Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the concert!

last sunday, 70,000+ people flocked bonifacio high street (us included!) at the fort, manila, to watch the most awaited "Rihanna + Chris Brown" concert! OMFG! it was great! and the crowd was crraaaazzzy!!
Chris Brown was def a CUTIE!! :) aah.. i can't get over it! "forever... forever..."

people were star-strucked when rihanna got on the stage - she's so pretty/ intimidating... not to mention, that dominatrix outfit. HOTNESS! i love her!

Rihanna & Chris Brown singing "Umbrella"... aaw... aren't they cute?

and me. i can't stand looking at girls in high-heels/ miniskirt's cos... yes, the concert was held on OPEN FIELD - and the idea of smothering myself in mud/ soil/ sticky people didn't fancy me. such a waste...

...what a refreshing change on my usual sunday :)


Mode Junkie said...

ahh you were like all color and outfit coordinated. :)
cute. i wish i was there!

Dapper Kid said...

Oh WOW, lucky lucky!!!! And I love the outfit :)

lisa said...

Hmm yeah, in muddy situations sneakers are definitely better than heels. You made the sensible choice and still looked adorable! Nice.

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