Tuesday, April 29, 2008

asian thing. neoprints.. i also have to say, its ViVi

to be honest, i haven't flipped through the pages of vouge, elle, or some other fashion magazines, etc. since.. age 12? and now that im working *eek* the only fashion or sort-of thing i have on my hand is preview (manila version. not even international fashion! ugh). im lazy that way... but i do have my monthly subscription of vivi (japanese magazine) and it does get me pretty excited each time i get one :)
just in case you're wondereding what "japanese street fashion" looks like, you have to get one! also, i thik vivi models are "perfection" they ALL look like dolls! in a cute/pretty/sexy way that is :) if only i could go to japan one day... i heard its better real life. (btw these are chinese versions i get in china... and whenever im home in my country, i ask one of my friends (from japan) to send me these for $16! it doesn't matter w/c one i get cos i CANT understand BOTH versions anyway! haha!)

in the meantime, me & my friends just go to hongkong.. and weloveit! neoprints fever! oh yah, we're such kids!


Secretista said...

Oh man, I've got to write a paper on Japanese Street Fashion and how it reflects modern Japanese society! I want an issue of vivi!!

pammish said...

ViVi is a MUST if you need to write about japanese street fashion!! :) if only i could help you..

im one sucker for japanese street style, and i can't get it out my system since my first copy!

NewlyInspired said...


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