Sunday, August 31, 2008

weekend with girlfriends

now that my cam's broke and my parents using the other cam in boracay this weekend... i'm now left with photobooth.

bumming out in front of the TV before heading out...

i haven't bought new shoes since i got back in manila.. but it's okay.

wonder what i'd look like with short hair... ermm.. teddy, what u think?

dinner night out with my college girlfriends has always been fun! its like my own version of sex & the city - minus the vouge editor, the lawyer, and we're 5 instead of 4. we were friends since 2001 and lived together for 3 years back univ days... so we knew each other way before the bad hair days, takky outfits, boyfriends & breakup's, drama, etc.. aahh.. all we need is a table & 5 chairs to fill our stories with, and last friday happened to be one of those days :)

also, i'm sorry if i had been lagging with my blogging... hope to catch up soon! :)

top: topshop. old jeans. necklaces: h&m. shoes: h&m.

Friday, August 29, 2008

sun, water, sky...

i absolutely love this place! it's a bit HUGE, considering my friend owned it, and they have a number of cottages that face the beach, pools, atv's, restaurants, and more - which i failed to take notice, since the sun, water, and sky itself are already enough to keep me occupied :)

and i just thank God for the lovely weather since it has been raining mucho in manila, and bicol the day before.

the cliff at the end of the shore... and this was where we jumped (oh yes i did!)

by the rocky corner of the beach...


beach essentials: floral top, fedora, haviannas... and oh! SUNSCREEN!

floral top: stole from mom. fedora: shanghai. shorts: roxy. haviannas. sunnies: h&m.

btw, i upgraded my macbook from tiger to leopard os yesterday, and installed a couple of softwares (and removed windows from the hard disk at the same time) so i'm quite stressed catching up with work & blogging obligations! so please bear with my late comments & posts.. :>

PS. i also didn't joined my parents to boracay this weekend. but i'm planning to go there by december! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bicol Holiday!

hi friends! just got back from another long-weekend holiday this august :) 

so me and my friends departed Manila last Friday (night), and went to Bicol to visit one of our friend's hometown (and also to celebrate her 24th bday). the place is more than what we expected since she kept saying, "it's nothing! pls. don't expect too much!"... but of course, being the governor's daughter, "nothing" to her means more than "anything" for us! :) i want to post all the pictures, but im way too exhausted & full from our 3-day gluttonous trip... so im just gonna give you a peek!

overlooking Mayon Volcano, one of the candidates of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

the perfect travel companion: animal-print luggage (le sportsac), starbucks, and atv! :) haha

earlier today, flying back to Manila... officially addicted to old rolled-up jeans and floral scarves! (and flipflops in my flipflops-uniform tropical home!)

 from the plane, catanduanes. i didn't know my wish from my last entry would come so soon! :)

i knew i wanted to do this ever since i saw those kids flying jumping from the cliff! :) did i? or not?? 

ps. my parents are also flying to Boracay (one of the best white-sand beaches in Phils.) this weekend, and i don't know whether i should join them or not???!! what ya think?? since i also want them to have quality time for themselves?

** tank: h&m. (old) jeans: peopleRpeople, manila. scarf: h&m. sunnies: h&m. bag: from hongkong. havaianas. bikini: h&m. boardshorts: roxy **

Friday, August 22, 2008


when oh when will it stop raining....??? the weather is really making me DOWN! (me = uber lazy) i miss the sun, i miss the sea, i miss stargazing at the sandy shores and late night tequila's until dawn... :(:( 

and i don't care if the overexposure of sun will give me wrinkles (pls not cancer!) nor the bad effects it does to my uber damaged hair (yes i do!)... nor owning just a pair of flip flops that can take me to another shore... and not  even wearing makeup! i just want to lie there, feeling the breeze... and feeling the small waves that touch my feet...

oh beach, when will i see you again?

you bring me happiness that no one else can.

(ps. im not trying to be dramatic so i can wear my new bikini's...! (^.^) but yes, i feel my best when im in them, better than gowns, even though i'm flat chested! ~haha.)

photo creds: sandbar, yacht club, puerto galera. summer 2007

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

random 8.20.08

at this time of the day (2AM), i know i should be sleeping. but instead, i found myself immersing on the things that i NEED to have/accomplish... which then resulted to earlyAM madness! (T.T)

you see, i'm the kind of person who always attempts makes a checklist. may it be the schedule for the day, things that i need to bring (on a certain trip, etc.), shopping list, goals, accomplishments, etc. and right now, i'm feeling some sort of restlessness... and here's some reasons WHY (the list):

  1. fix my sony cam. aargh... i dropped it on the floor and smashed the lenses! how stupid can i get, right? and though i'm using canon now, i still feel the urge to fix this one... 
  2. buy my old phone back (Nokia 6300) I was pretty contented with this one until i lost it a while back.... :( and i still want the very same thing! (w/c also means, no more iphone 3g)
  3. buy a new bag. and i'm currently leaning towards the Gucci Full Moon Medium Hobo and LV Palermo PM. i just need another big bag... (^.^)
  4. watch Sex and the City and Mama Mia - both movies i missed when i was in China! 
  5. enroll the gym (we're planning to try Gold's Gym for a change) and practice yoga more (i also need the dvd!)
  6. and lastly, for my un-materialistic sense, i'm thinking of studying MBA in business or do a lot of research/ study in the same field. i need to learn/ think more! 
and before i say goodnight.. let me leave you with some of my fave pieces from ViVi sept ish.

don't you just love those boots? and men's watch? and the undying trend with leather jackets, oversized, and fringed vests, checks, ties, and miniskirts?! :):)

also, my apologies for not replying to comments... my internet connection was sucky these past few days! 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st long weekend

sorry if i haven't been updating my blog (and visiting yours) as i used to. i think everyone knows about my 'food-poisoning' incident, and i haven't fully recovered until yesterday. BUT that doesn't mean i haven't been going out and embracing the lovely *sarcastic* weather we have now. not to mention, the 1st long-weekend holiday (no work until tuesday) this August! and this is what ilove *not sarcastic* about the Philippines... frequent long-weekend holidays! weeeeh. which also equates to, out-of-town trips for moi! (^.^)  

but before i share you the details of my trip(s), here's an outfit i wore last friday... 

and yes, ilove these trousers sooo much! but my outfit posts are getting lousier than ever! (i guess its the 5min. dressing-marathon i do every time i go out and closet mirrors seemed to be the most convenient :)

tank: topshop. vest: h&m. trousers: h&m. belt: h&m. gladiator heels: zara. other accessories: h&m. 

i also checked the Urban Bazaar in Rockwell last friday... but didn't really bought anything (weird).  but guess what? i won a cutie smocked top! :) will wear soon :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

back to the roots

ever since i got back here (manila-land), i kinda felt LAZY dressing up. and for some odd reasons, i kept wearing OLD clothes and flats, and in non-rainy days - my dear old havaianas. i dont know, maybe its because (1) i no longer work in the corporate setting (2) the weather is making me uber lazy than usual (rainy/gloomy weather) (3) there's obviously no streetstyle here, as my lifestyle (as most flips are) is basically INDOORS - we just dress up for the mall, office, or the bar.. but whatever other reasons there are, i also feel (a bit) GLAD cos i can save more moolah's... and for my HK escapade next month! *yipeee!* 

anyway, going back to manila... before i left it, i was obsessed with multiply - which is like ebay for me! -  and i buy almost all of my stuffs there (and used to sell some too :)) 

i haven't gotten my hands on ebay yet, but before i subscribe (and drown myself with goodies there :)), i just want to share you two of my fave local fashionista's and multiply sellers :) 



both girls has their own, unique style and i shouldn't forget that they're also models/ socialities (here).

and yes, i wanna join the ebay craze cos i NEED to get rid of some stuffs in my closet! (people here just don't buy 2nd hand, i guess). but the amount of work in inventory etc. is making me... yup, LAZY! :(

ps. thanks you all for your comments on my last entry! :) im slowly recovering... and i hope to regain my strength anytime soon :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sudden twists and series of unfortunate events

hi friends! guess what? my weekend was fun..!! out with friends, dining out, partying and all :)

BUT come monday, i was curled up in my bed... with the feeling OF dying! believe me, being caught up with amoebiasis is dead-on NOT funny! it's close to being like a cancer patient! the pain doesn't seem to go away... and suddenly, u start to realize how fragile life can be :( i even placed some blankets and bath robes beside my toilet and lied there most of the time (i keep vomiting and the sorts every 20mins) and its really humbling how i can actually be there - just lying. also at that moment i thought that was all i needed... with tears running down my cheeks :( 

i won't go through the details... all i knew was, if i'm gonna DIE anytime soon, i hope all my loved ones knew that i loved them, and that (i hope) i made something worthy of my stay here.

and so once again, i promise to refrain from eating FRESH & UNCOOKED foods - like rare steaks, salmon sushi's and oysters!

the culprit (or so i think, aside from others i had) half-baked oysters!

and be more conscious of what i eat... i know, i know! i was literally PIGGING OUT since i got back in my homeland! 

grilled salmon

guys love country chicken + gravy sauce

buffalo wings

HUGE porkchop or steak? sorry, i wasn't paying attention!

fish & chips!!


u can see me playing with my friend's zipped-up shirt! haha! i got that dress from shanghai - and actually worn it once - during winter! BRRR i have a loooong story to tell about that night, but let's spare ME the humiliation! (hint: (1) lost $300- in my purse, i left it in the bar. (2) spent $90- on cab fare alone, i was drunk! (3) partying like a rockstar in Attica!)

dress: from shanghai. bag: mango. shoes: h&m. bangle: h&m.

ps. the current lack of outfit posts is also due to my broken camera lenses! :( yup! i dropped my camera last weekend! how stupid and unlucky i can be?

Saturday, August 9, 2008


ilove catching up with friends on friday nights...

and going home after midnight!

dinner at Rockeffeler, GB3 and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. i honestly think the (new) restaurants in GB5 are kinda overrated.. ?? but pls. correct me if i'm wrong.

ps. i also realized that i'm lucky cos movie tickets here only cost (less than) $5!! :)

romper: h&m. top: from hongkong, 2yrs ago. shoes: zara. bag: h&m. earrings: h&m.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

zohan.. and rolled up jeans

if there's one thing i hate about living in Shanghai before.. it would be the expensive movie tickets! plus the 2-3 months delay on hollywood movies (they need to put chinese subtitles first) and asian snacks instead of popcorns/ fries/ tacos / and/or anything junk food! i'm a movie freak... and i need my dose of 1-3 movies a week! (^.^)

hence, i ended up watching "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" (feat. Adam Sandler) today after dinner :) and it was really funny! but kind of weird/gross in some way, for my taste. i also can't stand the the hairstyle and clothing... but the movie, overall, made me laugh soo hard i kept jumping on my seat, and spilled sour cream sauce over my clothes! yeah... "eat me?"

also today's outfit: i dug up this jeans i haven't worn since univ. days (which was 3yrs ago), and the belt i got from Dorothy Perkins a year back (that i haven't actually worn until today). i don't know why i look so short considering my heels is over 3"?? and in pink again, knowing its one of the colors i actually hate. 

i'm also in need of "white tops" supplies since i messed/ stained / ruined most of them in my wardrobe :( i think its best to buy 2-3 pcs per style no?

(i know the jeans aren't really rolled-up, but they're super long!)

top: h&m. jeans: moto, topshop. shoes: h&m. belt: dorothy perkins.

ps. indoor, crappy pictures have to suffice for now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

yey to 100th POST!!

okay, i was supposed to POST something really GREAT/ INTERESTING for the 100th... but let's be real, i'm still overwhelmed arranging the stuffs in my room! which i also haven't done for a year, so... i've been throwing old stuffs (while trying to sell others - taking pictures, and posting them online) cleaning like crazy.. etc. etc. *whew* i hope it will be done by the weekend... (so i can start working and resume blogging :)

here's the current view of my room... messy! messy! 1, 2, 3

most of my stuffs were placed on a box, since i was gone for a long time... and we're thinking of doing some renovations, etc. soon.

BUT i also went out and watched Dark Knight (finally!). just a simple outfit.. i'm super lazy!

top: from hongkong. wide-legged jeans: uniqlo. fringed clutch: h&m. shoes: h&m.

Monday, August 4, 2008

to manila-land..

at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. i don't look so happy no? and this is the only crappy picture i have right now... hope i could resume to my normal, blogging self soon :)

i also heard its storming down there / weather is bad... and we expect 4 typhoons for august alone! *pft* so... hmmmm...

i'll be a BUM for a couple of days... i'm still preparing myself to be the COO of a company (child of owner). ~hehe. one of the most boring jobs of all... but i have goals, don't worry! it's either i look up to Ivanka Trump (building an empire) or Carla Bruni (marry up!)!!! kidding. but ilove BOTH girls.. :)

and.... i'll catch up with all of you soon!
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