Tuesday, June 17, 2008

day i decided to color my hair purple

before everyone thinks that ive turned into a blog snob... im just not feeling great right now.

i colored my hair purple in hk when my ex dumped me, then lived-in with another girl whom he ws seeing when i was away for a month! then totally traded off my decent stuffs for a grungy / rock & roll/ kill-me-now look. but that was 2yrs ago, when i was 21... NOW, though im sooo tempted to color my hair red.. i guess its not worth it. i wont bore u much with the details... u get the point :)

and as much as i want to have myself preoccupied with outfit posts... im just feeling blah.

can u see purple?

what's the most insane thing u did when recuperating from a breakup? :)

photo creds: hongkong 2006


Sharon Rose said...

I've never dyed my hair-I'd be too scared of the results-ha ha!!

vivian said...

i moved to a new neighborhood.

usually just making small (new hair color) or big (new apartment) changes helps a lot.

hope you feel better soon, tomorrow is always a better day.

ps- thanks for the picture info, very helpful for my blog. i'm sending you positive thoughts :)

Ida said...

We all do crazy stuff from time to time I think. But I do that all the time. I like living on the edge, really.
Maybe my bf of the last 4 years tamed me a bit (we're living together after all) but I can drive anyone mad when I want something.
Then, come to think of it, my moods never really influenced my looks to a huge extent or something. I like sticking to classics in that respect.
And I do love you, and want that blah period to end, and to get my adorable smiling Pam as soon as possible. It is summer, my loveliest! *kisses*

yiqin; said...

I've never dyed my hair before too! I guess making small changes helps us feel more confident in moving on?

Ohwell, shit happens, but good things will come very quickly for you too! :D

She's Dressing Up said...

I like the purple!! My friend had bright purple hair for a while!

Winnie said...

Ooh I recognise the background! I've definitely been there and had a lovely thai meal around somewhere. I do like the purple! I've had red streaks in my hair before but I hate the way it washes out so quickly!

Sarah said...

What I did was get drunk off my face! Probably not the best idea haha...the purple looked awesome though..I really want to die my hair too!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Hi Pam!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! It's nice to stumble upon another Manila fashionista! But lucky you... your in China (I loved it there...)talk about having H&M among others!

Hey I think the color purple is cute! Kinda gutsy move but you managed to pull it off! I've never dyed my hair ever...thought about dyeing it jet black because it sometimes got way too brown, but I didnt think it would suit my complexion much so up to now..all I can do is daydream about going "rainbow bright" or jet black...hehe

Great blog! Sure! Let's keep in touch!

saray said...

the purple looks great!

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i admire you so much to dare to dye your hair in so many colours!!really!
i've just thought once in cutting it short...but the radical changes scare me a little bit

pammish said...

*hugs* thanks everyone for sharing yours! :):)

crazy crazy moments we have! haha

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