Sunday, June 29, 2008

weekend damage

so its sale season. i decided to have a check, but ended up straining my arms and feeling exhausted.

my inspiration for shopping has always been my home (philippines). frolicking the beach, and dinner with friends in our 2-seasoned tropical country. i'm still el cheapo when it comes to shopping because i always have this slight infatuation that i will go to bangkok and hongkong every year.. and i love shopping for bargains there! esp. for trendy outfits that don't last long.. 

so.. anyway, these are what i bought yesterday. i might go back to get me some more shorts and jeans :) and i hope that's basically it! because i want to get myself an iphone for my birthday (or a handbag?) :)

both from zara. i can imagine myself lounging on the beach on these... :)

top: mango. high-waisted tulip skirt: h&m. dinner and drinks with friends! :)

top: zara. linen shorts: mango. i love the top! its so detailed.. while the shorts are also perfect for the beach :)

tank: mango. sequined tube: mango. the tube, something i cud also use as a skirt!

dress: zara. men's trousers: h&m. i already have a lot of ideas on how to wear them!

cardi: zara. dress: zara. bag: mango. im addicted to cardis lately.. and the dress is so breezy! :) the bag looks vintage so i love it!


ModeJunkie said...

cool finds! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I´m a little bit envious... :)

Sharon Rose said...

What wonderful picks-a real capsule wardrobe-I love all the items and you can really mix and match these! Do get an i phone-my Chris has one and they're totally awesome-I would definitely love one, but can't afford it at the moment!!

capturedlife said...

greatgreat finds!

Anonymous said...

first i thought you didn't buy very much but then...;)
the mango bag is so cute!

Mimi said...

I love the first 2 items (button shirts). I just bought 2 similar ones...1 black, 1 white. They're just light classic pieces that can be paired with so much! I wore my black one with a white mini jean skirt and felt great :)

Lloyda said...

omg! i'm drooling over the h&m trousers! i'm actually envious of your shopping haul! everything is so easy to mix & match

midori said...

Woo girl
You bought so much!!!
I haven't shop for quite a while~

She's Dressing Up said...

I love the quilted-looking Zara top!

vivian said...

Hmmm, reminds me i should hit Zara within the next few days! i love Mango too, but it's insanely overpriced here in Korea. Great purchases!!


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annabananna said...

wow, that's a lot of new clothes! great picks, i am in love with the bag!

Debbie Shiamay said...

IM In love with ur new clothes. Theyre all so chic and versatile. U have a great eye chic :)

pammish said...

MODEJUNKIE : thanks! ahh.. i hate shopping on sale!

AMIE : thanks! :) maybe we cud trade (hopefully) clothes! :)

SHARON ROSE : ooh im already planning to get on august! they told me the 3G is coming out! im super excited! :) thanks! im really planning to stick with basics these days :)

CAPTUREDLIFE : thanks! though i think its all monotone :)

COCO : it is so cute ! and really cheap too! :)

MIMI : yeah, im trying to collect more classic pieces now (that im growing old *yikes*) i think they are great investment! :):) that looks cute, pairing with white mini? :)

LLOYDA : the trousers are really great! i wish they open h&m in phils NOW! wah! :)

MIDORI : i should stay at home, really. and i didnt even planned to buy anything, just "check" argh.

SHE'S DRESSING UP : thanks! they are really cute :)

VIVIAN : really? so thats why there's so many koreans in SEA shopping at zara! im not that happy with MNG now, so i just bought the basics :)

STYLE&CITY : ur site is totally awesome!! :):) thanks for dropping a comment.

ANNABANANNA : cute bag :) and cheap too!

DEBBIE SHIAMAY : thanks! im just sticking into basics now :)

Pamcasso said...

looks like you did some good damage, really love the black top from zara.

PegS said...

i love that bag, do they have it in brown?it's end of financial year sale, everything, including designers are so cheap now!!
i think i'll go shopping next week..hmm..tempting

Ida said...

Pammish, my love, why don't you take me with you next time you go shopping? I don't think there will be anything left in Zara afterwards, though!

I am absolutely in love with all of your finds. I want your wardrobe!

Have a fantastic week, darling.

pammish said...

PAMCASSO : haha :) good damage! ilove that!

PEGS : im not sure if they have the brown. this is like the last bag i saw at the last moment :)

IDA : hahaha! i cud just imagine! :):) and we cud trade clothes too! that wud be fun! i wish u lived closer.. :) have fun week too!

Times of Glory said...

These are great picks, dear! You really picked some great pieces! I don't know if I can love sale season! I can be distracted by some items I want but won't wear... I have to learn from you :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, i love the zara top!

yiqin; said...

Such good buys! I really love the tulip skirt. I think an Iphone looks good but I rather buy some nice shoes for myself! I think you are awesome cause during sales, I just cannot stand the huge crowds! :/


fab purchases, thanks, Lovely (for that comment!) ♥

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

OMG! Lovely finds!! All of them are just PERFECT!!

I had my Zara loot laundered early today, and took a picture of the clothes before that, but mine was a huge, messy pile of different colors, compared to how careful and well-planned yours are!

I dont even know how, where, why I'm gonna wear some of them....but heck... my impluses got ahead of me! bwahahaha....silly me!

coco said...

I really like the H&M skirt, it is the perfect shape!

fashionista said...

i want that mango Sparkles top/skirt i would totally wear it as a skirt..and i love zara's shirts!!

great finds :)

一楠亚夏 said...

it's awesome!where are you from?so many beautiful clothes!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

great purchases :)

belle.chantelle said...

p.s. Great post, i love the finds! Especially that first blouse.

Always In Style said...

Those Mango tops are to die for!

pammish said...

TIMES OF GLORY : lol! :) well i have those moments.. but basically i just look at the SIZE first (bec they always run out of MY size), and then try it on afterwards.. see which works or not! haha..

EMMA : i havent dropped by for the longest time i think :):)

YIQIN : not really! it depends on my mood! haha :) and most of the time, i look for the basic ones on sale :)

FASHION CHALET : always a pleasure :)

THE WORLD IS MY CATWALK : haha! ive been there..! but i guess ive learned that buying (1) one size smaller / bigger (2) at-the-moment trendy stuffs are definetly a "no-no"(from past experience) for me.. and i look at the size FIRST them try them ALL on.. so u cud imagine how exhausted i was after! :) oh do share ur loots!

COCO : i think its cute too! :) im excited to actually wear them!

FASHIONISTA : hehe! ive been looking for sequined bandage skirt for so long, thank God for sale! :)

一楠亚夏 : 你好! 我现在在上海! 我是从马尼拉 :) 我还没有去广东.. 但是明年,我打算去! hehehe.. lets keep in touch! :)

♥ Marta ♥ : thanks! :):)

BELLE CHANTELLE : thanks for tagging me! :) ill do it this week! :)

pammish said...

ALWAYS IN STYLE : haha! thanks! :)

Sarah said...

omg. bangkok is AMAZING right now for shopping, there's just so much wonderful stuff. you have to come!!!

pammish said...

SARAH : waah! i wanna go back there! :):) and also phuket! *pinch self*

Glamouricious said...

aww that bag is too cute!!

Fleurr De Lux said...

Great finds! Love your blog, thanks for adding us to your blogroll! We'll add you as well!

pammish said...

Glamouricious : thanks for dropping by! :) and yes.. i think theyre cute and thank God for SALE! :) super cheap!

Fleurr De Lux : thanks for coming back!

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