Sunday, June 29, 2008

pink and mickey

PINK is one of those colors i hate don't add too much in my wardrobe. i don't know why... maybe it's too sweet? or too girly? or maybe because im soo fed up with all the pink and hello kitty stuffs i had while growing up?? but of course, whose mother is not guilty of dressing / showering her baby-girl with pink stuffs? i don't know any, do you? (but i also think that i will be one of those mothers who would dress her girl as a princess, and buy pink bunny headbands, or everything pink, for her to play with :) ironic. anyway, my point is, im NOT a pink (obsessed) girl. i just look at it, and say, "oh its pink".. then blank. but surprisingly, im wearing pink tights today ~hehehe.

shanghai weather: feels like autumn in summer (weird).

the pic is something random (beijing streetstyle).

i remembered telling you before that i'm going to show you my pink, mickey winter hat! like what the girl is wearing here (previous post) ~hehe. its really warm, believe me. my guy friend even borrowed it before, cos he can't stand his own bonnet! and mine is warmer :) 

and i also remembered wearing them once on a restaurant - we were arguing with the manager for whatever reason and everyone was pissed and all... then i became soo bored w/ the argument and prepared to leave. i grabbed for my coat and put these on. surprisingly, the manager (and staffs) saw it and they began laughing (in a good way). i really don't remember what happened next, only that in the end, they agreed with what we were saying, etc. then they were (smilingly) waving sweet goodbye's to me. aah.. maybe everyone do need a break from all the tensions no? 

anyway, this is what i was wearing today.

i think im officially saying "goodbye" to my ballet flats now.. cos these are AS comfy. and since all my friends (from manila) are raving with the Mango and Zara sale there, i decided to have a check here - which is a BAD IDEA - cos i ended up buying alot! shopping every weekend is NOT healthy... :(

ps. i will be busy next few days (in need of quiet time) but thanks everyone for cheering me up! :)

dress, hat and pink tights: from shanghai. sunnies, necklace, bangle, loafers: h&m.


Dapper Kid said...

I want her teddies! That hat is totally adorable and funky, win win! Love the pink too, it goes well with the look!

Sharon Rose said...

Aaah very cute indeed-I'm loving the pink tights, so vibrant and sweet!! have a good weekend!!

ModeJunkie said...

fun hat! :) what did u buy? i just went to zara and there were soooo many people, didn´t find anything! boo! :)
so happy quiet time!

yiqin; said...

I used to love pink a lot! & all my clothes were pinkish but now I am into red! I love your pink tights though! The shade is lovely! I have always loved winter hats! Especially those shaped like ear phones to keep your ears warm?! Those are SUPER cute!

AsianCajuns said...

I love those pink tights! I'm not much of a pink girl either when it comes to fashion (being short I feel like it makes me look about 5 yrs old), but you definitely rock those tights. I like how it adds a pop of unexpected color to your black and gray.

annabananna said...

i don't think i've ever seen pink ights before. they look gorgeous! and i love your shoes.

belle.chantelle said...

i love the hot pink tights with the white flats!

Dori said...

wow pink tights!
so bright!
It's very difficult to find those tights here..
Mostly they have like white, chocolate, blue, black, red..
I should buy more tights..
You look kawaii!

pammish said...

DAPPER KID : me too! she's so cute! arghh :) thanks for frequenting also!

SHARON ROSE : thanks! its been stucked for ages.. i never used it til now! :)

MODEJUNKIE : quiet time! haha yes.. indeed! they took all my sizes!

YIQIN : red is sexy! i dont know whats happening to me.. i think im having my second childhood now.. ilove everything cute and all when im supposed to buy more "mature" stuffs with my age! wah! :)

ASIANCAJUNS : thanks! haha that'll be so cute seeing you in PINK though. yes, i think the color's overrated and post-paris hilton :)

ANABANNANA : thanks! oh, we have all the colors here in china, and theyre soo cheap! but gets broken easily! :)

BELLE CHANTELLE : haha thanks! :) i feel like 5yo!

DORI : you should buy more! haha! :) i got all the colors before, but sadly i broke them ALL except for this one (u know, china quality!) and thanks!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

hehehe... you looked so CUTE Pam!! I love the tights! This one inspired me to dig into my closet and unearth my colored opaques which I havent worn yet... or have apparently forgotten about already!

fashionista said...

sooo cute!!

Blicious said...

i am in love with your tights!

pammish said...

THE WORLD IS MY CATWALK : hahaha! my friends are telling me im so "arte!" when they saw this.. :) im just wearing them now, cos its a bit chilly and all my clothes are (almost) monotone and its not suitable for the (non-existent) summer :)

FASHIONISTA : thanks! hope its not too much! :)

BLICIOUS : haha thanks! :) they're dirt cheap! :)

Bananas Diary said...

Your pink tights are very cute:)

pammish said...

BANANAS DIARY : thanks for dropping! :) and i just got them on a cheap bargain! :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get your awesome mickey hat? I love it! I've been searching forever for one like it.

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