Wednesday, May 21, 2008

buffet, embassy, and origami is blocked in china (hey, im back in shanghai!) and it takes too much time to access from a proxy server (say, an hour? just to post one entry) uggh.. life! :(

anyway, here are pictures from me and him buffet dinner in spiral, sofitel (westin hotel) manila. where we also had our first date last 2006 :)

i personally think its the BEST buffet place in town! (even compared to shanghai!) they have chinese, japanese (i love sushi's), western (oooh.. lambchop's and steak's!), italian, fresh seafood, indian (roti's and curries i love!), spanish (paella and baked clams my favorite!), other asian,.. whole isle dessert section with fresh fruits, ice creams, choco fondue and even gummy bears!.. a total FUSION! for $55/head!

its really awkward posing ALONE on a public place.

desserts galore!! my favorite!

wine and cheese anyone?

fresh seafood!

first plate

second plate

... and i was too full/famished to take more pictures! :)

after 3 hours pigging out... we finally surrendered! relinquished, we headed to Embassy Club, Fort Bonifacio to parrrtaaay with friends! love love it!

lace headband: from xiamen, china. gold chain headband (polygamous aren't we?): h&m. origami shift dress: from hongkong. satin purse & shoes... weaved leather bangle that im loving right now.


erika said...

your blog is soooo super cute, and so are you. wanna trade links? are you filipino?? i like your collage thinggg

Sharon Rose said...

Wow-what a night-you look fabulous!!

ApolloniaFashion said...

love your outfits!

capturedlife said...

i'm loving your shoes!!

Charlotte said...

Oh f*ck! Why is blogspot blocked? It's bad!
Your pictures and style is great, so I hope you will not have to much problems while posting.

Siljesfashion said...

Love your headband!! And the food looks amazing.

Winnie said...

That origami dress is gorgeous, and that buffet looks amazing! Yum!

pammish said...

erika: oww thanks love! :) i added u right up! :)

yup! i'm filipino-chinese by ethnicity.. im glad u liked it :)

pammish said...

sharon rose: thanks! :) it was really fun! too much food and alcohol at the same time! :)

apolloniafashion: thanks!

capturedlife: and they're nice for walking/dancing too! :) really comfy for 5" i might say!

pammish said...

charlotte: uughh... i dont know! this always happens when im addicted to a particular website, etc. $@#@*&!

thanks though..:) i dont know if u can call it addiction/stupid, but even with blocked servers, im trying to access each blocked sites i love! *sigh*

pammish said...

siljesfashion: thanks! :) the food is REALLY amazing!! too bad i wasnt too take pictures of everything as i was too famished!! :)

winnie: thanks! :) its definitely a MUST!! i love love eating there!

Mimi said...

I love this outfit. And all the FOOD!

pammish said...

mimi: thanks for dropping by! :)

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