Saturday, July 19, 2008

making my last memory in shanghai...

(another personal post)

i just realized that i should get my ass off the computer (for a while) and cherish the last few days i have here in SH!

it just sink in to me that I'll be leaving soon.. and instead of enjoying it with the people i've spent my one-year stay with, i am (sadly) acting pretty lazy and staying IN (on a friday night) when i should be drinking / partying and getting crazy!

and its sad because, some of the people here (mostly from work) - i might not be able to see again :( and they all have been good to me... and i already wasted quite a few opportunities of getting to know them more :( but i hope i'm not too late to share my gratitude to them.

for those who skipped the part of that entry - i resigned from my work a few weeks ago, and i'm going back to manila soon. my boss offered to increase my salary, a promotion, etc... but really, it's not about that. and i might be eating my words now cos i usually love the phrase, "whoever said money can't buy happiness obviously doesn't know where to shop" - but weekly shopping sprees and brand new Gucci's doesn't really give me true happiness. and i really don't want to stay any longer cos i might actually forget myself, and be consumed by the temporary & luxuriating world i have now. yes, i am cheesy. ilove my friends and my family, and i'd rather lose my high salary than lose the people who made me to who i am today. thankfully my parents still love me, and i wish my dad won't confiscate my extension ccard soon ~hehe.


pudong area

the bund

huai hai road (my fave shopping place)

yes, fashionista's are everywhere here! *evil me*

would you believe that it never snowed in shanghai for more than 10yrs?

but the snow made a whole lot difference! and it was my first! :)

during my first months at yuyuan garden

my savior and first friend :) she moved to macau last may :(

@ tai kang st. - artsy fartsy, expat place.

obviously gonna miss winter (really?) & the added pounds in me that goes with it

college friends in manila (studying in beijing) visited, and we partied on a snow-storm weekend!

nobody can stop us! sadly, the best bars only consisted of 50-80 people that night - did i just mentioned the snow storm?

came and conquered attica!

hongkong-based friends.. see u soon girlies!

we had a blast! and free champagne's!


these are my friends since i was 5 :) they visited me last april (along with 2 other guys).

h&m addicts!

we love eggtarts!

ilove them so...

and we all love shangahai!

and thank you all bloggers for all the nice comments you left, and for appreciating my blog :) you don't know how much it meant to me :) i'm really grateful to have met some wonderful people like you... and yes, i will be back soon. to my friends who were asking, i'll try to make my "favorite things in shanghai" post also.

i would still drop by to post some comments when i can! for the tags i haven't done yet - dapperkid, marta, amie and winnie - thank you. i'll do them soon.

ps. my mom, aunts and cousins are coming over to pick me up by the end of this month. so yes.. i'm happy! happy! :)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi pammish-what a really wonderful post and such great photos-I hope you are not away for too long!! You must get a yellow outfit like the fashionistas in your photos-haha!! Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!!

ModeJunkie said...

so what are u gonna do with all those fabulous winter coats? since there´s no winter in pi? :)))

PAM said...

SHARON : hahaha! :) thanks deary! :) yess... i actually have the PINK! and i (also) used to go out to groceries in them last winter cos im LAZY! and hey, its the "thing" LOL!

MODEJUNKIE : u said it! and also my boots! im actually thinking of ebay-ing my stuffs when i get back... (and some of my friends are already eyeing them!) cos for sure, next time i wanna go spend winter in another country, i wud buy new ones again :) hehehe...

madalena said...
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madalena said...

I know which fellings you are feeling ( It's not a very good English sorry :p I'm pretty sure you understand!) When I came back from Brazil were I past 9 months with my father... I was sad but so happy at the same time because there is nowhere like our home ;]

Even I'm Brazilian... I've always lived in France with my mom... And this country is my home sweet home!!!

I wish you a nice trip for return... And please don't stop your blog soon... Because I love it ;]


agnes said...

WHOA!!! beautiful shanghai! i wish i have visited you beautiful place before.
btw,have you ever been to HK? I would love to post some pics soon as well.

Take care

yiqin; said...

You look SO GOOD in the photos! My mother enjoyed her stay at Shanghai a lot too! I hope to be able to go there too!

Dori said...

oh wow, I enjoyed the photos
So you decided to go back to Manila huh~
Good luck!
One of my friend is leaving today and going to Malaysia for good.
I'm sure things will be well in Manila, home sweet home, no?
Hope everything goes well for you.

Winnie said...

I think you made a great decision as your heart has to be totally into the job! The photo of those 'fashionistas' really made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

looks amazing!

are you in Shanghai for school or for vacation?

Nay'Chelle said...

Adorable piuctures. Looks like you had a great time!

PegS said...

you are right, so what with high salary and in the end you can't find 'yourself' anymore..
I am still making a decision between goin back home to work or staying longer in Australia.
But i think i'll still be in Australia for awhile then going back to KL. =)
hugs pam, lovely entry
lucky u that mmummy is coming. More cards to use hehehe

polkadotqueen said...

I love Shanghai style- it really is quite the fashion capital, especially at night when all the high-end clubbers come out. xD I just don't like Shanghai's attitute towards foreigners- esp. Asian Americans. The taxi drivers are awful. @.@ It's too bad you're leaving Shanghai, but you probably picked up some great pieces while you were there.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i would love to visit Shangai!
the skylines pictures are really beautiful!

Dapper Kid said...

Love the photographs, they are such fun!! I think I know what you mean about having to leave, I think you just have to be true to yourself and what makes you happy. And on that note try to get a little before you leave if you can!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

I have given you the brilliant blogger award:D


PAM said...

MADALENA : oow thanks! im glad u liked it! :) and yes, there's no place like "home" and true "friends" and family :) but lucky u to go from brazil to france! i want to go to both places! :)

AGNES : hi agnes! yup! i used to go there everymonth when i was studying in xiamen 2 yrs ago! :) ilove HK!!! :):) and Shanghai is indeed lovely (and very BIG).. u shud go and visit!

YIQIN : thanks <3! you should! :) its really great! for all the nightlife and all :) and its really BIG!

DORI : thanks! :) yes.. manila it is! :) funny how i always wanted to work outside (and how i always blog about it in tabulas before) but i guess, u'll never know what u want until u tried! :) when ru coming back to malay? :) i wanna visit a friend there too! :)

WINNIE : haha! i hope it is :) and just keep on praying i guess! :) aren't they INSPIRING? :) believe me, there are LOADS of them!

SOMETHING PICASSO : hi! i went here to work for a year :) and now that im leaving soon, it feels like vacation.. haha!

PAM said...

NAY'CHELLE : yes! well, when people visit, its MORE fun! :)

PEGS : haha! im actually scared cos i already charged alot from my dad.. i want to get a handbag or iphone! hehe.. let's see! but its okay even w/o shopping, ive been a bad girl (when im supposed to use my own money!) .. and yeah. its really tempting to stay for another year cos i had these "lust lists" running in my head.. but i came to realize, ive been to consumed with making these "lists" that nothing else mattered anymore! i know its normal, but i need to balance myself :) hehe... who knows, ill be HK or SING next time! *cross fingers*

POLKADOTQUEEN : u said it! people are mean! and have no patience whatsoever! thankfully, i managed to get used to it.. and also do the same thing with them! LOL! shouting/fighting with Shanghainese seems normal to me these days.. and when the argument gets worse, i just blurt out, "i cant understand u! so shut up!" *grins*

BLONDE HAIR BLUE JEANS : u should, for a change! and u won't believe ur even in CHINA! :)

DAPPER KID : thanks! yes, we should.. or else, nothing will matter anymore :)

AMIE : hi amie! :) thanks for tagging me! :):)

Miho Sakato said...

very exciting Shanghai!!!

i love S:)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I am the same way... family over everything else.Enjoy the rest of your stay :)

Ida said...

Such a sincere, truly genuine post, Pam, such an inspiration and a life lesson for all of us readers! You are just so precious, honestly. There are so many people who go through similar stuff, and never make the right conclusion but YOU do. That's why we love you. Always.

Good luck, and keep in touch.


PAM said...

MIHO SAKATO : thanks for dropping by! :) SH is indeed lovely! :):)

MARTA : thanks love! :):) i think the older u get, the more u think about family other than materialistic stuffs. :)

IDA : thanks ida! :) i really appreciate it that u actually READ my posts and comment on them.. :) im so glad ur back! :)

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Awww Pam!!

Loved the heartfelt post.. I could almost feel the same way you are feeling right now! :-( Leaving people, places or anything behind can sometimes suck... but the memories you will always have are more worth-keeping!

Have you ever read Paolo Coehlo's "Closing Cycles"? There are always times for endings and new begginings... you're "growing" kiddo!! :-)

I love the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Help, where did my other comment go?

Well this was it:

You are not going to quit your blog?!x1000000000
Well you can´t because I LOVE IT!
Where did you work, or what did you do i mean..

Love! Amie ♥

Style Syrup said...

That was such a nice post. It's hard being an ex-pat ( I know from experience).
By the way your blog is great

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