Wednesday, October 22, 2008

because i'm evil.

so today was a crappy day.

one of our maids/helpers burned my fave rash guard, and i really wanted to KILL her! :( but of course, since she has the most lovable employers (my parents) in the world, i was the "evil one" for even attempting to let her pay for it. whatever... so now i took all my clothes, and promised to do all the ironing myself (yeah right). but who in the world would even think of ironing a rash guard?? arrghhh... ok, im a brat!
and what's more ridiculous is that i even fought with my mom about it.. which only resulted to me, being the drama queen, shutting myself locked in my room :( the outfit shows...

i went to the mall hours later to keep me sane. no actually, i went there to buy another rash guard... 'cos i'm going to the beach this thursday! :( but ended up with another purchase. this double tank top/ dress/ or whatever you call it - which looked so much like the topshop racerback i wanted, but was 3 times cheaper!
shirt dress: h&m. lace tights: milk & co.,manila from 2 years ago. shoes: h&m. black&white top: landmark. (and i just realized, i wore a few of my clothes too many times already... i'm becoming soo LAZY :)

ps. met a fellow blogger last saturday... will tell details soon.


*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh I hate it when helps do that! I try my best to understand their shortcomings but sometimes I just feel like throwing tantrums left and right (especially when they commit the same mistakes over and over) -- but I'm officially the "amo" so I cannot be a brat though I so want to be one! heehee...

Anyways, dont worry about that... you had a great outfit anyway! See? You chanelled your negative energies to something positive!!

Boo you broke your ban! heeehee.. but I love that Landmark top! The surprising finds from that store are endless!!


Dana (MODAna) said...

I'm sorry about the fight with your mom
sometimes it happens though, I hope when it all cools down you'll talk to your mom privately and tell her your side, she'll listen
I LOVE the tshirt dress so much, btw
great style

Dana (MODAna) said...

ps let's trade links!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-looking soo good in these outfits and I do love the LV bag to set it off perfectly!!

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