Saturday, June 14, 2008

what's in the bag?

just when i thought summer's finally here, the typhoon says "hello". guess i'm just gonna stay at home over the weekend... w/c is not a total bummer since i have to work on sunday & its gonna eat up the whole day. yes. the word, work.

anyhoo, people have been asking what's inside the bag i bought last weekend:

long cardigan, zara. ilove this! its so sooofftt.. and i'm actually thinking of getting ALL the colors! :) it has two pockets up front, and some buttoned details on the sleeves. perfect for the lazy me!

gladiattors, h&m. yes they're flats. i actually tried this months ago, but said i wanted the heeled ones. sorry me, NO heeled gladiators were found from Nine West (up to now), and Aldo just closed its store in Shanghai. but i don't really feel that bad cos i need something to "walk" with - which is a good thing - since i don't have that much option in my limited expat wardrobe, aside from my usual ballet flats and chucks.

bangles, h&m. can't get enough of bangles! i didn't brought that much accessories with me since the first time i came here (cos it adds luggage weight). but i hope i could STOP buying already... cos really, i have TONS back home.

black sunnies, h&m. it might be obvious that the only sunnies i brought upon returning to Shanghai are the brown m&s ones, and actually left everything (and almost similar to this one) at home.

so yah, more blacks. i'm kinda leaning with the basics these days (sign of growing old much?) cos i only have a few items to pair them with right now. *sigh*

i miss my REAL closet!


Sharon Rose said...

I adore this zara cardi-I saw these in my local zara and was soo tempted!! Maybe I will go back!

Auntie Tati said...

Oh, the cardigan is exactly the kind of I've been after for ages!

Ida said...

Yay, yay, yay for bangles!! You could never have enough, ever.
And I love the gladiators. I finally bought myself a pair too. We have to be stylish, no?
Love ya,

annabananna said...

some great finds! the cardigan looks so comfy, and i have the same shoes, only mine are gold. have a great weekend!

Margherita. said...

nice gladiatiors. love them.

Winnie said...

The cardigan is fab, I love long cardigans so on breezy summer evenings you can wrap up in them!

pammish said...

ilovelove the cardigan :):)

we MUST buy ALL the colors!! hihihi

and the gladiattors aren't hell :) but im not saying NO to heeled ones yet :)

That Girl said...

Love the shoes.

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