Sunday, July 27, 2008


i went home super drunk, throwing up in my bathroom, and sleeping with makeup! boooo!

and i still have my hangover right now... (sorry for the crappy apartment background too).

every time i go out partying here, i feel like i don't want to go home anymore.. the venues and people are MAJOR eye-candy! yum! much much better than manila night life x10 (sorry but true) etc.. and the best part is, nobody knows you, so u can be free as you want!! :):) ~weeeh.

Barbarossa Lounge... chillax, house music, good food, wine...

come out micey!

Kathleen's 5.. definitely romantic....

last stop, BLING! :):):) had so much fuuuunnnn heerrreeee!!! it's also voted the best "hiphop" place in SH! 30% foreigners, 20% local chinese, 50% ABC's! (american born chinese). so aside from a couple of beers, lychee martini, and vodka sprite's... i also had a couple of boys, brit's and abc's too *wink* 

aaargh.. sorry for the crappy details, my mind's not thinking straight right now! but here's a detailed outfit post for ya! 

top: h&m. shorts: hotwind (shanghai). bag: h&m. tights: h&m. necklace: h&m. shoes: zara.

last night's venue: dinner at Quan Ju De (best peking duck house in China for dinner), Barbarossa Lounge (mediterranean bar.. so nice!), and BLING! - name speaks for itself!


set it off - kardinal official (feat. the clipse)
dangerous - kardinal officail
cookie jar - gym class heroes (feat. the dream)
super bad - sofia fresh (feat. tpain)
whats your name - usher
ill be loving you long time - mariah
right now (na na na)- akon
rock city - higher, i got you, see you around, im losing it (4 different songs)
curtain call - nina sky (feat. rick ross)
gifts - ray j (feat. lil wayne, the game)
baby - ll cool j (feat. the dream)
disturbia - rihanna (watch the video)
dr. carter - lil wayne
mrs. officer - lil wayne (feat. bobby valentino)
comfortable - lil wayne (feat. babyface)
got money - lil wayne (feat. tpain)
hero - nas (feat. keri hilson)
energy - keri hilson
pork and beans - weezer
like when i grow up - PCD


Sharon Rose said...

Sorry you feel sick with your hangover, but you look gorgeous in this outfit-love the tights!!

Anonymous said...

You look fierce! And those shoes.. those shoes!!!!

Dapper Kid said...

Love the red tights and the shoes! And I like the playlist lol.

PegS said...

glad u had fun.
i should wear my maroon tights soon.hehehe
i love gym class and keri's song. =)

Sam said...

great pop of color with the red and I love your shoes!

Sarah said...

happy belated birthday pam!! ohh and i've done the whole gone home drunk, throwing up and sleeping with make up on many, many times... you're not alone!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

wow you pull off those red leggings like no one can, I love the bag too!

kirmizi kemik said...

I love reds and your red tights:>

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Fun outfit and the tights are awesome. P.S. Hope you feel better :)

vivian said...

hope you feel better, hun!

we've all been there ;)

and you red tights look fabulous!

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

It looks like you had so much fun!

I LOVE THAT BAG!(and all things studded)
seriously if I found a shirt that was studded from collar to hem, I'd wear it everyday

Ida said...

Hangover or not, those tights are a show-stopper, darling. I LOVE them.

I am super thrilled for you, having had so much fun and all. (I hated it when you were so down and depressed.) If there is someone who deserves it, it is my Pam.

Are you still working? How's that going?

Love you always,

Anonymous said...

my mum always tells me "who can party, is also able to stand the hangover" xD i hate it when she says it
i like the red leggins on you. i have a pair lying in my closet for a year now, but i'm not brave enough to wear them :(

The Clothes Horse said...

Cool outfit, I love the shoes. Too bad about how the night ended though! I've had many friends be there, sleeping a lot I hear is a good idea. Feel better!

♥ fashion chalet said...

gotta check out that song list, how perfect of you to type that up, I was just about to reload my ipod this morning and wanted something new :) thank you very much for your comment ^_^ I love how your bag and tights set off your look something FIERCE!! xx

Always In Style said...

Sorry about the hangover but it looks like it was a cool place and lots of fun. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water!

agnes said...

Red tights! you definitely know how to play with colours girl!

Times of Glory said...

Hope you feel a lot better now, Pam. It looks so much fun on the other hand and of course, you look extremely cool xxxxx

LuLu124 said...

thank you for the comment dear, great post!!!! loove your outfit, those red leggings are gorgeous!! happy belated birthday and i hope you feel better after your hangover!!! ;D xoxo, lulu

CoutureCarrie said...

It ain't a rockin b-day if ya don't puke (right?)

Loving those red tights, girl!!!


Style Addict said...

lovin the blog!!!

saray said...

i adore thos zara shoes!

AsianCajuns said...

Wow! You look damn good with a hang over! I wish I was so lucky.

I love that purse!

PAM said...

THANKS Y'ALL! :):) ive been pretty ill, but i promise to get back to you soon! :) *huuugs*

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Well...well... look who had too much fun on her birthday??? heehee.... I'm glad you had a grand time kiddo!!

Love the tights!!!

I havent heard about the Melissa sale.. when will it be? Awww I hope I'll still be here... I'm staring at my Topshop sale passport style invite and dont even know if I'll make it because of my hectic schedule! booohooo!

Fashion Is Poison said...

can i have your bag?

Richel said...

sorry about that hangover, but you're doing it so stylishly!

MadameDior said...

cutee outfit, i love the red tights under the shorts, a veryy nice touch

yiqin; said...

You are so beautiful :) I love your outfit! happy belated! I am sure you had a good birthday *hugs*

Oh Lady E said...

OMG! I've been to Barbarossa - it's soooo much fun, and they have the best lychee martinis.

I'm sorry you were sick, though...

Secretista said...

Welllll... at least you had a good time!

Anonymous said...







Cute Leggings! said...

I was looking at your leggings and came across a lot of cute ones in ZALORA Ph! Have you heard of that site? If not, you should definitely take a look! They have a lot to offer for your fashion needs ;)

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