Saturday, May 31, 2008


listening to: bob marley

there's quite a lot of things in my mind right now...

and if only i could set off somewhere...

where i could just relax and don't worry about anything.

photo creds: puerto galera, philippines. from last summer

Thursday, May 29, 2008

street style. art of layering with oversized vests and flats

i have always been fascinated with hongkong street style that sometimes i wish my uncle (my dad's stepbrother, who is local hongkie) would just adopt me! he lives around causeway bay so i could just imagine my life there... *hums* anyway, it was my dream destination of work, but since i was offered shanghai (on my first job, w/c is also not bad) i just have to be thankful for now and just watch these girls from afar :)

i would have never thought of combining an oversized vest and all-monotone-look with gladiator sandals - but she definitely rocked it! hhhmm... again, such a pretty face and long lean body could just pull off anything *jealous*

another oversized vest.. and i think thats a romper underneath? cool yeh?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

luxury is not for everyone..

though its not bad to dream either!

the weather here is damp, and i need an inspiration...

aaahh.. don't you just want to relax right now?

photo cred: marcustroy


i told you i have this thing with animal prints...previous post 1, previous post 2.

my apologies as i was totally dazed and drunk that night... (@.x)

dress: mimi (manila). my not so favorite handbag: luella.

Monday, May 26, 2008

street style. relaxed, volume, neutral

who says little skin + volume + flats = isn't sexy?

(street style: hongkong march 2008)

i really love how this girl pulled it out together!

expat life = limited wardrobe.

so i forked a lot of money for hair treatment (at raffles city), but my hair looked&felt pretty much the same - only that it smells more like it came from the salon - and that wasn't what i was hoping for.

anyway, im NOT kidding when i say - i only have a 40kilo wardrobe right now. as sad as it may appear - this is the ONLY high-heeled shoe i got now (for corporate attire)- then 1 ballet flats, 1 chucks sneakers, and some awful winter boots i left back then. and im not surprised why i always find myself shopping - because i really have nothing to wear!

...and just to prove more on how really poor i am right now - im also wearing this really cheap top i used to sleep with - until i realized it has city-potential.. sigh.

expat life.. never easy.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

street style. asia. baseball cap

so i finally feel much better seeing that im not the only one obsessed with baseball caps...!!

(may 2008 street style from shanghai, beijing, and hongkong respectively)

you see, i finally decided to give ALL my personal collection of von dutch, roxy, ny yankees, etc. baseball caps to my teenage cousins when i go back to manila soon (yah, my whole closet here weighs ONLY 40kilos.. so imagine how much i left back home!) because i feel like i should dress my age, and be more corporate/girly as they say. but then again, maybe i could still save them for casual walks around asia :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

my not-so birthday dinner turned poker night

what's supposed to be a simple-dinner-with-friends ended as my surprise birthday dinner! and little did i know that my friends had prepared for the night days before, and even invited all my friends from different groups - together! it was really sweet since my birthday is really on JULY 25th - but since I'll be in Shanghai, celebrating it miserably alone (i hope not!), they planned the night to be my 'advance' birthday dinner. aaaww...

of course, ONLY the celebrant has her picture posted and cropped.. since (1) they might kill me for posting their pictures on public (2) i am the ONLY blogger junkie! :)

hmm.. lucky much? haha not really - im just a frustrated player and i seldom win! (please excuse our addiction as my friend literally brought his poker set in the bar/resto just so we can play while enjoying everyone's company /drinking beer! thus the non-existing poker table! haha)

ruffled top: from hongkong. black shorts, stockings. beige clutch: u (manila). belt, bangle: h&m. j12.

young designers born

i have always been jealous with my bff who took fashion design in college that every time she asks for my help in her projects - scanning, editing, creating her portfolio, etc - i was always happy doing, pushing all my business plans and paperworks - later. i also enjoyed attending all their fashion shows, and by the time i graduated, i always sat in their class just so i can see how she and her classmates work. crazy i know.

anyway, its been 3 yrs now since my last acquaintance in the fashion class... but i always feel excited every time my friend updates her portfolio - doing all those fashion shoots and styling with former classmates.

this shoot is kinda amateur since the dress was created by veejay floresca (classmate), makeup by my friend, and shooting by another friend they know - but it looks really amazing! don't you think?

fringe dresses

i love the details of fringe dresses - sexy, refined, and a bit of rock&roll glam...

my only concern is, would they look good on everyone?

Friday, May 23, 2008

agathe, where are you?

i have a confession.

i love agathe and she's been my inspiration since i accidentally visited her blog a lil' 7 months ago. she's the ONLY style blogger i know, and the ONLY blog that i check everyday. until i recently joined blogspot and found that there are a lot of stylish girls out there! oh my..

i think its been a month now since her last post, and im really missing her :(

Thursday, May 22, 2008

blocking doesn't stop me from posting

what's disturbing is that even though blogspot's currently blocked in china, i still find a way to view ALL the sites that ilove and even post something (though very very time consuming! ugh.) - thanks to vidalia and tor bundle - two of the best softwares ever introduced to me by a friend! :) and my other disturbing habit right now is, i always make time to post 30 mins before office hours finish! (uh-oh!).. yes i'm doing it now! haha!

i just signed up in one gossip girl group-thingie in my multiply account last night, out of boredom.. AND the lack of updates from the said series.. what can i say? there's NOT a single english-speaking channel in my tv here other than - national geographic! and i dont think the last episode with the monkey cowering somewhere was all that entertaining... so i decided to hit the "join" button instead.

Leighton is looking lovely here... and i love the back detail of the dress!

im not sure with the bag though, but its cute..

i wish i never had my hair permed last month (ugh.. too much drama with the hairdresser... off with the topic!) anyway, leighton is looking soo gorgeous up close, don't you think?

and then i saw this:

im not sure with the whole ensemble of these two... im just digging lydia's dress and nothing else!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

buffet, embassy, and origami is blocked in china (hey, im back in shanghai!) and it takes too much time to access from a proxy server (say, an hour? just to post one entry) uggh.. life! :(

anyway, here are pictures from me and him buffet dinner in spiral, sofitel (westin hotel) manila. where we also had our first date last 2006 :)

i personally think its the BEST buffet place in town! (even compared to shanghai!) they have chinese, japanese (i love sushi's), western (oooh.. lambchop's and steak's!), italian, fresh seafood, indian (roti's and curries i love!), spanish (paella and baked clams my favorite!), other asian,.. whole isle dessert section with fresh fruits, ice creams, choco fondue and even gummy bears!.. a total FUSION! for $55/head!

its really awkward posing ALONE on a public place.

desserts galore!! my favorite!

wine and cheese anyone?

fresh seafood!

first plate

second plate

... and i was too full/famished to take more pictures! :)

after 3 hours pigging out... we finally surrendered! relinquished, we headed to Embassy Club, Fort Bonifacio to parrrtaaay with friends! love love it!

lace headband: from xiamen, china. gold chain headband (polygamous aren't we?): h&m. origami shift dress: from hongkong. satin purse & shoes... weaved leather bangle that im loving right now.

Monday, May 19, 2008

white corsage headpiece

.. that i never got to wear.

since i can't stand my bangs on my face and opted for a headband instead! :)

faux heart-shaped crystal earrings & flower headpiece: h&m. gold lace headband: shop in xiamen, china. origami shift dress: shop in hongkong

Sunday, May 18, 2008

more roadtrips

few of you know, but when i was based in manila, philippines me and my boyfiend (and sometimes, friends) usually go out of town every weekend. sky's the limit! last year, we started hitting the beach immediately after Christmas up until the rainy season! my mom was already complaining with my tanned complexion, since i used to be pale before me and the boyf met... :)

love and hate relationship with roadtrips: you have to get up early in the morning! and this time, i was so wasted that i just pulled out anything from my closet!

it was more than scary than lovely (for me)... what can i say? im addicted to white-sand beach! and this is not even close.. then again, who knew there's a place like this somewhere? right?

but in the end, it was always worth the sleepless nights, cranky morning hangover and lazy eyebags.. :)

batangas section.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

post wakeboarding blues

so my arm muscles are still swollen, and have bruises all over my hands and legs.. but it was all worth it! :) ugh.. believe me, it hurts *gawks*

anyway, i really love dressing down..

so he's getting better...
and i was just there catching sheeps.
everyone went home early

thug life

lago de oro..

hoodie: h&m. skirt that im addicted right now: h&m. shades: h&m. havaianas. bag: roxy.

Friday, May 16, 2008

one year old unworn maxi dress

have you ever felt like you don't have anything to wear... and the only thing you can think of to stop the drama (between you and your oh-so-cluttered closet) is to HIT the mall and buy MORE clothes, which only brings endless "what am i going to wear?" moments each time you have go out, and then later realized that more than 50% of your clothes still have their tags ON and have never ever been worn - even ONCE? 

i do. ALWAYS

dorothy perkins maxi dress worn for the very first time, after being dumped in my closet for a YEAR!

wedge sandals. overused handbag (always lazy transferring stuffs) :) shu uemura eyelash curler box in my hand.. for my friend!

dinner at greenhills with friends... ugh.. summer here is really HOT. 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

photo booth

im going out for dinner at serendra (or wherever)...  and im obviously bored waiting for my friend to pick me up... ! 

apparently the gayest pictures i ever had! haha!

i promise to post the whole outfit next time! :)

trapeze dress: shanghai. bangles: h&m. headband: h&m. earrings: h&m. ring: bangkok. watch: dkny, (last pic) chanel.

other shopping hauls...

since ive got to wait 'til my OWN hongkong escapade before i buy the handbag of my dreams, i know i can't last a week without buying anything...

NARS blush in Orgasm. its really hard to find one here... poor girl who reserved for this one at g4 cos i bought it already! note to self: be on time when you reserve for something you really want!

MAC fluidline in blacktrack. im obviously an eyeliner-whore and can't live without one! :)

Skinfood BB Cream in Aloe. I've read really good reviews about this product, like from Phyllis blog (from makeupforlife) and had been itching to try it out for weeks! i hope it works on me though... cos i really have this damn sensitive skin and i always break out when i try new brands/products like Kiehls and Mario Bedescu!

Nail polish from Skinfood. im not really a fan of barbie-doll pinks, but found this baby too cute when i tried it out on my nails.
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