Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i told you i have this thing with animal prints...previous post 1, previous post 2.

my apologies as i was totally dazed and drunk that night... (@.x)

dress: mimi (manila). my not so favorite handbag: luella.


Sharon Rose said...

This is lovely pammish-this print suits you so much!!

erika said...

hi sister from another mother! hahah you look so cute drunk! i wish i could pull off animal print. you look hot in it!!!!

Dori said...

yes i agree with sharon rose!
you can pull off with animal print
i don't think i can..!

fashion* CHALET said...

adorable in zebra print!! :)
you carry off the look amazingly.

pammish said...

SHARON ROSE: you are soo sweet.. always! thanks!! :)

ERIKA: hiyahh!! im still not over that we actually have the same blood line!! :):):) and thanks love.. i get lil crazy drunk.. like an animal, hence the love for those prints! hehehehehe

DORI: thanks! sometimes i do get scared with this obsession though, because i might look a bit skanky?? hehehehe

FASHION CHALET: oh thanks love! u are also wonderful!

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