Thursday, October 30, 2008

booo..! no halloween for me!

and we were even planning of dressing up HARAJUKU-style for the Halloween Cream Ball!!

i so love japan's eccentric fashion...

but anyways... i'm hiding somewhere else, outside Manila, and will stay here until the Chris Brown and Rihanna concert on the 16th! :) toodles!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i discovered Avatar back univ days on a trade show...
elite fashionista's flood their booths as if there were no tomorrow, so i got curious. then it became clear, they were actually jewelry/ accessories exporters who ONLY sell their products abroad, and its so seldom that they would let you buy their products on a retail basis, until they recently opened up a store in Greenbelt 5.

i had collected a number of pieces then, hoping to pass it as "vintage" jewelries to my daughters/ nieces...

but i'm also contemplating on selling some on

what you think? should i keep or sell?

BOHOL is ♥...

so this probably will be my last vacation (with friends) this 2008 ... come to think of it, i still haven't gone anywhere with my family yet! but if ever we will, i want to suggest BOHOL, because its that l♥vely...

and i want to share with you some of my fave pictures, from my last trip there last week! :)

one of the oldest church in asia - baclayon church
flying by the chocolate hills...
cruising loboc river...
tarsier - the smallest monkey in the world... and me, by the hanging bridge!
feels like heaven on earth. white, powdery sands touching our feet :)
whoever said, 'stars are out of our reach' was wrong...
see? i'm holding one! :)
hola! skin diving the reefs of bohol...
taking pictures underwater was harder than i thought!
virgin island. which is actually a sandbar (meaning, it only appears during low tide).
the water was sooo clear you could see the seaweeds underneath!
footsie! with sam :)
local kids of bohol :) and giant purple jellyfish!! eeeks!
aargh.. its starting to get cloudy!
bohol beach club. total chillax and relaxation... zzzz...toodles!

Monday, October 27, 2008


it just dawned into me that i've been spending waaay too much this year - from previous weekly shopping's in shanghai, to continuous flying/jet-setting/vacationing, impulsive makeup hauls, lv/gucci shopping's, and so on.

and i'm NOT really happy with the (current) ambience of my room right now. it has too much of everything! from clothes, to makeup's, accessories, shoes, et al... and instead of feeling happy & contented, i feel slightly "stressed" - most of the stuffs i have are trash. and i don't feel like using them ever cos: (1) i don't like them anymore (2) i don't need them! :(

and now i'm wishing that i'd rather have a few (valued) items than piles & piles of stuffs i don't really need.

speaking of which, i'm currently lusting of adding these on my closet...
Prada cripy nylon tote. (any) Longchamp Planetes. Michael Kors flats and clutch bag.

PS. my trip to Bohol was awesome...! will post pictures soon after my fever's gone :(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

oh deer(s)... and waterfalls

feeding deers and exploring mountains & waterfalls during my last trip in camsur, bicol. i still haven't had my hands on our more-than-1,500-pictures in-4days-trip, so these will do for now (^.^).

tempting bambi's filipino cousins...
finally, he got mine!
top: from bangkok. roxy boardshorts. h&m sunnies. fedora's from shanghai.
and my fake crocs ballerinas. let's be honest, i don't like crocs (and would never wear them EVER) the only reason i bought them is 'cos i need something to keep my feet clean on dirty/rocky places (like this). i don't know, for me its practicality. should i be ashamed?

like God's blessings poured out on me...
finally got to wear 1/6 of the bikini's i bought last summer in (h&m) shanghai...
i'm def not built for this!
btw, this is the pink version of that black mesh pants i had loved forever...

and just when i thought i had too much vacation these 2 months, i'm flying to BOHOL tomorrow and would stay there until sunday. i'm excited to see the world-renowned tarsier's, chocolate hills, dolphins/whales, and lastly, the whhhiiiittteee beaches! :) i need to start packing!!

Happy Victims & Ripped Jeans

"He is poor who doesn't feel content." - Japanese Proverbs

Kyoichi Tsuzuki, a Japanese photojournalist and publisher, has spent nearly a decade taking pictures of luxury-brand-obsessed Japanese in their tiny apartments surrounded by their collections of clothes, ties, scarves, jewelry, handbags, and shoes for Fashion News, one of Japan's oldest fashion magazines. Tsuzuki calls his subjects "happy victims" because, while they are victims of brand marketing, the items seems to bring them a sort of happiness.

One is a Hermes collector, a patent executive who lives in a fourth-floor walk-up flat. He keeps all of his Hermes shirts, ties, and leather goods in their original boxes and bags, and stacked up on his tatami floor. He spent half a million yen (about $4,000) in an Hermes briefcase that he carries with an Hermes towel wrapped around the handle to avoid damaging the leather with his hand perspiration.

There is a Buddhist monk who collects Comme des Garcons religiously. Once a month, the monk sheds his robes, dons Comme des Garcons' avant-garde constructionist clothes, and heads from his temple to Tokyo to pick up a few more pieces.

There's an English teacher at a prep school who started wearing Gianni Versace's flambouyant designs to keep the attention of his students. After ten years, he had one hundred pieces of Versace as well as an impressive Bulgari jewelry collection. He lives in a shoebox apartment with his unemployed girlfriend, who spends her days organizing a collection.


just so you know, I really enjoy this book i'm reading... and is helping me cope with the "ban" :)

"War destroys man, but luxury destroys mankind; at once corrupts the body and the mind." - John Crowne, Seventeenth Century English Playwright

perfect! all i need is to raid my old wardrobe! :)

because i'm evil.

so today was a crappy day.

one of our maids/helpers burned my fave rash guard, and i really wanted to KILL her! :( but of course, since she has the most lovable employers (my parents) in the world, i was the "evil one" for even attempting to let her pay for it. whatever... so now i took all my clothes, and promised to do all the ironing myself (yeah right). but who in the world would even think of ironing a rash guard?? arrghhh... ok, im a brat!
and what's more ridiculous is that i even fought with my mom about it.. which only resulted to me, being the drama queen, shutting myself locked in my room :( the outfit shows...

i went to the mall hours later to keep me sane. no actually, i went there to buy another rash guard... 'cos i'm going to the beach this thursday! :( but ended up with another purchase. this double tank top/ dress/ or whatever you call it - which looked so much like the topshop racerback i wanted, but was 3 times cheaper!
shirt dress: h&m. lace tights: milk & co.,manila from 2 years ago. shoes: h&m. black&white top: landmark. (and i just realized, i wore a few of my clothes too many times already... i'm becoming soo LAZY :)

ps. met a fellow blogger last saturday... will tell details soon.

Monday, October 20, 2008

sale in metro & book shopping

if i was the same person 3 months ago, i probably had strained my arms/ burned my pockets right now, cos SALE signs are everywhere! and thankfully, i'm NOT :)

today was a lazy sunday. i think i'm getting tired of going out every-so-often, that it came into no surprise that i'm home before 2am on a saturday night.

(from the private party/fashion show i attended last night... studying in FIP (Fashion Institute Philippines) is really tempting! :)

but sunday is also my favorite. its the time when i'm relaxing/ recovering from a hangover, wearing flats, acting lazy & pigging out, watching movies, etc. and today, we watched Trophic Thunder - which i think was hilarious! and i DO need this kind of movies! when i'm not in the mood for something 'to discuss' after, like 'who killed who?' whatever, you know :) cos i still can't figure out 100% *red faced* on what happend with the last movie i watched - Body of Lies - which reminds me, i should check it up in the internet later (^.^)

(h&m top. uniqlo jeans. h&m sandals. shades: gucci. bag: palermo. mixed accesories.)

on the other note, i feel proud i haven't accumulated anything new to my fashion-fancy, and nothing (really, nothing) makes me excited right now (or maybe, that topshop tank top i had been trying on forever...). but who needs new clothes in this lazy fasyon atmosphere? *sigh*... and these are the times when i missed living in china!

and i'm also excited to read the new books i purchased (and yes, they're the only stuffs i bought on sale today!) and though i know, i'm just cheating myself into believing that im not *quote & quote* shopping anymore, i can't resist buying books like these! :)

i had Nina Garcia's first book (Little Black Book of Style), while anything related to fashion & luxury (Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre) tickles my fancy :) aaahh.. if ONLY i was this devoted to working, i'd already be a millionnaire! hehe.

PS. FASHION WEEK is coming next week! but I'll be flying somewhere! huuu... (and i promise the c-dubz pics soon!)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ola! 2009!

i know Christmas has not yet arrived, nor the start of the New Year... but it's not bad to dream/ aim for something early, right? :)

My 2009 Inspiration Board

interior, culinary, fashion, makeup... are just some.

Friday, October 17, 2008

the curious case of benjamin button

just finished watching Body of Lies (starring Leo DiCaprio & Russell Crowe), and i found this particular trailer very interesting...

and just a crappy outfit post from some time ago/ last week.

floral h&m dress. topshop belt. h&m shoes/ bangles/ necklace. fedora's from shanghai. blazer from the maldita, manila.

i ♥ FALSIES! and i don't mind breaking the ban for these!

i honestly have NO idea how i'm gonna survive that shopping ban thingy (i imposed on myself) 'cos i'm so used to living under my dad's extension - even if i was already working! and i'm really trying NOT to use the plastic anymore, cos i (actually my friends made me) realize that i should be more responsible, and stop depending on my parents - especially when it comes to financial matters - when i should be paying for my own vanities, instead of them. *sigh*

so whatever. i was shopping for falsies (ardell 118 & stuffs) today... since my eyelash extensions are starting to fall off (it's been a month now, and i don't want a retouch 'cos i find eyelash extensions a bit high maintenance/ 麻煩). and another not-so-good thing about extensions is that you'll get addicted to them! like, i can't imagine my eyes w/o them stuff! ~haha. wanna try the fashion/ glittery ones soon!!

anyway, this was my original set of 80 pcs. of individual falsies PER eye,
one week old.
and i can't wait to use the ones that i bought! (when im NOT super lazy)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

first night @ c-dubz :)

this ain't no beach :) its actually a lake (where we do our wakeboarding) with man-made shores... cool eh?

obviously my fave h&m hoodie

i need to be a pro before i could buy one!! tempting!
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