Tuesday, August 5, 2008

yey to 100th POST!!

okay, i was supposed to POST something really GREAT/ INTERESTING for the 100th... but let's be real, i'm still overwhelmed arranging the stuffs in my room! which i also haven't done for a year, so... i've been throwing old stuffs (while trying to sell others - taking pictures, and posting them online) cleaning like crazy.. etc. etc. *whew* i hope it will be done by the weekend... (so i can start working and resume blogging :)

here's the current view of my room... messy! messy! 1, 2, 3

most of my stuffs were placed on a box, since i was gone for a long time... and we're thinking of doing some renovations, etc. soon.

BUT i also went out and watched Dark Knight (finally!). just a simple outfit.. i'm super lazy!

top: from hongkong. wide-legged jeans: uniqlo. fringed clutch: h&m. shoes: h&m.


Times of Glory said...

Happy 100th Post! Well done, sweetie! You've done great 100 posts for all of us. I have really enjoyed reading your sweet, stylish and quirky posts! I know a good cleaning can take some time, but it cannot cover your cuteness from wearing that top and cool fringe bag!

Lots of lots of love and kisses

Sharon Rose said...

Yay-good for you my dear-hope you get yourself settled too!

lisa said...

Congratulations, and good luck with getting settled in and all that cleaning!

Dapper Kid said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Love the top, the colours are lovely and the back look super!

Danz said...

Congrats!!! I really enjoy seeing all your fabulous outfits and I look forward to seeing many more :) Love your fringe bag btw!

belle.chantelle said...

Your top is the bee's knees. I adore it to pieces. I should have told my friend to bring me a tee like that from HK when she was there in June. =(

PAM said...

TIMES OF GLORY : thanks! you're the sweetest love! really!

SHARON ROSE : thanks! must work .. fast! :) miss ya all!

LISA : thanks..! trying to keep up!

DAPPER KID : thanks :) you are super! :)

DANZ : hey sweetie! :) thank you! :)

BELLE CHANTELLE : lol! aaw.. they're really cheap! :) maybe u can ask her next time :)

Lloyda said...

wah! welcome back to manila! hahaha. man your room is huge! ah cleaning my room takes weeks and even after i finish cleaning it's goes messy a few days after. lol!

CoutureCarrie said...

woooo hooooo!
Congrats, darling!
And that outfit may be "simple", but it's stunning! I love the open back top and the layering effect.
Thanks for stopping by the ABCs - if you are into brocade, check out tomorrow's post which will be dedicated to that topic!

Again, congratulations :)


Anonymous said...

i likeyour room and don't worry, mine is waaaaaay messier :D

Jenny H. said...

i love the shirt.

happy 100th post!
thats such a great achievement!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Yay we both saw the Dark Knight! Yay to 100 posts! How come everybody always talks about this though? I think mine is way over 200 *blush* but only because when I first made the blog I uploaded everything without even getting comments, now I'm more selective. By the way, you look so cute for the movie viewing. And I love your purse!! ^_^

Ashleigh said...

that top is from hon kong? Man, they have the best stuff there,....one day..I will go..:P

polkadotqueen said...

Funky top! Casual yet effortlessly chic. I'm also about to watch the Dark Knight- was it worth it?

PAM said...

LLOYDA : haha! yes im back! thanks! and... ugh, we're the same! actually, the thing that keeps me occupied is sorting all of my stuffs - which to throw, which to keep :)

COUTURE CARRIE : thanks! :):) yes.. i do love brocade, and im super excited to see ur post!

COCO : :):) thanks! when will we ever have it "organized"? yes?

JENNY H : thanks! i don't really know what 100th is all about.. but yey still! :)

FASHION CHALET : thanks erika! :) haha.. yes.. i do that sometimes when im super bored - just post anything! but yey still.. and yey to ur 200th! haha

ASHLEIGH : you should! ilove HK!!! :):)

POLKADOTQUEEN : thanks! the movie is awesome! simple and deep at the same time.. but joker made it all great! you definitely shud go! :)

evie said...

Loved the movie, but i think i love your clutch more. Have been looking for nice fringe bags for a bit.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I love love love this outfit ... and Congrats on 100th post ... YAY!!! Your clutch is to die for and the t-shirt is so pretty :)

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