Saturday, December 13, 2008


hi y'all! thanks for your comments re my macbook :) i had it checked at the Apple Center the other day, and found that my laptop's malfunction is the cause of a crashed hard drive! and what's worse is, they can't retrieve my files!! :(

i have to buy a new hard drive and start all over. thank God it wasn't the motherboard... but even so, i think it was MY fault cos i had been covering my baby in this cute, leather-casing (since Macau) and no matter how many times my friend told me that it needs "air", i totally ignored it - threw away those air balls (or whatever you call it) - and covered it with the "jacket" (yes, it was so cute, but it suffocated my baby!). or maybe, i was just an impatient junkie. i don't know... it just feels so different... and sad... it was only 1.4 years old!!! and my files.... *sigh*

anyway, just wore this dress (that i had for more than a year) for the very 1st time... it's weird cos it feels so NEW even if its so OLD. (and excuse me for being wasted :)

dress: zara. juan shoes.

have to wait next week before i start updating again!

Having our annual Christmas dinner tonight! :) i'm sooo excited to wear a black dress!
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