Wednesday, April 16, 2008

haunted by the maxi dress

the maxi dress + gladiator sandals look is haunting me!

ashley tisdale / lindsay lohan

nicole richie

i have been stocking up on maxi dresses ever since dorothy perkins showed up with their color block collection for spring & summer 2007 (just like what lindsay was wearing). but the problem is, i cant find the perfect time to wear them in manila! now i regret not wearing them before cos i bet everyone is donning the same outfit already...

i also cant wait for the perfect weather to wear the tribal maxi dress i got from h&m the other week...

(stole this pic from madame mode's, cos its the exact same thing!)

h&m also came up with the marimekko tribute collection when i visited last weekend..

im doomed. i always say im broke, but it feels like im going on another shopping spree this weekend, and try my luck to grab some nice maxi's from the shop i was telling you about before (high end overruns) or if all things fail, go back to h&m... the style never goes out of fashion anyway. or maybe, i could just save my money for a while and wait for our bangkok trip (cross fingers) months from now :)

*i also promise to post last weekend's pictures with my friends (when they visited me here) and my new loots :)


Madame Mode said...

I see! I don't mind :D
I love your blog!
regards from the Netherlands!
- Léonie

Angela said...

Hi there, Do you have any idea where to get the dress Ashley Tisdale is wearing? The silk/satin one in the photo she's carrying an LV bag? r any idea who makes it? I can't seem to find it anywhere

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