Wednesday, September 24, 2008

♥ Lan Kwai Fong, HK

so it literally was our FIRST time in LKF...

it was a little mellow than what i expected (nightlife in shanghai was SUPER!)

but we still enjoyed it and had a blast!

darn, i wish i cud stay in HK longer so i cud "experience" the real "nightlife" they call here

not to mention, cute foreign boys i haven't seen much?? (oh but this is my friend from manila)

or probably just get a job here?? watyathink?

with my good friends. we flew together here...

and made ourselves damn BROKE from this trip!!!

can you guess why??? hint: i'm wearing one :)

HK is my temptation island! i need to be sent away in the beach asap!

photos: lan kwai fong, causeway bay, hongkong

top: from manila. skirt: h&m. shoes: zara. necklace: mixed. and my new baby: LV palermo pm :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

230 party

hallo guys... meet ziggy. he's one of my bff's friend in fashion school since college :)

i wish i had his lips...

or cud mowdel as fierce as him!

i'm such a loseeer....

@ a friend's 230 (because she's 23 and her bf's 30) joint bday party :)

this dude is ferosh! but i love the girl's EMO hello kitty tattoo more!! :) - my perfect kitty!

with my fashion bff since highschool.

it's funny cos we haven't been hanging out that much (every time i'm living out of the country) BUT we always seem to dress ALIKE (me = dark. her = sweet version) even though we haven't seen/talked to each other for months! i guess.. great minds think alike huh? :) ~haha.

ps. i already had my eyelash extensions here (medium, thick mascara effect), but forgot to bring my camera to give you a closer look :( BUT i'm soooo inlove with it! :)

and i'm flying to HONGKONG tonight! so i had been busy (building a castle for my guinea pig, "squeeky").. but i hope to catch up with the blogosphere later! :)

also loving my new wallpaper and icons (^.^)

mine: tank: topshop. vest: h&m. cardigan: zara. skirt: h&m. tights: from shanghai. shoes: h&m. necklace: h&m.

Monday, September 15, 2008




i wonder what people in HK are wearing these days???

  1. my tote bag :>
  2. dozens of mac, clinique
  3. sasa!!
  4. techie stuuffs/ skins
  5. h&m!!
  6. more oversized/ unstructured/ loose clothing!

photo creds: google, p1 mag

Saturday, September 13, 2008

my long-overdue vacation post from bicol :)

so before i add another set of vacation pictures from bicol (i'm going back on october!) i'm gonna show u these first!


hailed as one of the "7 wonders of nature" for its perfectly coned shaped :)

ruins of cagsaua church. can you imagine? this used to be a church before the volcanic eruption.

okay that's me - no sleep & shower! ~haha. c'mon! it's literally 7am!


if i'm not mistaken, this is the only resort in the island of catanduanes (but pls DO correct me if im wrong)

pretending to be in hawaii... (^.^)



in the sea??

nah! it was actually one of the "props" we used for our friend's surprise party the night before :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

i have a new phone! :">

so my parents, and cutie niece, arrived here last night (we live in separate houses btw) and guess what my dad brought me - a Nokia E90 phone! weeeh! :)

i know i'm just too excited 'cos ive been wanting to buy a new phone ever since i lost my last one on the mall :( (and had been using this charity phone my friend gave me after that).

and just like any other girls out there, i haven't really convinced myself into getting a new one YET (even the cheap ones!), cos honestly, i'd rather buy new shoes/ bag/ clothes or any other stuffs i know i have a lot already....

but ilove pimping my gadgets :) did you noticed what i did with the wallpaper and icons?

and i'm also psyched to put some skins in it - like THESE - cos i heard HK has alot of great skin collections and i'm flying there soooon! :):)

but my only concern is... it's too big to bring on a night out (fyi. clutch bags!).

so... should i keep it? or sell it? and buy a new, small & sleek, chrome-finished one? which is actually 1/3 the price of this? my dad says i can do whatever i want with it anyway! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

do u remember this dress?

after the long wait, i finally wore the coveted h&m maxi dress! :)

which was really UNintentional since i was planning on wearing a different outfit (my sister called it, "ridiculous!") last sunday night for a wedding at rockwell tent.

honestly, i just bought it last Spring (out of luck, since i saw it from agathe's blog weeks before that) so i could STARE at its gorgeous prints and nothing else. it was spring then, and shanghai has a reputation for awful weather. i brought it home on my vacation in manila last may, and forgot to bring it back again (w/c i totally regretted cos summer suddenly came in SH after i arrived).

and then i FORGOT even owning them. it was stuck at the back of my closet ever since.. until i had this "i have no dress to wear" moment and started pulling stuffs out of my dresser! take note: i was already teary! (@.@)

i didn't had the time to fix it (it's too long even with 4" heels!) so i kept pulling it up like a wedding gown! well, i honestly think it made some kind of a 'dramatic' effect, like "who's that girl in the gorgeous gown?" - unless that was my mind talking! ~haha.

to make the long story short, i'm just happy my sister pulled this one out because, knowing me, i'd probably wear it after 2 years!!

and to top it all, my friend (who's a makeup artist) was also 'just too bored' that day she played with me and my sister's face. i had always loved smokey eyes, but could't make them myself... so here,

i also liked what she did with my lips (nude beige + light pink) since i'm such a _____ with lip stuffs! (sorry, i took this picture after the party and eventually had it washed up & put lipgloss over) and did i mention she charged us for FREE? ilove it when people are bored! :)

dress: h&m. shoes: h&m. bag: gifted.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

vivi sept ish

just so you know, my current lifestyle doesn't involve any street style nor 'look what i'm wearing today' moments. i'm stucked. i'm lazy. people here raise their eyebrows when they see you dress in a NON- 'flipflops + jeans + shirt' ensemble, let alone colored /patterned tights, boots, furry jackets & trench, the so-called cut-out jeans-turned-shorts, and (my own) dad forbids me - micro pleated / leather skirts!

that is why, if i was in china or any other place today, i'd probably be wearing (or wud be shopping even!) the ff. items:
  • those boots!! :)
  • and patterned tights

  • beret in stripes! and tan faux fur vest

  • could this be a sign that i should start adoring PINK and stop hating it?? (i know, its one of my fave colored tights in my collection *weird*)

  • and its so ironic that i HAVEN'T even worn the blazers i got from H&M before i came back to Manila!

  • do i need a leather jacket in tropicaland?

  • so casual yet chic.

then again, who CARES about raised eyebrows in the 20th century right??! (^.^)
(and i also realized, i get crazy "blogging" when i have all the time in the world! second post for today! ~haha :)

photo creds: vivi magazine

ooh baby i want you...

this girl is HOT!

or maybe its the tights?? :)

i received some news, a few weeks back, that H&M will be opening in Manila soon! :) yeeeey! and also Hermes... but i can't afford Hermes, so just yey to H&M! but i also wonder if it's 4-storey, like in china, considering our Topshop stores here are kinda small? hmmmm... i wish F21 & AA would come their way soon, so our lives would be almost perfect already! ~hehehe.

and i know my HK trip is coming VERY near (next week), but i can't control myself from viewing - and the free shipping that comes with min. $75 purchase - is really tempting! :( considering i just had my 2nd order from last week (i ordered all of their super soft brushes), now i have NO idea how the hell i'm gonna consume my makeup's in my stash! (maybe i should enroll makeup classes?).

i'm also itching to get me some of these circle lenses u see asian girls are wearing...

because it makes ur eyes purrity and huge...

even our mall receptionist (in shanghai) wears one!

and just when u tought my vanity is almost over, i'm planning to have some eyelash extensions this saturday. ~haha! let's see what happens! :)

edit: i forgot to mention, the asian girl is actually an HK model named angelbaby :)
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