Monday, June 23, 2008

seven songs!!

the wonderful ida tagged me!

The rules: “List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.”

i'm mostly into rnb/club musics (ilove partying!)... it may not be too original, but these songs keeps me going! dance. dance. dance. feel. the. beat.

~my devil music companions (^.^)

MY CURRENT FAVE MUSICS (Spring/Summer 08):
(the link leads to their respective official/non-official videos)

Forever - Chris Brown. "its like i waited my whole life, for this one night.. its gonna be me and you on the dance floor.. and we're gonna dance forever.. forever..." who doesn't love chris brown? (ok, if u do, pls keep it to yourself ~haha) i think all his songs are great! :) ooooh.. marry me? (if hubby enrique iglesias approves! lol)

Disturbia - Rihanna. the badass chick did it again! it may sound like typical rihanna, but i've always loved her songs!

Pocket Full of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield. aaah.. always an inspiration! natasha bedingfield always brighten up my day! the best feel-good-song ever! :)

Love in this Club remix - Usher ft. Beyonce, Lil' Wayne. as if the original wasn't great enough? :) the lyrics drives me crazy too.. lol!

Scream - Timabaland ft. Nicole Scherzinger & Keri Hilson. another favorite, timbaland.. now with nicole! yah.. it makes me wanna scream!

I Can See Clearly Now - Jimmy Cliff / Bob Marley. favorite classic and feel-good summer-artist :) i heart bob marley!!

Im Yours - Jason Mraz. always the romantic.. jason mraz. need i say more? :)

Now its time to TAG: winnie, sarah, qin, secretista, amie, dori, modejunkie, siljefashion, and YOU who hasn't been tagged yet! :) pls leave a message and let me know if u answered this :)

since im feeling 'clubby' from posting these songs, i posted my actual clubby (outfit) moment! :)

dress: topshop. lace bandeu. exotic goth neckpieces. j12. bailey's. love&friends!


yiqin; said...

I <3 Chris Brown & jason mraz! Awesome :)

Sharon Rose said...

This dress looks amazing on you! Good choice of tracks too!!

Siljesfashion said...

The dress looks great on you! Love that Bob Marley song as well.

Anonymous said...

Sweet:) Something about your blog makes me happy:) I always love the pictures:)

I was already tagged by Miss L from Times of Glory, but thank you so much, I appreciate it:)

ModeJunkie said...

i love love love jason mraz. especially this song. ;)

i miss clubbin in pinas. the clubs are sooo boring here. :(

CoutureCarrie said...

Love Timbaland. Btw, added you . . . I called you "Cuervo Girl" on my blogroll - is that correct?

Winnie said...

Thanks for tagging me! Chris Brown is great and I loveee the dress!

annabananna said...

great song choices! and you look fab in that lovely black dress!

PegS said...

i did it too! Im playing J.Mraz and Rihanna too!! =)

pammish said...

QIN : nice! :):)

SHARON ROSE : thanks love!

SILJEFASHION : thanks! definitely! bob marley! :)

AMIE : aaw thanks! glad to know im making someone happy :)

MODEJUNKIE : yes no? its so addictive.. oh why? how come its boring there? yes definitely, ilove clubbin thre! :)

COUTURE CARRIE : all his tracks make me dance! :) yup! its right! :)

WINNIE : thanks! cant wait to listen to ur tracks :)

ANNABANANA : thanks! :)

PEGS : haha! so alike in so many ways! now i knw ur in vox! haha

coco said...

I love Scream! It is such a good song!!

Fashionably collaborative thought box said...

thanks for the comment! it was useful for the post! x

Ida said...

I love Rihanna and Beyonce, gorgeous! Oh well, we might not be original but we are definitely having fun. And I am so in love with your clubbing outfit. Is that Bailey's I see?...

P.S. So very glad you're doing better. Depressions (for whatever reason;) are only occasionally allowed in winter but never in summer. I love you, have a fabulous and better week!

Winnie said...

You'll have to let me know what you think of the tunes! I just spotted baileys and ice...yum!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i love that jason mraz song, such an upbeat melody!

kitty kate said...

sweeeet pics! love jason mraz and boby marley! xox

Secretista said...

I love your song picks!

pammish said...

COCO : yes no? and i heart the video just the same :)

Fashionably collaborative thought box : ilove your blog! :)

IDA : bailey's indeed! :):) your comment made me laugh! haha! 'depression is INDEED not allowed in SUMMER' thanks deary!

WINNIE : bailey's.. such a girl's drink! haha :) i'll let u know, im so excited to hear them!

Cupcakes and Cashmere : exactly! i wish i have someone to sing it to me.. JM style! haha :)

KITTY KATE : haha nice! we heart them both!! :):)

SECRETISTA : so do i! :) thanks for dropping again! :)


love your song choices, especially anything by Bob marley! <3

pammish said...

FASHION CHALET : thanks! i understand we do we have something in common! :):)

Danz said...

Great song choices, but I should tell you that the person singing "I can see clearly" is Jimmy Cliff, not Bob Marley. The person on youtube labelled it wrong :S


cute LBD <3

pammish said...

DANZ : hey thanks for noticing.. i was really ignoring those comments! haha i think i shud edit my list to credit jimmy no? :)

FASHION CHALET : thanks! :)

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