Tuesday, May 6, 2008

chill weekend

just after i arrived manila, i had dinner with some of my college buddies... 
then off to anilao, batangas after desserts! :)

ilove roadtrips!...

finally! can't wait for skindiving!

actually, we stayed over one resort for a quick nap before our final destination the next morning. ~whew.

tank: topshop. skirt/dress: xiamen. sunnies: h&m. white hoop earrings. havaianas..
anilao, batangas, philiipines.


Clyff said...

Roadtrips rock! Wish I had more gas money for em. Is the anilao area better than the laiya area?

pammish said...

hmm... honestly i haven't been to laiya yet... :)

i think its more of a beach compared to anilao.. bec anilao is mostly for diving, windsurfing, and other watersport stuffs! :)

yey to roadtrips!

Kira Fashion said...


amazing place!!!
it´s always wonderful have a great time in a paradise like this to relax and feel good!

thanks a lot for your great words yesterday!
let´s keep in touch, i love your style!

a kiss and a hug,
see you,

pammish said...

KIRA: no biggie :) thanks also!

tropical country is LOVE :)

i miss chilling at the beach every weekend.. *sigh*

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