Sunday, June 29, 2008

weekend damage

so its sale season. i decided to have a check, but ended up straining my arms and feeling exhausted.

my inspiration for shopping has always been my home (philippines). frolicking the beach, and dinner with friends in our 2-seasoned tropical country. i'm still el cheapo when it comes to shopping because i always have this slight infatuation that i will go to bangkok and hongkong every year.. and i love shopping for bargains there! esp. for trendy outfits that don't last long.. 

so.. anyway, these are what i bought yesterday. i might go back to get me some more shorts and jeans :) and i hope that's basically it! because i want to get myself an iphone for my birthday (or a handbag?) :)

both from zara. i can imagine myself lounging on the beach on these... :)

top: mango. high-waisted tulip skirt: h&m. dinner and drinks with friends! :)

top: zara. linen shorts: mango. i love the top! its so detailed.. while the shorts are also perfect for the beach :)

tank: mango. sequined tube: mango. the tube, something i cud also use as a skirt!

dress: zara. men's trousers: h&m. i already have a lot of ideas on how to wear them!

cardi: zara. dress: zara. bag: mango. im addicted to cardis lately.. and the dress is so breezy! :) the bag looks vintage so i love it!

pink and mickey

PINK is one of those colors i hate don't add too much in my wardrobe. i don't know why... maybe it's too sweet? or too girly? or maybe because im soo fed up with all the pink and hello kitty stuffs i had while growing up?? but of course, whose mother is not guilty of dressing / showering her baby-girl with pink stuffs? i don't know any, do you? (but i also think that i will be one of those mothers who would dress her girl as a princess, and buy pink bunny headbands, or everything pink, for her to play with :) ironic. anyway, my point is, im NOT a pink (obsessed) girl. i just look at it, and say, "oh its pink".. then blank. but surprisingly, im wearing pink tights today ~hehehe.

shanghai weather: feels like autumn in summer (weird).

the pic is something random (beijing streetstyle).

i remembered telling you before that i'm going to show you my pink, mickey winter hat! like what the girl is wearing here (previous post) ~hehe. its really warm, believe me. my guy friend even borrowed it before, cos he can't stand his own bonnet! and mine is warmer :) 

and i also remembered wearing them once on a restaurant - we were arguing with the manager for whatever reason and everyone was pissed and all... then i became soo bored w/ the argument and prepared to leave. i grabbed for my coat and put these on. surprisingly, the manager (and staffs) saw it and they began laughing (in a good way). i really don't remember what happened next, only that in the end, they agreed with what we were saying, etc. then they were (smilingly) waving sweet goodbye's to me. aah.. maybe everyone do need a break from all the tensions no? 

anyway, this is what i was wearing today.

i think im officially saying "goodbye" to my ballet flats now.. cos these are AS comfy. and since all my friends (from manila) are raving with the Mango and Zara sale there, i decided to have a check here - which is a BAD IDEA - cos i ended up buying alot! shopping every weekend is NOT healthy... :(

ps. i will be busy next few days (in need of quiet time) but thanks everyone for cheering me up! :)

dress, hat and pink tights: from shanghai. sunnies, necklace, bangle, loafers: h&m.

Friday, June 27, 2008

i hope you still love me after i post this...

JUST for fun. it started when i was chatting with my sister on ym (at work)...

then i showed her my toy (the donkey), which is usually placed on top of my computer.

but it keeps on moving around... why ??

& finally showed her what i usually do at work... of course, i am BUSY as a BEE!!

to my boss - I NEED A RAISE!! (oh, and if u guys are wondering, im already 23!) kiddy much? ~haha.

have a fun weekend! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


shanghai weather: chilly/cloudy

am i that jaded? because i feel like im the only one who bought these (white) loafers in h&m last weekend...

and from what i remembered before, every time i see something white + flats + leather, it screams NURSE to me! ???

but last saturday, i actually thought it has some-kind-of-a potential.. and there was also this sort-of a "bubble picture" popping out from my mind...... "me + loafy walking / commuting around the streets, going through thick and thins, shopping.. etc. and the best part is, my legs don't hurt!" ilove heels believe me, BUT i also love comfort! :)

so i really don't care if they look like nurse shoes, whatever...

i also met my cousin's gf earlier who went in shanghai for a tour. we had dinner (with her brother and some friends, all shanghai-based filipino-chinese) in hengshan cafe.. typical good food lauriat chinese dinner, which includes at least 10 dishes (oh, you know). 

she was really nice to accept my favor of bringing here some of the shoes i left in manila, and also bring home this big bag with her (which consisted of winter clothes) aaahh.. i really need to start sending my stuffs home!

and after we parted and kissed / hugged goodbye... i saw these flat gray sneakers around the streets, and couldn't resist the $9 tag! well, everyone needs COMFORT shoes right? :)

buttoned-down dress, loafers: everything h&m. scarf: gift from bangkok.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

monotone cool for summer

i'm evil. i didn't go to work this morning (still thinking whether to go this afternoon).. and guess what i am doing now - blogging. damn, this ain't good!

anyway, i just got the new issue of vivi yesterday... and i was inspired with the oversized tees, and monochromatic look (well, i was indeed focused in everything 'black & white' since most of my clothes here are basics (work clothes) - when i should be 'working' in shanghai and not 'blogging')!

fedora, check.
denim cut out's, check.
summer dress, check.
logo tee, check.
jumper, check.
one piece, check.
frilled bag, check.
tiered skirt, check.
vest, check.
boyfriend jeans, check.
silver gladiator, check.
maxi skirt, check.
summer scarf, check.
coolness, check.


Monday, June 23, 2008

seven songs!!

the wonderful ida tagged me!

The rules: “List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.”

i'm mostly into rnb/club musics (ilove partying!)... it may not be too original, but these songs keeps me going! dance. dance. dance. feel. the. beat.

~my devil music companions (^.^)

MY CURRENT FAVE MUSICS (Spring/Summer 08):
(the link leads to their respective official/non-official videos)

Forever - Chris Brown. "its like i waited my whole life, for this one night.. its gonna be me and you on the dance floor.. and we're gonna dance forever.. forever..." who doesn't love chris brown? (ok, if u do, pls keep it to yourself ~haha) i think all his songs are great! :) ooooh.. marry me? (if hubby enrique iglesias approves! lol)

Disturbia - Rihanna. the badass chick did it again! it may sound like typical rihanna, but i've always loved her songs!

Pocket Full of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield. aaah.. always an inspiration! natasha bedingfield always brighten up my day! the best feel-good-song ever! :)

Love in this Club remix - Usher ft. Beyonce, Lil' Wayne. as if the original wasn't great enough? :) the lyrics drives me crazy too.. lol!

Scream - Timabaland ft. Nicole Scherzinger & Keri Hilson. another favorite, timbaland.. now with nicole! yah.. it makes me wanna scream!

I Can See Clearly Now - Jimmy Cliff / Bob Marley. favorite classic and feel-good summer-artist :) i heart bob marley!!

Im Yours - Jason Mraz. always the romantic.. jason mraz. need i say more? :)

Now its time to TAG: winnie, sarah, qin, secretista, amie, dori, modejunkie, siljefashion, and YOU who hasn't been tagged yet! :) pls leave a message and let me know if u answered this :)

since im feeling 'clubby' from posting these songs, i posted my actual clubby (outfit) moment! :)

dress: topshop. lace bandeu. exotic goth neckpieces. j12. bailey's. love&friends!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

it may sound too cliche, but when i'm depressed, i usually go SHOPPING

... and also when i'm happy, in-love, inspired, ecstatic, bored, bitter, jealous, heartbroken, angry, sad, etc. etc... i guess its a hobby huh?

so i started leaving my apartment with tights, since my post-ice skating bruises hasn't subsided yet. i realized i'm one of those people who takes too much time to heal (when wounded, and no - im not talking about my heart right now - but i guess it also applies there *sigh*). its also cloudy / sticky today. the weather in shanghai started being sucky since the start of june when its supposed to be - summer.

my fave (shopping) destination in shanghai: huai hai road. i really don't like shopping at malls here - its too manila. and i just like walking around the streets... people are far more interesting :)

i also noticed that zara finally opened its branch in front (literally) of h&m. so i just have to cross the street as opposed to 5 blocks on hai hai strip (for the other branch)... never thought being bankrupt was that easy!

and at the end of the day, i took off my tights and didn't cared about my bruise-issues anymore (fyi both knees). that's one of the best things living abroad on ur own - nobody knows you and nobody cares! hahaha...

so did shopping helped with my current depression? for a while - as always - yes. but im back to feeling sucky again :( no family, no close & trusty friends - this is the worst post-breakup ever! i just wish i cud buy a plane ticket and go home NOW. i know this is just a phase, but its HARD. and i'll keep on praying...

btw, thanks guys for all your comments on my last entry *hugs* i promise i will be better soon... and post my hauls to keep myself from thinking too much. *sigh*

top: from manila. vest: from china. shorts, tights, earrings, sunnies, shoes: h&m.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

day i decided to color my hair purple

before everyone thinks that ive turned into a blog snob... im just not feeling great right now.

i colored my hair purple in hk when my ex dumped me, then lived-in with another girl whom he ws seeing when i was away for a month! then totally traded off my decent stuffs for a grungy / rock & roll/ kill-me-now look. but that was 2yrs ago, when i was 21... NOW, though im sooo tempted to color my hair red.. i guess its not worth it. i wont bore u much with the details... u get the point :)

and as much as i want to have myself preoccupied with outfit posts... im just feeling blah.

can u see purple?

what's the most insane thing u did when recuperating from a breakup? :)

photo creds: hongkong 2006

Monday, June 16, 2008

independence day to all of us

my company was one of the sponsors for the first Filipino Independence Day Celebration in Shanghai. alot of people went even though it was raining. the venue was Gong Qing Park.

it was funny cos the place turned into a semi-Rock Festival.

i wish i wore something more "festive" than this, but since i dont want to get my feet soaked in the muddy field, i grabbed for my black leather boots and paired them with this blah, non-festive outfit.

so yah, i looked more like i was roaming the city-streets than attending a celebration at the park. that's what u get when u dont sleep for days.. sadly, im starting to take more sleeping pills.. bad i know. but there's just too many things in my mind right now :(

truly, u wear what you are feeling.

boots: shanghai. top: hongkong. cardigan: hongkong. sunnies: h&m.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

i can see clearly now

i can see clearly now the rain is gone... NOT. i'm stucked in Shanghai and there's a gloomy weather ( thunderstorms until next week according to weather forecast).

but i told u i'm gonna post my memoirs soon... so let's start with this one :)

ya'man! im poking the tattoo guy!

one of my fave aviators from mango :) i also have the white one.

i feel sorry for cropping my friends out, but i'm also not sure whether they'll be happy seeing that i posted their pictures online.. so more of MYSELF :) the dress is from Bangkok... its one of the things i used to sell on my online store before (u can check it here). my sister bought it, but i stole it for the day! ~haha. well, she got it for a discount right? she should be thankful she has a little sister who sells lovely clothes from her trips! :) okay, enough excuses. i'm a mean little sister :) and yah, havaianas.

it's gonna be a bright, bright...
bright sunshining day

Hope you all have one! :)

listening to: i can see clearly now - bob marley
photo creds: when my hair was still straight & have tanned skin. puerto galera, philippines. last summer.
dress: bangkok. sunnies: mango. havaianas.

what's in the bag?

just when i thought summer's finally here, the typhoon says "hello". guess i'm just gonna stay at home over the weekend... w/c is not a total bummer since i have to work on sunday & its gonna eat up the whole day. yes. the word, work.

anyhoo, people have been asking what's inside the bag i bought last weekend:

long cardigan, zara. ilove this! its so sooofftt.. and i'm actually thinking of getting ALL the colors! :) it has two pockets up front, and some buttoned details on the sleeves. perfect for the lazy me!

gladiattors, h&m. yes they're flats. i actually tried this months ago, but said i wanted the heeled ones. sorry me, NO heeled gladiators were found from Nine West (up to now), and Aldo just closed its store in Shanghai. but i don't really feel that bad cos i need something to "walk" with - which is a good thing - since i don't have that much option in my limited expat wardrobe, aside from my usual ballet flats and chucks.

bangles, h&m. can't get enough of bangles! i didn't brought that much accessories with me since the first time i came here (cos it adds luggage weight). but i hope i could STOP buying already... cos really, i have TONS back home.

black sunnies, h&m. it might be obvious that the only sunnies i brought upon returning to Shanghai are the brown m&s ones, and actually left everything (and almost similar to this one) at home.

so yah, more blacks. i'm kinda leaning with the basics these days (sign of growing old much?) cos i only have a few items to pair them with right now. *sigh*

i miss my REAL closet!
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