Thursday, May 1, 2008

laters my love(s)!

*whew* i'm almost done packing... and yes, i used those vacuum thingie i saw in the supermarket. i have to say, it is one of the greatest invention ever made! haha (im exaggerating no?)

before sucking the air out...


almost done. im really scared how much this weighs though..

just A DAY from now, and ill be flying back home.. and as far as im concerned, i already have this very TIGHT schedule. 

sadly, i can't bring my mac in most places... so... 'til then!

** its been really great being here (blogging) and i'm only 1 week old! (the old entries dated before April 23 are copied from my previous blog since i get really obsessive compulsive at times :)


Dori said...

now i can bring more clothes while traveling ehh
like you said......
how much does it weigh??

evie said...

thank goodness for modern technology eh? good luck with the luggage weight and have a good trip!

pammish said...

DORI: i just weighed it at the airport.. its 31.9KG fcuk! but if it wasn't for the plastic bags, i could've brought 2 suitcase's instead! :) miss you!

EVIE: absolutely! and thanks!
but im OVERweight (as always) haha!

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