Monday, April 28, 2008

how can i pack shoes w/o losing its form?

i know i've travelled a couple of times already to know the basics of packing (or "packing 101")... but NO. packing is such a hassle ever since trip #01!

first, i can't decide w/c stuffs to bring... who knows if i suddenly have this urge of wearing a pink "hucci" outfit when all i have was a boring black top?

second, the baggage weight rule or whatever you call it.

third,.. i just hate packing!

BUT one of the advantages i do get from it is - forced inventory, and i just realized that i've accumulated 4 new shoes since february.

wedge sandals, zara.

satin heels etc., h&m.

classic black pumps, aldo.

gladiator flats, h&m.

just in case you're wondering, im going home (manila, phils.) for my vacation leave. yahoo! i can't wait for the beach! :D


ModeJunkie said...

i always hand carry my delicate shoes! :)
all lovely by the way! sooo jealous that you're going to pinas! send my alohas to everybody! haha

pammish said...

i do handcarry my shoes and i thought i was such an amateur packer! shoes + HUGE paperbag + HUGE suitcase + laptop bag + et cetera haha.. i always need a massage after!

hehe sure! i will post pictures of stuffs u miss in pinas :) while we are ALL jealous you are in Germany hehehe... :) mwah

evie said...

love your sating h&m shoes!

pammish said...

evie: thanks! too bad though i was just staring at them the whole winter time.. :)

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