Thursday, June 26, 2008


shanghai weather: chilly/cloudy

am i that jaded? because i feel like im the only one who bought these (white) loafers in h&m last weekend...

and from what i remembered before, every time i see something white + flats + leather, it screams NURSE to me! ???

but last saturday, i actually thought it has some-kind-of-a potential.. and there was also this sort-of a "bubble picture" popping out from my mind...... "me + loafy walking / commuting around the streets, going through thick and thins, shopping.. etc. and the best part is, my legs don't hurt!" ilove heels believe me, BUT i also love comfort! :)

so i really don't care if they look like nurse shoes, whatever...

i also met my cousin's gf earlier who went in shanghai for a tour. we had dinner (with her brother and some friends, all shanghai-based filipino-chinese) in hengshan cafe.. typical good food lauriat chinese dinner, which includes at least 10 dishes (oh, you know). 

she was really nice to accept my favor of bringing here some of the shoes i left in manila, and also bring home this big bag with her (which consisted of winter clothes) aaahh.. i really need to start sending my stuffs home!

and after we parted and kissed / hugged goodbye... i saw these flat gray sneakers around the streets, and couldn't resist the $9 tag! well, everyone needs COMFORT shoes right? :)

buttoned-down dress, loafers: everything h&m. scarf: gift from bangkok.


Sharon Rose said...

These white shoes compliment your outfit perfectly-a really stylish look!!

Pamcasso said...

I really like those white shoes. comfy looking, and I love the way you wore them with black!

Ginger said...

When I first looked at the shoes, I wasn't feeling it at all but you did a great job matching it with an outfit. Cute

Ida said...

You are rocking the shoes and the shirt dress, my lovely. You just look so gooood with those sunglasses on, really, and you are so beautiful, I think that to myself every time I look at your pictures.

The nurses in Vienna were wearing the terrible colorful Crocs last summer *lol* Nothing to do with the stylish loafers you've got. Love that you wore them with an all-black outfit.

P.S. Feeling better, no? xx

ModeJunkie said...

ok the loafers are kinda weird-ish but it has potential. :) you pull it off well. :) i have my share of weird shoes as well (seems like i'm the only one in the world who likes it).
i'm gonna forgive you on this one (comfort blah blah) but once i see crocs in here, then i'm gonna kill u! haha! :)
those sneakers are cool!

Danz said...

The white loafers are great! They're comfortable and you made them look really cute pairing them with that stylish outfit!

Dapper Kid said...

Screw nurses shoes, they really look good on you!! Plus the grey plimsoles are pretty cool too :)

Sinead said...

I love the shoes!
I think they're really easy to work with, myself.
I love your outfit and it's simplicity, and the blast of color your scarf brings to it.

annabananna said...

your new shoes are gorgeous! and your outfit is really pretty, too!

pammish said...

SHARON ROSE : thanks! :) glad u appreciated it! i thought it was boring! haha

PAMCASSO : they are really comfy :):) thanks! i always resort to black + white when im confused haha!

GINGER : exactly my frist impression in the store, but what the heck, i thought i need flats again! thanks! :)

IDA : thanks ida! ur so sweet! and u know what? im actually wishing those sunnies are part of my face lol! because beneath those are racoon eyes! hahaha! :) yah sweetie, im feeling much better now! :) thanks for all ur encouragement before.. i think its better sharing / blogging / shopping than constantly contemplating on the "shoulve been's" right? :):) mwah! and LOL to those croc sneakers.. i wish i'll refrain myself from getting one myself!

MODEJUNKIE : hahaha! i really laughed reading ur comment! :) ok, ok, if i got myself some crocs.. im gonna "hide" it from the blogging world, because u might all KILL me! growing old much? haha im starting to sound like my grandmother with all the 'comfort' thing!

DANZ : hi danz! thanks! really really comfy indeed!

DAPPER KID : haha thanks! but im getting kinda scared now.. cos im starting to sound like an 'old maid 'with all those comfort thingy! the plimsoles.. so cheap! haha love it!

SINEAD : yah! its so perfect for lazzzy days (which is evryday in my calendar) :):) thanks for dropping by!

ANNABANNANA : thanks deary! :) haha im really surprised from the positive feedbacks! :)

Fashion Is Poison said...


belle.chantelle said...

the loafers are TRES cute
but DAMNNN those sneakers are the shiznit! They're the perfect color. They remind me of the converse colours that a designer in france uses for her high tops, back in the 60/70's bridget bardot was one of her good fan!

PegS said...

i wear white loafers

Dori said...

comfy flats
good for me to walk around the campus =P
I love anything that's in white basically.......

ModeJunkie said...

pammy i was just looking through my blogroll and i saw i didn´t add u yet. terribly sorry. i thought we did this long time ago. will.add.u.NOW. thanks for the comment! yeah u better hide.because i will find u! ;)
love u too!

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

well, if those are nurse really look cool being a nurse!! =)

Ida said...

The pout was a total coincidence *lol* Good the bf takes random pictures all the time

Love you, have a good day!

Dapper Kid said...

Thank you thank you for the lovely comment!!! Love your blog :D

pammish said...


BELLE CHANTELLE : i still have no idea when to use them, but thanks for the tip! i shud look up to it :)

PEGS : lol! haha :)

DORI : yah definitely! ilove wearing them now.. cos i have to walk long miles... everyday!

MODEJUNKIE : oh its okay! thanks! ur really making my day! haha

BLONDE HAIR BLUE JEANS : LOL! :) hmmm.. but i can't stand their non-sleeping shifts (like i sleep?) haha

IDA : aaww.. theyre so cute!! i love u pouting! haha

DAPPER KID : pleasure! but its true :)

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

As always... Pam pulled it off again...with so much style!!

clap clap!! :-) I lovey lovey!!
(and am wishing that the Philippines had 4 seasons instead of 2...)

yiqin; said...

Those loafers are amazing & you look amazing! I wish I have H&M in Singapore :(

Ash1314 said...

I think the shoes are cute :)

pammish said...

THE WORLD IS MY CATWALK : haha! thanks! yes! i wud also love that! so we cud wear out boots and fur coats!! haha even HK's weather is enough for me!

YIQIN : thanks! :) me too! i wish we have it in Phils.. so im taking advantage now haha!

ASH1314 : haha yes no? :)

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