Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sudden twists and series of unfortunate events

hi friends! guess what? my weekend was fun..!! out with friends, dining out, partying and all :)

BUT come monday, i was curled up in my bed... with the feeling OF dying! believe me, being caught up with amoebiasis is dead-on NOT funny! it's close to being like a cancer patient! the pain doesn't seem to go away... and suddenly, u start to realize how fragile life can be :( i even placed some blankets and bath robes beside my toilet and lied there most of the time (i keep vomiting and the sorts every 20mins) and its really humbling how i can actually be there - just lying. also at that moment i thought that was all i needed... with tears running down my cheeks :( 

i won't go through the details... all i knew was, if i'm gonna DIE anytime soon, i hope all my loved ones knew that i loved them, and that (i hope) i made something worthy of my stay here.

and so once again, i promise to refrain from eating FRESH & UNCOOKED foods - like rare steaks, salmon sushi's and oysters!

the culprit (or so i think, aside from others i had) half-baked oysters!

and be more conscious of what i eat... i know, i know! i was literally PIGGING OUT since i got back in my homeland! 

grilled salmon

guys love country chicken + gravy sauce

buffalo wings

HUGE porkchop or steak? sorry, i wasn't paying attention!

fish & chips!!


u can see me playing with my friend's zipped-up shirt! haha! i got that dress from shanghai - and actually worn it once - during winter! BRRR i have a loooong story to tell about that night, but let's spare ME the humiliation! (hint: (1) lost $300- in my purse, i left it in the bar. (2) spent $90- on cab fare alone, i was drunk! (3) partying like a rockstar in Attica!)

dress: from shanghai. bag: mango. shoes: h&m. bangle: h&m.

ps. the current lack of outfit posts is also due to my broken camera lenses! :( yup! i dropped my camera last weekend! how stupid and unlucky i can be?


ModeJunkie said...

hope you get better soon sweetie! :)
oh my god i was just telling the boyf that i would def go to the phil. next year just to PIG out. thanks for the warning. i hate bein sick. but what can u do, the food is just so friggin great! so no judgement here on the pigging out.

PAM said...

MODEJUNKIE : thanks sweetie!! that was really crazy!! :(:( i vow not to do that to myself again (its my 4th attack!) and ur so right about food here.. everything is sooooo YUMMY!!! all the cuisines are sooo tasttyyy!! :):) (yes, im tempting u to go back home!)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Aw sweetie, so sorry to hear this happened to you. I'm just glad you seem to be back on your feet now. They always say restaurants have the freshest seafood on Mondays (the weekend is the older food that they serve) because usually the fresh shipments come on Monday morning. Feel better though.

Glad you saw my video, hopefully my silly self cheered you up some? ;)

And thanks for the comment! I must say you looked FIERCE though, before the drama took place. Love the green on you. Is it silk? xx

lisa said...

I hope you feel better soon! Haha that's a lot of food to eat, and it sounds like you had a good time before the sickness set in. You looked great in the dress! Love the green print.

AlicePleasance said...

Hope you're feeling better now!!!

terren said...

oh my gosh those pictures make me so hungry!

Kira Fashion said...

fantastic food, amazing you and i am so sorry for you. Being sick is awful and we are really fragile...for sure...

a kiss,
hope you are better now,
see you,

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh my goodness! It must have been BAD! Oh you poor thing!

I love your dress and I have the same Mango bag -- in white!

AsianCajuns said...

So sorry to hear about the food poisoning! That is one of the worst things to experience.

You look fantastic in your pics!

Wendy said...

The food looks crazy delicious! Yum! Another yum thing is your dress, so very pretty.

Danz said...

That's really unfortunate because it all looks so good. I hope you feel better soon!

On the other hand, I love your outfit. The colours and print of the blouse are gorgeous and the bracelet is really nice too!

yiqin; said...

Ah the dress is lovely! I hope you feel better soon!!! I know how hard it is to refrain cause I love all those food as well!! :/


agnes said...

those food keep me mouth-watering!
btw, i love your choice of that dress, the green is definitely a highlight!

CoutureCarrie said...

That kelly green looks so great on you, Pam!
And the oysters? What a treat! I love seafood :)


Blicious said...

feel better!!!!!

the food looks yummy!

Sarah said...

omg i hope you feel better!! you poor thing!!

the food looks AMAZING!!

Sharon Rose said...

Wow-you're so brave to feature food in your post after what you've been through! I hope you are better now, sorry you had to go through such a nasty experience! Your dress is fabulous!!

Ula said...

oooooooh I love salmon and oysters!:DDD

Ida said...

Oh baby! I am really sorry to hear about those health issues, I do hope that you are doing great by now! And I know so well what you mean about the fragility of life. NOTHING is granted, but we ALL pretend not to know it. Or honestly forget. So silly.

Please drink loads of fluids and be careful with alcohol, too.

Times of Glory said...

Pam, the food look amazing! I love Oysters! I hope you are getting better now, it is really hard to predict when and where has the freshest food. Your to looks really pretty! That green is gorgeous xxxxxxxx

superumi said...

hye hye!

i love your zara shoe/sandal. isit new release?

i have yet to get my own romper. your is perfect =)

lets exchange links =)

Savvy Mode SG said...

hope you are better. i got food poisoning years ago and at the time, i wish i can just curl up and die.

Dapper Kid said...

Omg, hope you're feeling better dear!!!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hope you feel better and get well soon :) ... as for the outfit, smoking hot :)

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