Tuesday, May 6, 2008

love. roadtrips

cheesy pose :) just look over the sea :)

i love lazying around...

ex/boyf's laptop. no matter how much i tried to stay away from technology.. im just plain geeky techie chic!

peace yo!

sea scooters, wakeboard, fins, masks, jetpilot, aqua socks, whatever... ! :)


Dori said...

is that your new tan or just the camera brightness angle?????
looking good Pam!!!!!

One Sweet Day said...

Wow your trip looked so awesome!
I looked her up.. and hm... I dunno.. I don't want to look like her. haha.

pammish said...

dori: thanks love!!

i think its the cam cos everyone's saying i didn't get dark at all.. which i think is both good and bad since i already trashed all my dark-toned makeups from last year.. hehehe... but i also miss my tan at some way.. :)

pammish said...

ONE SWEET DAY: yah it was! and hopefully MORE!! before i fly back to shanghai.. :)

haha.. well of course, u look more gorgeous! but u just remind me of her so much! :) haha

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