Sunday, November 30, 2008

joined the twilight craze last night...

and I don't think i've become a FAN. cos i think there are dozens of BETTER love stories out there, or maybe it just so happened that I didn't read the book, that's why!

anyway, was also out yesterday to check the bazaar at rockwell... *yawn* am i too tired for these? or have i really gone old from shopping? and stopped spending/ going crazy on bazaars like i used to?? there's always something new and old... the gladiattor's and old season's pumps were on sale. some frou frou dresses, bunch of unconventional accessories and unwanted stuffs someone would even think of giving me as a present - were laid out as if they were something of great value, but seeing how they were scattered across the streets of SE Asia i've visited months back in 1/8th the price kind of made me barf. i don't know... have i become an anti-holiday-shopping scrooge? am i being too frugal? or was it just the recessionista in me? that says, a pair of classic crocodile-skinned flats is all i wanted for Christmas. *boo!*

but as a guy friend of mine had mentioned, he thinks i had too much time in my hands that i even think about these things - when there's more things out there, more worthy to be worried! like the worldwide crisis, hunger in african countries, global warming, and i forgot, was that unemployment? or forced labor? ... *sigh* or maybe BOYS just really don't get it? haha!

but if there's one thing i'm really crazy at right now - it would be these shoes i got from a local store in Manila, called Janylin. I think they were MNG knock off's and knock off's of more renowned brands like Givenchy... but for less than $40-, i really don't care! :) plus, the store also had my Zara TRF knock off's too - which really looks like the same thing - only that the cork heels were NOT made of cork, but were made of plastic and covered with some sort of pvc... but for 1/3 the price, if i saw them first, i would'nt even think of buying them from Zara! So i grabbed these black heels from the store, cos im pretty sure they copied it somewhere... sure enough, someone in rockwell asked me if they were from MNG (on display) - and i just laughed. Oh, how i love that store now! :)

in the meantime, i really need some facial! and oh, can i just share? i dyed my natural eyebrows in light brown (to match with my roots) and it looks really AWFUL! i can't wait to murder the stylist who did it! GGGRRRRrrr.. and yes, i've been relocating back & forth from manila to my hometown, once a while, so i'm always dead-tired and lazy blogging! (but i'll share about my hometown soon! - if i'm still breathing :)

top: topshop. old jeans: topshop. shoes: janylin. studded belt/ accessories: hk, and h&m. gucci joy boston bag.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


as i've said, i've been trying to work on my wardrobe with: (1) toss (2) keep (3) keep a little longer... and this one's basically on my number 3. i dunno, there's something about it that i can't explain - maybe its the fabric? the random zips? uuggghhh...

but i also remember having it 4 yrs ago from topshop - where i wore it once on a psuedo-party, then totally forgotten - until now.

i'm currently not into long pants, but the zippers make it alot easier. skinny/ not skinny, i guess this can to stay a little longer...

also, i can't believe i now only own less than 20 pairs of shoes! *whew* i'm really keen on working with "less is better" lifestyle... cos i don't want my stuffs to OWN me!

top: random. pants: topshop. fedora: ben sherman. shoes: zara

Monday, November 24, 2008

don ne na??!

.. which means, "give me money!" in korean!

and now that i've sold some items and had been a very good girl (slightly)... i'm kinda thinking of rewarding myself with some holiday purchase's! :)

(and here's some of the items i've been drooling on my account: yummy!)

just another black dress...
monotone boyfriend cardi...

pink, satin bomber

one piece dress

yeah, some leather...

and denim...

and i don't think i'm too old for mickey ears yet! :)

.... ohhhhh noooo...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

and these are days of my life...

and drooling on some ebay items...

and munching on some keebler's soft batch cookies... YUMMY!

outfit: i can't believe everything's h&m!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

rihanna + gucci

gucci to benefit unicef


i'm sorry if i haven't been commenting back (in your blogs) the past few weeks/months... cos i'm really trying to keep myself busy with work/ personal issues, which i suppose comes every post-college/ post-previous work/ post-migration/ etc. but i'm really thankful for the l♥ve from you guys :) and its pretty weird cos since i got home/ settled here in manila, my life's more of a rollercoaster, than when i was an expat/ studying away a few years ago...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the concert!

last sunday, 70,000+ people flocked bonifacio high street (us included!) at the fort, manila, to watch the most awaited "Rihanna + Chris Brown" concert! OMFG! it was great! and the crowd was crraaaazzzy!!
Chris Brown was def a CUTIE!! :) aah.. i can't get over it! "forever... forever..."

people were star-strucked when rihanna got on the stage - she's so pretty/ intimidating... not to mention, that dominatrix outfit. HOTNESS! i love her!

Rihanna & Chris Brown singing "Umbrella"... aaw... aren't they cute?

and me. i can't stand looking at girls in high-heels/ miniskirt's cos... yes, the concert was held on OPEN FIELD - and the idea of smothering myself in mud/ soil/ sticky people didn't fancy me. such a waste...

...what a refreshing change on my usual sunday :)

Monday, November 17, 2008


"let's put a smile on that face, shall we?"

i really don't want you guys to be worried on what happened in my last post, but let's just say, everyone goes through that phase :) i know its sick to be feeling all those sh*tty moments when you least expect them to, whatsoever, but there's no detour - you just to keep on going... which i had been doing (or been trying to do) these past couple of days :)

and during times like these... all you need is a friend, a shoulder to cry on to, overnights, makeup/ retail therapy (ha!), and of course, God :)

and... speaking of retail therapy, i believe i've changed (a bit). cos i no longer succumb to impulse buys, but rather think about an item (really really well) before actually purchasing them! and yes, it involves skipping those open-toed, gladiator booties which i had been lusting for soooo long - w/c was also the most perfect shoes i had ever encountered, ever! bah! or maybe because i saw these after...

yummy! these studded heels from zara will soon be mine!! yeh?

(also, sorry cos outfit posts's the least prioritized thing in my mind right now.. but thanks thanks y'all)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

when will the hurting end?

its so cliche... but really, God when?

sometimes we pretend to be happy, to hide away from our griefs. we ignore the problems, hoping they would resolve by itself. but maybe, we have to cry sometimes... or fight even. learn to make ourselves happy, and share. i'm so over it. and i'm ready to drown... cos i know God's gonna pick me up someday when i'm ready.

i really need a break :(
(striped top: h&m. skirt: h&m. jacket from hongkong. bag: h&m. boots: zara. snakeskin turban: only)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

goodbye my lover...

so i finished all the things i needed to do early, and had ample time to blog today (this is such a joke right?).

*sigh* my purple fur jacket has a new owner... i know, i said i wanted to get rid of some of my stuffs here, but some part of me says, "no, they're mine!" haha.. kidding. but since i won't be spending any cold, winter moments soon (and i kinda doubt my winter solstice in korea would even push through!) mind as well get rid of the winter stuffs, and buy new ones (next time) again! - oh, was that an excuse? (^.^) and.. i had too much "drama" with this jacket anyway! (my a-hole EX boyf from way way before dumped me blah blah blah and this was the coat i was wearing that effing day! haha!) hence the title, "goodbye my lover", which actually was my song for HIM - for months - before i could get over!! loooosssseeerrr.

(purple jacket from hongkong. h&m tights. bench (men's) tank. h&m shoes)

so... off you go to your new mummy!

PS. tried the mayonnaise thingie on my hair today... smells bad, but i think it's working! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

see no evil

some of the reasons why i plan of shutting this blog down are...
  1. i haven't been sleeping right the past few days (or earliest is 5am!), and resort to the internet to get me some zzz's - but it isn't helping either!
  2. i check up my blog (and some of yours too) and emails, etc. every morning... and before i knew it, by the time i need to start working/ fixing myself up - i'm STILL blog hopping!
  3. there's too many temptations...
  4. i really want to DO something (business related), and it involves lots of research/ study/ benchmarking whatsoever. and being updated with the latest fashion obsession is not related.
(h&m blazer. top from china. uniqlo jeans. coach wristlet.)

BUT i also realized that blogging is my outlet for random stuffs which, for a fact, i can't discuss during work (or if i do have anyway!) so i'll still keep in touch from time to time, while i'm lusting over these 2 items from Coach's Amanda collection... aaahh... maybe i should just learn TIME MANAGEMENT instead, huh?

Sunday, November 9, 2008


so i've been wearing this tights too many times already, and was only able to take a picture TODAY (thanks to my friend who took years to pick me up!).
(my overused dress from shanghai, plaid tights & shoes from zara)

watched Quantum of Solace today... and i can't keep my eyes off Daniel Craig! (♥.♥) damn he's YUMMY! but was quite disappointed with the "Bond" girls - why are they NOT as hot as they used to.. ?? (and i also sat in the 2nd front row, so it wasn't fun watching as i imagined it would be.)

also went shopping (eeeks no ban!) at this local store, Bench - for panties! and men's racer back tank tops (i know, i have this obsession with tank tops for quite some time now) and they were perfect! got them in LARGE size, black & white, hopefully i'd be able to show you (cos i'm kinda thinking of shutting this blog down - i need to focus on my future! - but we'll see :)


Saturday, November 8, 2008


so i'm finally back in the city, and first thing i did was had my nails done in blackish-plum (w/c actually looks a lot like brown) and window-shopped *yawn* nothing much i liked today... except for MADAGASCAR2, which i watched with my friends :) and it really was funny, better than the 1st one i guess...
(old clothes really make me feel comfortable... like this top i had from hk 3 yrs ago, overused h&m wedges, and uniqlo jeans. only the bag is "younger")

and also... i've been raiding my closet, separating the stuffs "i don't like" and "i don't wear", and hopefully add it on my ebay. and it's really weird cos i think i finally got tired of CLOTHES! *eeeks* that i thought, instead of helping, these (bunch of) stuffs actually don't make my life easier! then again, i think everyone goes through the phase - when we have to update our wardrobe!!

ps. it really sucks cos i haven't been sleeping for 3 F*ing days!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

yummmy outfits and dirty wishlists

so there was this really great study which shows that most luxury designers denies of having their products "Made in China", but in reality, almost everything is ïndeed - "Made in China" - though nobody speaks about it. Giorgo Armani and Coach were among the more 'vulgar' ones to admit so.. and now they're all shifting to Vietnam - where labor is 20% to 30% cheaper than China (or 60% lower than that of European countries). My friend once set off to Guangdong, China (where most of the factories for luxury items are located) and bought some items, which she claimed looks pretty much the real thing (she frequently buys real stuffs btw) that we wonder, "could these be actually the real thing? knowing that most of the brands today manufactures their products there...?"

and if only my new targets could speak to me, they'd probably say this...

but then again, that's why we are called shopaholics right? (which sometimes, i don't know... is it actually good? or bad?)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

layering in its cutest level

that i'm kinda missing the good old autumn days...

photo creds: vivi

Monday, November 3, 2008

the recessionista / recession chic / fashionista on a budget.

interesting read from NY Times.

i had been the most unproductive person in the world...

and to make matters worse, i'm feeling the effects of my post-halloween gluttony, and is now POISONED! huuu.. i have a very sentisitive stomach.. i'm such a weak baby! :(

anyway, jolly Christmas season is coming its way... and i really don't know what i want still! maybe i need someone to knock my head off? so i can start 'doing' things... instead of bumming around and checking the internet for potential buys (tsk tsk.. u can never really underestimate cosumer's buying power, even if we're currently undergoing crisis!). and i just discovered that i want (note that i don't need it) too many things in my life that its becoming too 'parasitic'. just when i thought i don't need another handbag or the sorts, i'm currenlty yearning for more.. and more shoes, and dresses (which really, are just stucked in my closet!), and makeup's etc. its ironic because i don't normally go to social events like i used to (from my past job/ and when i was indeed younger), so in reality, i don't really have a need for these things... until i checked the internet.

aaah... i love everything in this picture (except for the flowery top)! i heard H&M is coming its way here, but then, why suddenly no one talks about it?

i really want to dress up for the holidays this year, even if i don't end up with new gifts. i spent the holidays in shanghai last year, *quote and quote* working... duh. so i'm really excited to be able to spend it with my friends and families this year!

PS. Did you know that Bernard Arnault, who owned almost 50% of the LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), CEO of said companies including Dior, Fendi, Moet & Chandon etc. also owns 40%++ shares in Duty Free, Carrefour, bought out owners of said luxury brands, and was responsible for all the un-glitz and glamour we now see in luxury brands today? Yup, I'm having such a treat with the book im reading! :) that it affects (greatly) how i see marketing & consumers today.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


i promise to put a little effort on what i look everyday, after i'm done with all my pigging out's and non-stop vacations.
  • agyness deyn looks weird in that new bob...
  • Suri is such a brat!
  • She looks pretty weird in those trousers, yet Margherita Missoni's #01in the Best Dressed this week.
  • I'm starting to list some of my stuffs in them here)
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