as skirt): mango. juan shoes. vest bought online..

also had the BEST night last Saturday! :):):)

updates to follow up!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


hi y'all! thanks for your comments re my macbook :)

...so i had it checked at the Apple Center the other day, and found that my laptop's malfunction is the cause of a crashed hard drive! and what's worse is, they can't retrieve my files!! :(

i have to buy a new hard drive and start all over. thank God it wasn't the motherboard... but even so, i think it was MY fault cos i had been covering my baby in this cute, leather-casing (since Macau) and no matter how many times my friend told me that it needs "air", i totally ignored it - threw away those air balls (or whatever you call it) - and covered it with the "jacket" (yes, it was so cute, but it suffocated my baby!). or maybe, i was just an impatient junkie. i don't know... it just feels so different... and sad... it was only 1.4 years old!!! and my files.... *sigh*

anyway, just wore this dress (that i had for more than a year) for the very 1st time... it's weird cos it feels so NEW even if its so OLD. (and excuse me for being wasted :)

dress: zara. juan shoes.

have to wait next week before i start updating again!

Having our annual Christmas dinner tonight! :) i'm sooo excited to wear a black dress!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i'm awfully sad cos i think my macbook CRASHED on me..!

word of advice, never ever force shutting-down when you have all the time in the world to wait.

the result, DEAD macbook and me sharing with my brother's pc


i'm so attached to it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

agent orange

another piece i've been thinking on selling, but my mom told me to keep them.

got this knit coat from one of my favorite stores in Xiamen, China- Yarou (my korean friends got them in black & white, while i forgot why i got the orange ??). anyway, the store was a 5mins walk from our school, and it housed some of the BEST items we could find! exaggerating much? haha! but REALLY. and what i like about the store is that it has 2 divisions, 1 for HIGH END'S (very expensive, 1-of-a-kind couture pieces shipped from Japan & Korea) and NORMAL ONES (which i could only afford at that time! :). and i love their PA's! ...donned from head to foot in their merchandise, with perfect hair & makeup (almost harajuku-ish), they never get tired teaching how to pull off an item! :) and even if all i could say at that time was, 謝謝 (thank you), 可以試嗎?(can i fit?), 小一點 (smaller), 大一點 (bigger), 不好 (not good), 好看嗎?(does it look good?)... i think we understood each other & had some fashion moments shared :) and oh, they also have house brands (like mango, topshop, etc.) from time to time too! :)

i wish to go back in Xiamen and visit the store again. but of course, i could never tell my dad that the only reason i want to go is to check out Yarou! haha! but i still have some relatives living there... so he might think otherwise :) *i hope*

photo creds: from yarou.cn

Monday, December 8, 2008

在這裡,那裡? 那裡?

i really missed being surrounded by these kind people while i shop at 淮海路/ 南京中路...

photo creds: P1 mag

and also, i have to post these Aldo-lookalike (fcuk) shoes i got last weekend... because my (guy) friends attested that girls looked better in high heels, and that i should wear them everyday! (they kinda hated the boots btw)... and i wonder, what if i really dressed up as a semi-whore? i bet they're really gonna LOVE it! haha! boys! tsk tsk. which reminds me, i still have those sequined tube top from mango that i could wear as a bandage skirt with these...

(men's) bench tank top. mango skirt. shoes from juan.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

i think my skin's made of onion

its almost Christmas, and i bet Shanghai weather's starting to be ice-cold *shudders* yes, my last year's winter moments are still traumatic... i'm so thankful i'm no longer there, now!

but what's funny is, while i'm covered with wool and fleece all over, most girls there wear it vivi style!


what i thought models here are wearing aren't for real, i was wrong! it's not just for the glossy pages...

while i heard japanese girls do it so much better! = LESSER! :)

yesterday i shopped

saw these boots from zara yesterday... and they were too comfy & slouchy to resist! *evil grin*

well, i did thought about it before, during, and after dinner... but it looked as if no amount of meat nor carbs from Holy Cow - i really recommend this place for their steaks & big servings! the food were soo good for the price tag! - would let me forget them. and having my forever&ever shopping buddy as one of my companions today didn't helped either.

so i got them HOME! :) and i think its something i can wear MORE often, as compared to my other boots, in a country where autumn & winter DOESN'T EXIST!

denim dress: bought in shanghai. boots: zara. vintage belt. lv palermo. (black shirt dress: h&m)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

my friends and i met at Greenbelt3 and dined at this posh, Manhattan-style restaurant called Marciano's (which i think is owned by Marvin Agustin - a local Filipino celebrity - who obviously has a crush on me!) haha! :P conceited much? no, i was just kidding! :) but we saw him there etc.

anyway, ilove the food & the ambiance... not to mention, the big-size serving and considerably not-so-hefty pricetag :) but stupid me, i forgot to bring my memory card :( so no pictures for ya.. yet. i even wanted to show you some pieces (like brocade upholsteries, crystal/ gothic chandeliers, white bricks, red details, etc.) which i planned on putting in my room when we redecorate it... yes, i'm so sick of my pink walls! new theme? manhattan + audrey hepburn! i'll have her life-sized picture shipped soon! yada yada...

then after that, we checked out the stores in Greenbelt4 to help my friend choose her very own Christmas present! :) of course, we ended up with handbags... 'cos even though the current (fashion) season's out with bags, Manila obviously isn't ready for shoes. believe me, Havaiannas rule the world here! while i'm not complaining, cos i love lazy slippers... and i'd rather spend my day in the beach, rather than in the city! so she ended up picking something from LV...

while this was my lazy outfit today, for the traffic-infected Manila (every holiday season).

top: sham shui po, hongkong (old). black layer (i don't know what it's called!) bought online. zara tights. h&m shoes. gucci joy bag.

pink (hands) + purple (feet) nail colors! yahoo!

Friday, December 5, 2008

pleated purple

i don't know what is it with PURPLE that i had been using the color a LOT lately...

and also with my old clothes, cos i had this skirt since college! (but i love them!)

(gold tank from mango. pleated satin skirt: tango. juan shoes, dorothy perkins belt. gucci joy boston. and my overused cheap, black, strand necklace which i had been using forever!)

and i'm also thinking of selling this tank top cos its making my un-existent breast appear flatter! haha kidding! but i think its the gold thing that's making it tighter... thus...

and oh, btw. i said i wanted those MAC eyeshadow palettes, but i got these first!

coastal scents 78 palettes!

isn't it gorgeous? i got them on ebay.ph and was lucky enough to pay only $19+ plus shipping! the colors are sooo yummy!

my sister "might" go to New York this December, while a family friend is flying to Italy after Christmas... my head's already spinning! i don't know what to ask them!!!

or maybe one of these if i get lucky....

(lv eva clutch / gucci sukey tote)

or zero for a better peace of mind :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

some good ol' things

i was rummaging through my winter stuffs last night, from 3-years ago to the ones i've accumulated from shanghai, and was surprised to find this lovely knit top/sweater which, if i remembered correctly, only bought for $2- in sham shui po, hongkong (2005).

i paired them up with my high-waisted h&m skirt, but it looked as if the skirt and thickness of knit made my belly "bump".


(sorry for the zombie pose ~teehee)

knit top: hongkong. h&m skirt. juan shoes. j12.
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