Friday, October 17, 2008

i ♥ FALSIES! and i don't mind breaking the ban for these!

i honestly have NO idea how i'm gonna survive that shopping ban thingy (i imposed on myself) 'cos i'm so used to living under my dad's extension - even if i was already working! and i'm really trying NOT to use the plastic anymore, cos i (actually my friends made me) realize that i should be more responsible, and stop depending on my parents - especially when it comes to financial matters - when i should be paying for my own vanities, instead of them. *sigh*

so whatever. i was shopping for falsies (ardell 118 & stuffs) today... since my eyelash extensions are starting to fall off (it's been a month now, and i don't want a retouch 'cos i find eyelash extensions a bit high maintenance/ 麻煩). and another not-so-good thing about extensions is that you'll get addicted to them! like, i can't imagine my eyes w/o them stuff! ~haha. wanna try the fashion/ glittery ones soon!!

anyway, this was my original set of 80 pcs. of individual falsies PER eye,
one week old.
and i can't wait to use the ones that i bought! (when im NOT super lazy)


Anonymous said...

The lashes look great and I have to agree with you; once you've experienced them, it gets addicting.

Mines lasted for about a month as well. Did you wear mascara with them? I've never tried because I was afraid of it falling off, ha ha! Too bad us asians have wonky lashes.

If only mines were longer and thicker, but alas, we can't all have everything 'naturally.' LOOLL. That's why there's the falsies! Though I'll def. get them again when I get some extra cash. ;D

AsianCajuns said...


I'm trying to save money too, so I feel your pain!

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