Thursday, April 17, 2008

more on handbag lusting

while my bestfriend and i started lusting over designer bags late last year, she now has 3 LV's, 2 Gucci's and me left with 0 purchase. it might obviously sound not fair that she's also totting the exact same things i wanted... from the speedy, to the tote i was just lusting over, few months back.

but i'm not complaining. we really do have our own personal spending habits.

while i have this impulsive delusional obsession with just about anything i come across with, she has this motherly scrutinizing one, mostly sticking to the need-list, and obviously not buying anything fancy. while i showed her the new vibrant marimekko collection in h&m, she went directly to the basics, and apparently adored everything uniqlo . i always loved travelling & going to new places (the beach, watersports, etc.), and she'd rather go to hk over & over again buying the exact same things.

now i promise to buy just one - and one only - in order to keep my mouth shut. i know i can never stop myself from my weekly shopping hauls, while she can last a month buying only one piece of clothing (OMG! i'd die!)

anyway, since this look quite effortless & classic, i might consider myself getting one. (or the speedy again, since its one of The Black Book's must-have pieces, in line with the chanel 2.55, hermes birkin, and gucci jackie o's)

but i don't know if i can sacrifice my bangkok getaway for this, since my parents obviously don't want to sponsor neither my obsession with bag nor travel. im getting old! *gawks*

do i smell the gucci gang here? don't force it baby! :)

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