Wednesday, September 10, 2008

vivi sept ish

just so you know, my current lifestyle doesn't involve any street style nor 'look what i'm wearing today' moments. i'm stucked. i'm lazy. people here raise their eyebrows when they see you dress in a NON- 'flipflops + jeans + shirt' ensemble, let alone colored /patterned tights, boots, furry jackets & trench, the so-called cut-out jeans-turned-shorts, and (my own) dad forbids me - micro pleated / leather skirts!

that is why, if i was in china or any other place today, i'd probably be wearing (or wud be shopping even!) the ff. items:
  • those boots!! :)
  • and patterned tights

  • beret in stripes! and tan faux fur vest

  • could this be a sign that i should start adoring PINK and stop hating it?? (i know, its one of my fave colored tights in my collection *weird*)

  • and its so ironic that i HAVEN'T even worn the blazers i got from H&M before i came back to Manila!

  • do i need a leather jacket in tropicaland?

  • so casual yet chic.

then again, who CARES about raised eyebrows in the 20th century right??! (^.^)
(and i also realized, i get crazy "blogging" when i have all the time in the world! second post for today! ~haha :)

photo creds: vivi magazine


Sharon Rose said...

those first boots are gorgeous!!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i heart those red boots, just don't know for how long. i adore pink, don't think i ever grew out of the phase.

lisa said...

Very stylish. You should just say "Screw the haters" and wear what you want. =)

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