Thursday, May 1, 2008

my affair with 黑車

黑車 (hei che): black cab, unlicensed taxi drivers, etc.

since all the company drivers are on holiday.. poor me have to call the black cab today. i may be the youngest expatriate (let alone, the ONLY young-female expatriate) in our company, but also considered the most liberated. nobody else keep numbers of black cab drivers (nor dares to ride one), except me. and i always call them whenever there's an emergency. 

waiting for the car & obviously bored..

today is labor day in china, and you could see its red flag everywhere

shanghai pudong airport. traveling alone nth time...

my luggage weighs 31.9KG (fcuk) and my flight's 12:30AM... *yawns*

dress: hongkong. tights: uniqlo. belt: bangkok. shoes, sunglasses: h&m. bag: stole from mom.


iamFASHAHOLIC said...

who took your pictures there while waiting for the cab?

pammish said...

lau: how's ur blog coming?
the garden cleaning lady.. mwahahaha! what can i say, i was BORED (as the caption says)
see you in mla. soon!!

Secretista said...

Awesome pictures. Expatriate? What's that?

Wooo. I understood what Hei was, but che took sometime. I'm taking mandarin at school :).

Now, what exactly is a black cab?

pammish said...

secretista: thanks love! :)

haha i really dont know how to explain "black cab" in english, but its one of those private-owned cars who u rent for service. but as oppose to regular/licensed cabs, you can negotiate the price & its most suitable if you're taking long trips. the only problem is that they're not licensed & can be dangerous since u can't complain if something happens, etc. :)

Expatriate/Expat: hmm take me for example, i work & temporarily live in shanghai when my home's really in the phils. it happens mostly when employers send qualified employees in their foreign headquarters/office.. mostly happens in multinational companies :)

i hope i answer your questions! :)

evie said...

taking an unlicensed cab = daring and adventurous lol. was looking through all your location pictures and m starting to feel a teeny tiny bit jealous...

pammish said...

EVIE: but really, i'm 50% sweating and praying the whole time!! :)

yah, its great chilling.. im so bored with city life already... :)

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