Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bye bye corporate world!

(yet another personal post) 
as most of you know, i'll be leaving Shanghai this week... i quit my job? yes.

(mall managers christmas 2007)

and for those who were wondering what my job was.. i was the marketing supervisor of our shanghai mall (main base: manila, philippines. but we have offices around china and asia too.. too bad i didn't pursue it!) and i handle events, promotions, advertisings, etc. it was fun really, cos i always get a lot of freebies, meet a lot of advertisers, and was always the first to know about SALE! :) my lunchbreak's and office hour's were mostly spent shopping (or in formal term - supervising ~haha!) i was also the youngest, let alone the only female expat sent 2007 (they only sent 3) - so imagine my daily frustration of not being able to share my superficial, shoppaholic self. boo!

for the things that i am thankful for... and will surely miss:

(1) all my bosses were really good to me.. from immediate managers - city GM - country GM - CEO - President
(2) i was declared CEO (chief entertainment officer) by our president and we parted whenever they're in SH!
(3) the 7th billionnaire in the Phils. knows who i am
(4) i maxed up my leave and bonuses!
(5) improved my mandarin :) first 2 months was hell!
(6) learned to be more independent 
(7) became more open-minded 
(8) the loooonng 7-mos winter in Shanghai! (tropical girl considers autumn here winter!)
(9) h&m!! 
(10) acting like a true-blue "foreigner" and pretending NOT to understand what the people were saying! >:)

anyway, i have been slacking at work and acting really crazy these past few days... packing / shopping / partying and all. i also got ill recently.... so apologies for the lack of blog visits. i promise to resume (and focus on more outfit posts) once im settled and feeling much better! :)

but thanks you all... and see yah!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


i went home super drunk, throwing up in my bathroom, and sleeping with makeup! boooo!

and i still have my hangover right now... (sorry for the crappy apartment background too).

every time i go out partying here, i feel like i don't want to go home anymore.. the venues and people are MAJOR eye-candy! yum! much much better than manila night life x10 (sorry but true) etc.. and the best part is, nobody knows you, so u can be free as you want!! :):) ~weeeh.

Barbarossa Lounge... chillax, house music, good food, wine...

come out micey!

Kathleen's 5.. definitely romantic....

last stop, BLING! :):):) had so much fuuuunnnn heerrreeee!!! it's also voted the best "hiphop" place in SH! 30% foreigners, 20% local chinese, 50% ABC's! (american born chinese). so aside from a couple of beers, lychee martini, and vodka sprite's... i also had a couple of boys, brit's and abc's too *wink* 

aaargh.. sorry for the crappy details, my mind's not thinking straight right now! but here's a detailed outfit post for ya! 

top: h&m. shorts: hotwind (shanghai). bag: h&m. tights: h&m. necklace: h&m. shoes: zara.

last night's venue: dinner at Quan Ju De (best peking duck house in China for dinner), Barbarossa Lounge (mediterranean bar.. so nice!), and BLING! - name speaks for itself!


set it off - kardinal official (feat. the clipse)
dangerous - kardinal officail
cookie jar - gym class heroes (feat. the dream)
super bad - sofia fresh (feat. tpain)
whats your name - usher
ill be loving you long time - mariah
right now (na na na)- akon
rock city - higher, i got you, see you around, im losing it (4 different songs)
curtain call - nina sky (feat. rick ross)
gifts - ray j (feat. lil wayne, the game)
baby - ll cool j (feat. the dream)
disturbia - rihanna (watch the video)
dr. carter - lil wayne
mrs. officer - lil wayne (feat. bobby valentino)
comfortable - lil wayne (feat. babyface)
got money - lil wayne (feat. tpain)
hero - nas (feat. keri hilson)
energy - keri hilson
pork and beans - weezer
like when i grow up - PCD

Friday, July 25, 2008

happy birthday to me!

in celebration of my 24th birthday... i decided to be patriotic to my grandfather's country - CHINA.

but i was really planning of dressing "pretty" today.. you know, some floral dress or some sorts.. but since its casual friday, and i need to be at work, why not dress casual? (yah, its some sort of an excuse to be lazy!)

and indeed, people were amused and a bit shocked! but i guess i made my boss's smile as well.. cos even though i'll be leaving soon, they thought the logo T speaks for itself. and don't worry, i actually looked prettier and more decent in person! :) conceited? yes! and sorry for the lame picture, i have no time today... parties and all :) ~teehee.

PS. im waiting for your generous gifts, and monetary donations are much more appreciated :)

top: shanghai. trousers: h&m. shoes: zara. belt: h&m.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

street style: (monotone) summer in East

(1) i've seen this fashionable couple a couple of times already (but only posted one for u), and they're always in their match-y outfit! i'm really jealous!
(2) again, i'm loving the slouchy pants and layering... i should wear my knit vest this way!
(3) the poncho? is cute.

loving the slouchy-ness, accessorizing, layering, and last but not least... gladiators on men! :)

thanks to all the people who greeted on my legal birthday! (^.^) legal = birth date as of legal documents and papers (passports, etc.) and we figured its too complicated to change since we just discovered that the date on my birth certi is wrong! after we have filed for every legal papers etc. i don't know what's wrong with my parents! maybe i was adopted?? haha! but its ok as long as i keep receiving goodies from them *amamaterial much?*.. anyway... my real birthday is coming up! :) but my migraine is still here once in a while :( pft.

photo creds: hongkong, shanghai street style july 2008.

Listening: Comfortable - Lil' Wayne ft Babyface

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

quick migraine post

just had a 2-hr massage, then took advil. i hope this sucky migraine will go off soon... :(

using the maxi skirt as a skirt this time :) im really LAZY to dress up now that almost 60% of my stuffs are already vacuumed, whatsoever, and piled inside the box that i hope to ship by next week. the tank top obviously did NO justice to my flat .. ermm - guess - im quite embarrassed now cos i just visited IDA, and saw how gorgeous she looked in a tank + maxi skirt ensemble. ohwells... IDA is gorgeous, and im still saving for my boobs enhancement - YOU wait for that - haha KIDDING! :):):)

but why am i blogging?? well..  i also realized that posting pics of what i bought helps me "remember" that i bought some things already. the constant packing of stuffs - and now bare closet - makes me feel 'oh no, i don't have clothes' BUT in reality, they're just sitting there! i blame it on the migraine! cos i obviously don't want to admit that im having some sort of memory loss.....




and speaking of memory loss - can i just share that i forgot its my (legal) birthday today??? yes, i do have 2 birthdays! *teehee

Monday, July 21, 2008

so much for goodbye..

(sorry i clicked something other than publish earlier! :)

packing & shopping has been taking most of my time lately... but when it comes to the office - only have 2 weeks left! - im FREE as a bird! \(^.^)/ and its weird cos the office suddenly felt like a cybercafe today... so much for my 'be gone for a while' last post! im so BORED and im blogging again.

i haven't stopped shopping since the start of SALE season and its NOT healthy! i'm always like this everytime i need to go home... and since there's no h&m there, i am - admittedly - acting like a crazy rat! or an ant? or maybe its the 10% animal instinct i have? telling me that i NEED to prepare for the RAINY SEASON or whatever those natural instincts are! so yesterday, i promised myself no more shopping!
(fedora: ben sherman. tank: topshop. cardigan: yarou (from xiamen). skirt: h&m. shoes: h&m. necklace: h&m. sunnies: h&m.

but right now, i feel like my brain's trying to outsmart me. no more clothes, but...

aren't they pretty? :) i love makeup as much as ilove clothes! :)

these are for my niece! :) she's not 2 yet, and i want to give her some cute toys (aside from the jewelry i bought for her recently) BUT i really want the leafy thing for myself! :)

i guess im back with my friends for today! and just dissappear when i really don't have time for you & me! :) xoxo

oh and MODEJUNKIE and AMIE and WINNIE nominated me the PREMIO AWARD.. but i think most of you have been tagged already, so i give this to all the wonderful readers, and frequent visitors of my blog... ilove you all! and thanks for always leaving a word! :)

THE BOOK TAG: (from lovely Marta)

1. pick up the nearest book.
2. open to Page 123.
3. find the 5th sentence.
4. post the next 3 sentences.
5. tag 5 people and acknowledge who tagged you.

the only english book i have here with me (no, really) is Paulo Coelho's Like the Flowing River. ilove Paulo Coelho simply cos he's inspiring, and all his books are quite relatable and easy to read. BUT if i were home in my library, i'd probably pick Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style, just because im superficial, and we sometimes DO love/need superficial things right?! ~hehe.

"There, God says to Moses: "Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward." And only afterwards does he tell Moses to lift up his rod, and then the Red Sea parts. It is only courage on the path itself that makes the path appear." - Like Flowing River, Paulo Coelho.

ps. i think im going to blog more duing OFFICE HOURS.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

making my last memory in shanghai...

(another personal post)

i just realized that i should get my ass off the computer (for a while) and cherish the last few days i have here in SH!

it just sink in to me that I'll be leaving soon.. and instead of enjoying it with the people i've spent my one-year stay with, i am (sadly) acting pretty lazy and staying IN (on a friday night) when i should be drinking / partying and getting crazy!

and its sad because, some of the people here (mostly from work) - i might not be able to see again :( and they all have been good to me... and i already wasted quite a few opportunities of getting to know them more :( but i hope i'm not too late to share my gratitude to them.

for those who skipped the part of that entry - i resigned from my work a few weeks ago, and i'm going back to manila soon. my boss offered to increase my salary, a promotion, etc... but really, it's not about that. and i might be eating my words now cos i usually love the phrase, "whoever said money can't buy happiness obviously doesn't know where to shop" - but weekly shopping sprees and brand new Gucci's doesn't really give me true happiness. and i really don't want to stay any longer cos i might actually forget myself, and be consumed by the temporary & luxuriating world i have now. yes, i am cheesy. ilove my friends and my family, and i'd rather lose my high salary than lose the people who made me to who i am today. thankfully my parents still love me, and i wish my dad won't confiscate my extension ccard soon ~hehe.


pudong area

the bund

huai hai road (my fave shopping place)

yes, fashionista's are everywhere here! *evil me*

would you believe that it never snowed in shanghai for more than 10yrs?

but the snow made a whole lot difference! and it was my first! :)

during my first months at yuyuan garden

my savior and first friend :) she moved to macau last may :(

@ tai kang st. - artsy fartsy, expat place.

obviously gonna miss winter (really?) & the added pounds in me that goes with it

college friends in manila (studying in beijing) visited, and we partied on a snow-storm weekend!

nobody can stop us! sadly, the best bars only consisted of 50-80 people that night - did i just mentioned the snow storm?

came and conquered attica!

hongkong-based friends.. see u soon girlies!

we had a blast! and free champagne's!


these are my friends since i was 5 :) they visited me last april (along with 2 other guys).

h&m addicts!

we love eggtarts!

ilove them so...

and we all love shangahai!

and thank you all bloggers for all the nice comments you left, and for appreciating my blog :) you don't know how much it meant to me :) i'm really grateful to have met some wonderful people like you... and yes, i will be back soon. to my friends who were asking, i'll try to make my "favorite things in shanghai" post also.

i would still drop by to post some comments when i can! for the tags i haven't done yet - dapperkid, marta, amie and winnie - thank you. i'll do them soon.

ps. my mom, aunts and cousins are coming over to pick me up by the end of this month. so yes.. i'm happy! happy! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

animal prints : yay or nay? (and topshop)

i can't believe i haven't been checking topshop's website for more than a year! and now that i did, i can feel the magic & sparkles - we once had - again. (^.^)

ANIMAL MAGNETISM. *drools* i have this thing with animal prints since... forever! say tacky, hucci, or whatever, but ilove them! it's like my next favorite color (for me - its color!) after black, white, and red..

and here's some crappy pictures i have with them... (c.x)

while i can't wait to go home and check the goodies in topshop... cos believe it or not, manila have it over hongkong /shanghai / beijing! thanks to Rubina Gokongwei (7th billionaire in the Phils. and my ex-boss's daughter!) *high five*

malliot: lae, from manila. tank: mango. zebra: mimi, from manila. scarf: topshop. tube top: topshop. cheetah dress: mimi, from manila.

photo creds: topshop, manila (first half) 2007

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

RANDOM 6.16.08

these are the trends I currently DON'T HAVE, and not really that forced/tempted on buying. maybe soon? i don't know.

but these.... ILOVE!!

why am i not seeing her that much? she's so gorgeous!

and of course, alexander wang SS '08. i know most of you have seen this, but again, such a waste to just delete them from my computer (yes, im cleaning my files!)

PS. I'll do the TAG's soon! :)

photo creds:, handbag, justjared
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