Wednesday, April 23, 2008

monotone, monotone, and more monotone!

i myself am getting tired with the whole monotone look... but it's still the safest and easiest (hope NOT the most boring) way to get appreciated by the camera.

(some pictures from's latest street chic look. sydney, australia.)

so chic. love the skirt!


i also realized that the last 2 times I had my picture taken on the streets (new fashion mag in SH) - i was wearing monotone! but i still haven't seen them/pics on the prints though.. and i don't remember w/c mag was that either! ~haha. (but 'll keep u udpated once i found out!)

1 comment:

evie said...

i often end up in monotone by accident. i tend to go for the safer colours when i'm half awake i guess lol

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