Tuesday, October 7, 2008

random 10.7.08

carla bruni is LOVE :)

Hermes SS 08. i just CANT get over the loose/unstructured cardi's and (again) monochromatic look :) i'm so addicted to them!

one of my fave purchase from some time ago.

btw, i'm currently on a shopping BAN! huuu.. cos i promised to wear ALL of my clothes first before buying new ones again (but wishy wishy on december... wonder what i'll want for christmas *cough* spoiled *cough* brat??) hehehe.. having my own apartment or prosperous business perhaps? better than clothes, i see :) God, if only!

but really, what i really want is priceless :) joy/ happiness/ love/ peace/ family/ God.


lisa said...

I just finished a 5-month shopping ban. If you haven't already seen them, check out my tips for a successful shopping ban and my post-ban reflections/

PAM said...

wow!! 5-months????

thanks for sharing! i'm gonna read them asap!!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...


How are you doing?? I love your HK-Macau pics!!!

I used-up all of my shopping allowance till November! huhuhu.. i tried to convince hubby to allow me access to my money for Oct - last Sept, then same thing happened last Saturday (Topshop sent me a flyer and that was the culprit -- I then went on a frenzy even after Topsop). Now I am on a strict BAN till December(was going to write a blog entry on it)! :-( I'm looking at the brighter side... at least I'll get to use all my clothes and look at them closely rather than having a pile of un-worn clothes and have the feeling of "I dont have anything to wear" each day! -- CRAZY!

Goodluck to us!!! Missed you!!

PAM said...

Hi P!! :) been busy(busyhan) and thanks! :)

OMG! i'm happy to hear that people are actually feeling (slight or more) "guilty" for being a shoppaholic (by nature)! :) hehe.. im not alone! and for that, we SHALL CONQUER!! :)

and oh dear, my friend just showed me her recent TOPSHOP purchase, and i'm just really trying (HARD) to stick to my goal (PRADA bag! hahaha) so i skipped:

1. gorgeous Zara leather jacket (and skirt) i saw last weekend

2. those unstructured "sando" tank tops/ cardi's in Topshop (OMG! i hope they're on sale!) tsk.tsk.

3. booties!! :( boo!

*sigh* but its okay, cos when i look at my closet - almost 70% of them - UNWORN!! :(



hi Pam,good luck on your shopping ban!Im sure you will come up with lots of inventive to wear your garments.
hun great post. like the Hermes cardis and layering

Shen-Shen said...

I wish the American first lady were as gorgeous as Carla

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