Monday, April 28, 2008

sin. lv palermo

i'm not really a 'designer slut' nor a handbag-type-of-girl... but i lately found myself lusting over one (may it be lv, gucci, prada, or chanel) which i obviously can't afford (admittedly, its not like weekend shopping at h&m) and for which my parents (ok, take the whole family for the matter) disregards very clearly. they'd be more willing to hand me a macbook (which i received last year) , travel, and maybe, if i have more sense in myself than being 'materialistic' - education.

of course, everyone have more sense than me... but this particular one is haunting..

LV Palermo


fashion addict said...

Hey! Thanks for coming by and commenting on my post and also for adding my link to your blog! I just added yours!!

Jennifer said...

Hah, my mom tells me to go shopping, drags me out to stores to buy stuff, and orders me to do my reading/studying later. And she's also telling me to save up money so I can buy a better bag. SO WEIRD!

pammish said...

jennifer: darn, i think we should trade mom's then! hehe! my mom would always NAG every time i buy something new, but find her stealing in my closet from time to time (got you!) haha!

while my dad has this weird idea of, "hey, ur aunt has a good tailor (referring to my 55+ auntie who ALWAYS wear old-fashioned "matching" chinese-outfits) maybe u shud ask him to make u stuffs instead?" - i NEVER had an idea whether he was serious or not!

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