Monday, July 21, 2008

so much for goodbye..

(sorry i clicked something other than publish earlier! :)

packing & shopping has been taking most of my time lately... but when it comes to the office - only have 2 weeks left! - im FREE as a bird! \(^.^)/ and its weird cos the office suddenly felt like a cybercafe today... so much for my 'be gone for a while' last post! im so BORED and im blogging again.

i haven't stopped shopping since the start of SALE season and its NOT healthy! i'm always like this everytime i need to go home... and since there's no h&m there, i am - admittedly - acting like a crazy rat! or an ant? or maybe its the 10% animal instinct i have? telling me that i NEED to prepare for the RAINY SEASON or whatever those natural instincts are! so yesterday, i promised myself no more shopping!
(fedora: ben sherman. tank: topshop. cardigan: yarou (from xiamen). skirt: h&m. shoes: h&m. necklace: h&m. sunnies: h&m.

but right now, i feel like my brain's trying to outsmart me. no more clothes, but...

aren't they pretty? :) i love makeup as much as ilove clothes! :)

these are for my niece! :) she's not 2 yet, and i want to give her some cute toys (aside from the jewelry i bought for her recently) BUT i really want the leafy thing for myself! :)

i guess im back with my friends for today! and just dissappear when i really don't have time for you & me! :) xoxo

oh and MODEJUNKIE and AMIE and WINNIE nominated me the PREMIO AWARD.. but i think most of you have been tagged already, so i give this to all the wonderful readers, and frequent visitors of my blog... ilove you all! and thanks for always leaving a word! :)

THE BOOK TAG: (from lovely Marta)

1. pick up the nearest book.
2. open to Page 123.
3. find the 5th sentence.
4. post the next 3 sentences.
5. tag 5 people and acknowledge who tagged you.

the only english book i have here with me (no, really) is Paulo Coelho's Like the Flowing River. ilove Paulo Coelho simply cos he's inspiring, and all his books are quite relatable and easy to read. BUT if i were home in my library, i'd probably pick Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style, just because im superficial, and we sometimes DO love/need superficial things right?! ~hehe.

"There, God says to Moses: "Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward." And only afterwards does he tell Moses to lift up his rod, and then the Red Sea parts. It is only courage on the path itself that makes the path appear." - Like Flowing River, Paulo Coelho.

ps. i think im going to blog more duing OFFICE HOURS.


Dapper Kid said...

LOVE the fedora and your outfit is super! And those toys are sooooooo cute!!! Lucky niece!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi pam-You know what, I said I was on a self imposed shopping ban too and it lasted all of a couple of days-haha!! We are girls who love shopping-it just can't be helped!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Aren't you a cute one?? :) Thanks for your wonderful comment in my blog. :) PS: Congrats on the Premio, miss pretty!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Yey to blogging during office hours!! hahaha Kidding (ok half-kidding only)!!

Hey I left you a comment about Paulo Coelho just before this post showed up.. great minds think alike! hahaha

I can totally relate with Sales-turning-into-epidemics... I had lunch with my in-laws last Sunday and couldnt resist going inside Zara... good thing hubby was there to gently remind me to "restrain myself" so the pile on my arms was reduced my half (and he HAD to remove 2 of the jackets he was hoarding too.. FAIR!)..

Are you excited to come home???

Siljesfashion said...

I know what you mean, so many goodies on sale! Have to save some money for fall fashion.

Blicious said...

great outfit! love your hat!

Sam said...

I love the hat!
and i'm adding you to my blogroll too!! =]

Debbie Shiamay said...

You look SO CUTE in that outfit!!!!

Fashion Is Poison said...

you're adorable! the fedora is my fav

Nay'Chelle said...

Lovely outfit- you look very cute! I like the sweater and skirt.

Ida said...

Oh, packing can be so tiresome, love, I know that. Have moved out three times so far and I feel like I never have enough bags. But it is a good way to sort your stuff through, and get rid of the unnecessary things, no?

Looking fabulous as always, and rocking the fedora.

And please don't get me hooked on the makeup, as I am such a sucker for cosmetics.

Anyway, love you, speak again soon!

Times of Glory said...

Well, shopping always involves dilemmas! I'm so tempted during sales, but yes, we have to save some for autumn and winter, especially I love this winter fashion xxxxx

The Clothes Horse said...

Your striped cardigan is fantastic and I like the whole outfit.

yiqin; said...

I LOVE MAC TOO!!! I USED TO BE SO OBSESSED AND BUY SO MANY OF THEIR EYESHADOWS! :/ Which lasts forever! You look lovely :) As usual :D

PAM said...


♥ Marta ♥ said...

I read most of Paulo Coehlo books... thank you for doing the tag...I love your outfit, super cute and the fedora looks awesome. Enjoy the shopping :)

madalena said...

I love Paolo Coelho too!! He is brazilian like me :p One more reason to love him :D

Thanks for give to all your reader the PREMIO (it's writting in my mothertong but who cares about it ...)2008

Kisses from a girl who love your blog!

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