Sunday, November 30, 2008

joined the twilight craze last night...

and I don't think i've become a FAN. cos i think there are dozens of BETTER love stories out there, or maybe it just so happened that I didn't read the book, that's why!

anyway, was also out yesterday to check the bazaar at rockwell... *yawn* am i too tired for these? or have i really gone old from shopping? and stopped spending/ going crazy on bazaars like i used to?? there's always something new and old... the gladiattor's and old season's pumps were on sale. some frou frou dresses, bunch of unconventional accessories and unwanted stuffs someone would even think of giving me as a present - were laid out as if they were something of great value, but seeing how they were scattered across the streets of SE Asia i've visited months back in 1/8th the price kind of made me barf. i don't know... have i become an anti-holiday-shopping scrooge? am i being too frugal? or was it just the recessionista in me? that says, a pair of classic crocodile-skinned flats is all i wanted for Christmas. *boo!*

but as a guy friend of mine had mentioned, he thinks i had too much time in my hands that i even think about these things - when there's more things out there, more worthy to be worried! like the worldwide crisis, hunger in african countries, global warming, and i forgot, was that unemployment? or forced labor? ... *sigh* or maybe BOYS just really don't get it? haha!

but if there's one thing i'm really crazy at right now - it would be these shoes i got from a local store in Manila, called Janylin. I think they were MNG knock off's and knock off's of more renowned brands like Givenchy... but for less than $40-, i really don't care! :) plus, the store also had my Zara TRF knock off's too - which really looks like the same thing - only that the cork heels were NOT made of cork, but were made of plastic and covered with some sort of pvc... but for 1/3 the price, if i saw them first, i would'nt even think of buying them from Zara! So i grabbed these black heels from the store, cos im pretty sure they copied it somewhere... sure enough, someone in rockwell asked me if they were from MNG (on display) - and i just laughed. Oh, how i love that store now! :)

in the meantime, i really need some facial! and oh, can i just share? i dyed my natural eyebrows in light brown (to match with my roots) and it looks really AWFUL! i can't wait to murder the stylist who did it! GGGRRRRrrr.. and yes, i've been relocating back & forth from manila to my hometown, once a while, so i'm always dead-tired and lazy blogging! (but i'll share about my hometown soon! - if i'm still breathing :)

top: topshop. old jeans: topshop. shoes: janylin. studded belt/ accessories: hk, and h&m. gucci joy boston bag.


Kimberly Tia said...

your blog is HOTNESSS... absolute HOTNESS.

need to scrolll and read at all the fashion yum, thanks for sharing!!!!


dapper kid said...

I need to find a cheapo local shoe store! Haha, I think you could probably get the croc flats in the new year sales ;) Annnd love the outfit!! Oh oh, and I have yet to see this Twilight movie, apparently the book is quite big too...never heard of it until the advert on tv personally!

PAM said...

KIMBERLY: thanks love! :)

DAPPER KID: el cheapo local stores are the best!! :) and im mum about Twilight, part of me says - its no bid deal :)

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