Friday, June 6, 2008


the reason i was busy the past few days (and acting sick, so i can have a sick leave ~kidding) is because we were preparing for this project - company's photobank - meaning, various photoshoots in diff. locations, and i was asked to help in the styling, outfit preparation, carrying stuffs, entertaining the models, being the clown, blah blah blah. but it was great cos the people we hired were from denmark, australia, and philippines... so i got to speak english for a while *whew*. yeah, i do speak mandarin here 24/7.. imagine that, and im not even fluent!

location, location, location. JinHong Villa, Shanghai.

lookie at my ipod! :)

this is what a girl from "behind the scenes" is doing...


and some shots i got of them: (1) family time (2) sweet couple. we did a lot today, but i was mostly hopping with the dogs, chatting with the birds, so i only got these :) btw, aren't the kids cute...?! :):) one of them is half-french, while the rest of the models are shanghainese.. :)

the last photoshoot's tomorrow, but i kinda feel like skipping it... *evil grin*

MY OUTFIT: tank: U2. green top: topshop. jeans: topshop. scarf: gift from bangkok. sunnies: m&s. havaianas. and everything h&m!

MODEL's OUTFIT: Bellvilles for the girls. Jack & Jones and TonyWear for men. (all
shanghainese brand i guess, its all the nice tenants we got in my mall, and we only borrowed it)


Lloyda said...

great for you to be able to speak mandarin! i can't speak it to save my life which is unfortunate as i studied the language for 13 years! >_<"

must be all the memorize and not understand thing we did. hahaha.

fashion* CHALET said...

love the deep v/neck top :) the pop of color looks amazing against your complexion!!

Sharon Rose said...

awesome pictures-love your outfit!!

Ida said...

You're lucky to have such a great entertaining job.
Looking at your pictures, I realized you could be a perfect model - you are so beautiful. And I love your style so much, basically everything I've seen on you is fabulous.
Lots of love,

AsianCajuns said...

You and the models look gorgeous! I love your sunnies!

PegS said...

shanghai has got soem beautiful houses huh!!
i love ur ipod cover, it's so cute

get well soon luv

pammish said...

LLOYDA: i totally get what u mean! i also studied mandarin since kindergarten and learned ZERO up until high school.. i even became TOP in our Chinese class once cos i write so good and can memorize a lot of words w/o even understanding what the hell it means..! BUT i felt really bad, so i asked my parents if i can study in CHINA after college.

true enough, ALL my mandarin was from studying in China for a year (2005) and the reason im working here right now is cos i wanted to practice it :) but shitty, i didnt know it was that hard! my level is only 20% (cos all i did in 2005 was party 24/7!) ~hehehe.

but im still thankful cos im slowly coping :)

maybe u shud try studying in shanghai/beijing for 6 months.. if u wanna learn. its really a nice experience :)

pammish said...

FASHION CHALET: oh thanks for noticing the details! :) mwah!

SHARON ROSE: thanks! :) ill visit you soon...

IDA: thats so sweet of you sweety! :) i wish i cud mowdel! haha! so i cud save EXTRA for shopping! aahh.. but there's also a thing called "love and hate relationship" with jobs.. but i think im still one lucky cookie! :)

ASIANCAJUNS: ooh thanks! the models are really gorgeous in person! :>

PEGS: yes it does! and i specially love the ones located at FRENCH CONCESSION cos its like a mixture of old and modern :) thanks.. im trying to regain my strength now - NOT! im really hard-headed! :(

Dori said...

the photos are amazing
ipod cover so cute!!!
i wish they sell those kawaii stuff here
i missed you!!

Siljesfashion said...

Great post, love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

ah where did you get that ipod case???? i want it

sophia247 said...

love the outfit - casual but cute!

pammish said...

siljefashion: thanks sweetie :)

emma: from MAC center :) though im seeing alot of these stuffs in the streets, here in china now.

sophia: thanks for dropping by! :)

Anonymous said...








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