Friday, April 25, 2008

silver cashmere & shoes, metallic leggings, autumn on yu yuan garden, not japanese!

i don't know whether i would take it as a compliment, but wherever i go, people always think i'm japanese!

so i started thinking... maybe its because:
1. i always do the japanese poses? (the effect of studying/living in china/ reading too much jap magazines/ being friends with many korean girls)
2. bleached hair (not really...)
3. black eyeliner + light makeup
4. slightly "different" style of dressing up, as oppose to the locals

on the contrary, i haven't been to japan so i don't know really... and while those local people and/or tourists are taking quick shots of me (from their cam, while i pose like this? erk.) during that day in october (yu yuan garden) i also had my fair share of revenge. by saying very basic japanese "hajinamashite!", "sayonora", etc., these people thought i was for real! ha!ha!ha!

im not really sure wether this outfit worked for ancient gardens, but ... who cares?

1 comment:

G said...

Cute modell :)

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