Wednesday, October 1, 2008

vacation blues

i know, i know. every time i go back from a vacation, i have this sort of vacation blues, and blogging seems to be the most unappetizing activity that comes after.

anyhoo, here's more pictures from HK :)

at central. wicked weather. rain + too much sunshine.

with my childhood friends, mickey & miney.

im such a disney baby! :)

i originally planned on wearing a schoolgirl outfit (with knee-high socks and the sorts), but i know my friends would kill me! pft. and besides, its still SUMMER over there! erk.

and i just noticed, i wore too much h&m!

top: h&m. skirt: h&m. shoes: h&m. necklaces: h&m. shades: h&m. long cardi: from hk. red suspenders: topman. bag: mng.

bright lights... in the city.

HK is definitely one of my fave shopping place, where you can just buy about anything...

and everything!!

top: from manila. leggings: zara. necklaces: h&m. shades: h&m.


Anonymous said...

woow what's in that gigantic gucci bag?

you're not the only one who wears too much h&m...they should pay me, because i'm like a walking ad xD

Lil Midget said...

My...that is one BIG Gucci bag!

cindy said...

sooo awesome! :]

PAM said...


stacyinsaddleshoes said...

I bet you would have look cute in white knee should have gone for it.

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