Friday, April 25, 2008

leopard print tank, red pencil skirt, snake armlet, tusk necklace, friendship ring?

i have this friend since high school who i usually shop with. the ring i wore here is from one of our bangkok trips together, and we call it "the friendship ring" - as cheesy as it may sound, since nobody wants to give way, so we both ended up buying one for ourselves!

we don't normally shop together as we used to, but we still end up having the same things (until now)! i was surprised when she went to my place one day, and pointed at my animal-printed top,

"hey.. did we bought this top together?"

"no... why?"

... and i knew.

top: mango. skirt: dorothy perkins. shoes: local shop, peopleRpeople. snake armlet, necklace: friend's online boutique. ring: bangkok. watch: chanel. clutch: i forgot :)

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Rose said...


And i LOVE shanghai, do post more informations about it.


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