Sunday, May 18, 2008

more roadtrips

few of you know, but when i was based in manila, philippines me and my boyfiend (and sometimes, friends) usually go out of town every weekend. sky's the limit! last year, we started hitting the beach immediately after Christmas up until the rainy season! my mom was already complaining with my tanned complexion, since i used to be pale before me and the boyf met... :)

love and hate relationship with roadtrips: you have to get up early in the morning! and this time, i was so wasted that i just pulled out anything from my closet!

it was more than scary than lovely (for me)... what can i say? im addicted to white-sand beach! and this is not even close.. then again, who knew there's a place like this somewhere? right?

but in the end, it was always worth the sleepless nights, cranky morning hangover and lazy eyebags.. :)

batangas section.


Dori said...

Looks like you enjoyed your trip!
happy for you!

pammish said...

thanks doridori! :)
regardless the start of the rainy season, i still had fun! :)

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