Monday, April 28, 2008

where's the party

i just realized that i spent another weekend NOT in a bar, but at home, office, or at the streets (shopping, playing dumb, staring at lv window display ~haha. kidding)...

there's so many nice bars in Shanghai that i haven't been to yet, and we had all been too lazy to go out (damn cold weather!). now that spring is finally here (or so i hope. one moment its warm&sunny and next thing you're underdressed&freezing again!) i wish i could get my slice of nightlife/partying again!.

dress: topshop. lace bandeau: somewhere. neckpiece: cebu, philippines. clutch: i forgot. (its in my place in manila). watch: chanel. ring: gift from mom. vintage earrings & shoes: bangkok (not shown. ugh editing skills!).
a glass of bailey's, piedra, fort, manila.


Jennifer said...

You HAVE to ebay, it's addicting! Though I do tend to get extremely angry whenever I don't win something I really like. Ha!

I love the watch! It's so great!!

pammish said...

oh no! thats one of the reasons why i dont want to register in ebay.. i might get really really ADDICTED to it, that i'll end up buying everything! huu.. but i can feel the pain of somebody else winning my eyecandy.. hahaha!

btw, ure half asian? :)

A & E said...

My gosh!is that a J12 watch???=P
very nice.

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