Monday, October 20, 2008

sale in metro & book shopping

if i was the same person 3 months ago, i probably had strained my arms/ burned my pockets right now, cos SALE signs are everywhere! and thankfully, i'm NOT :)

today was a lazy sunday. i think i'm getting tired of going out every-so-often, that it came into no surprise that i'm home before 2am on a saturday night.

(from the private party/fashion show i attended last night... studying in FIP (Fashion Institute Philippines) is really tempting! :)

but sunday is also my favorite. its the time when i'm relaxing/ recovering from a hangover, wearing flats, acting lazy & pigging out, watching movies, etc. and today, we watched Trophic Thunder - which i think was hilarious! and i DO need this kind of movies! when i'm not in the mood for something 'to discuss' after, like 'who killed who?' whatever, you know :) cos i still can't figure out 100% *red faced* on what happend with the last movie i watched - Body of Lies - which reminds me, i should check it up in the internet later (^.^)

(h&m top. uniqlo jeans. h&m sandals. shades: gucci. bag: palermo. mixed accesories.)

on the other note, i feel proud i haven't accumulated anything new to my fashion-fancy, and nothing (really, nothing) makes me excited right now (or maybe, that topshop tank top i had been trying on forever...). but who needs new clothes in this lazy fasyon atmosphere? *sigh*... and these are the times when i missed living in china!

and i'm also excited to read the new books i purchased (and yes, they're the only stuffs i bought on sale today!) and though i know, i'm just cheating myself into believing that im not *quote & quote* shopping anymore, i can't resist buying books like these! :)

i had Nina Garcia's first book (Little Black Book of Style), while anything related to fashion & luxury (Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre) tickles my fancy :) aaahh.. if ONLY i was this devoted to working, i'd already be a millionnaire! hehe.

PS. FASHION WEEK is coming next week! but I'll be flying somewhere! huuu... (and i promise the c-dubz pics soon!)


ModeJunkie said...

nice new header pam. and good job on that shopping ban! :)

mej said...

i took up sewing for a while (last July) in fip (but stopped cos we put up a salon business). i dunno when i'll get to go back or if i'm gonna return! le sigh. i was so eager at first, but once i stopped, i got lazy to return. teehee!

Mimi said...

Love your outfit!The necklace,shoes and top are so nice.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Miss you.

xo/ fashion chalet

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks for the comment, love... here's hoping that writer's block melts away soon... ;) i love your jeans btw, so cute.

xo/ fashion chalet

vivian said...

aw, you're always so stylish and adorable!! i read all your latest posts, i hope being back home is good. do you miss china, or not so much?

you look fabulous as usual, and your book purchases inspired me to go check them out (hopefully the English bookstore carries them).


PAM said...

MODEJUNKIE: haha thanks love! :) aaw i wish!

MEJ: i know the feeling! :) ooh.. what other classes did you took? i really want to go there next year, to shut myself up! :) haha but ofcourse i have to finish my new (possible) biz. soon.. :)

MIMI thanks mimi! :)

PAM said...

VIVIAN: aaw thank you! :) but i do apologize for my crappy posts (lately), cos i haven't really settled myself here (weird huh, its been more than 2 months!) constant flying and vacations breaks my blogging spell... but i hope to resume very soon! :)

and oh, both books are inspirational.. but contradicting when read together.. haha! :)

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