Monday, June 16, 2008

independence day to all of us

my company was one of the sponsors for the first Filipino Independence Day Celebration in Shanghai. alot of people went even though it was raining. the venue was Gong Qing Park.

it was funny cos the place turned into a semi-Rock Festival.

i wish i wore something more "festive" than this, but since i dont want to get my feet soaked in the muddy field, i grabbed for my black leather boots and paired them with this blah, non-festive outfit.

so yah, i looked more like i was roaming the city-streets than attending a celebration at the park. that's what u get when u dont sleep for days.. sadly, im starting to take more sleeping pills.. bad i know. but there's just too many things in my mind right now :(

truly, u wear what you are feeling.

boots: shanghai. top: hongkong. cardigan: hongkong. sunnies: h&m.


Sharon Rose said...

Wow-you look lovely-adore those boots!!

vivian said...

you look great as usual, i love all your pictures! by the way i have the same problem as you, the school board blocked my access to i found another way to sneak in, but i cannot publish pictures anymore, i don't know why. how do you do it?

Ida said...

You look amazing, as always! And I love the boots. One could never guess you had a lot on your mind:) Why can't you sleep? Have you tried meditation music instead of the pills?

Dori said...

I laughed when I read the park celebration turned into a semi-rock festival.. pfft.. haha..
I love your boots!!

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i loved the boots!!

oh, i linked you! =)

let me know if you link back, to thank you!

sophia247 said...

Don't worry you totally pulled that outfit off - festival or none.

pammish said...

sharon rose... :):) thanks ur always sweet!!

vivian... thanks sweety! :)
i used photobucket for my pictures and copy the link to blogspot :)

ida... *hugs* i have some personal problems im dealing with right now.. but i know it'll get better soon :) we all need some of these moments once in a while right? :) mwah! but i might try those meditation music :)

dori...thanks love!
but it did! there were many bands who played and yah, i enjoyed it cos they were fil bands and they played ENGLISH SONGS!! i need it!! :):)

blonde hair blue jeans... thanks! ill link you back and send u message :)

sophia247... haha thanks! so nice of you!

BTW i got those boots on a subway store here, for only $15! .. i was wearing my 4" zara boots then and it was killing me! we all need comfort right?? :)

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