Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne. - Bette Davis.

last Saturday was spent in 'me & my friends' annual Christmas dinner (16 attendants this year! we're expanding! :) - good companion, sumptuous food (Silk Thai)/ wines + desserts (The Stock Market), some alcohol/ vodka's (thanks to the b'day boys!), boys boys boys, partying, and more!

really... i had the best high ever! :):)

and just when i thought we're DONE with partying (the effects of getting OLD et al) - we were WRONG! 'cos after dinner, we headed to Cuisine & Piedra... and danced our night away!

and everyone's saying that my heart got stolen that night, 'cos i had way too much fun/ alcohol/ dancing/ and boyfriends in one night! but i guess it's just the HOLIDAY CHEER in me... like c'mon, let's share the LOVE shall we? it's Christmas Season after all!!!

silk dress: zara. gold necklace: h&m. fringed clutch: h&m. juan shoes. j12.

i sooo love MANILA!! can't believe i passed it last year, working my ass off in Shanghai 'til Christmas Day!

(i belted out the dress, cos it's way too long for a fun night!)


*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh wow Pam!!! Great job belting the dress!! I love those gams!!! I'm glad you had fun.. you've been a little down lately so it's so nice seeing you back to your jolly "Cuervo Girl" self again!

P.S. Are your Juan shoes a pain to walk in?? I got one a week ago... to wear to a party over the weekend... and by the end of the night... my feet were crying!

PAM said...

PEACHES: thanks! :) i know right? i hate those s*cky feelings! thank God its Christmas! haha! i really enjoy myself better in this mood! :)

NOPE. i think all the Juan shoes i got are soo good! or maybe you should try putting those gels (got mine in china) to lessen the heel pain :) i think its available in watson's! i use them in ALL my heels! :)

lisa said...

Really clever way of making a long dress more versatile! I thought it was kind of a drapey bubble dress before you showed the picture of it long. Oh, and I'm glad you're back online!

Mode Junkie said...

glad you had fun pammy banany! :)
love how you belted the dress. very sexxay that way. i might be there in august? will u take me clubbing? haha

Bella said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more with the fantastic quote. xxx

The dress is gorgeous... I love it belted... changes it completely.

mej said...

Pam you look great! and i'm so glad you had a blast!:) i love how you belted that dress. you made it so modern and sexy (as opposed to bohemian and casual - still a great look!)=)

Lloyda said...

ah you look really great girl! i'm envious of your juan shoes. i definitely need to head to the mall to check them out. ;)

PAM said...

LISA: thanks lisa! :)

MODEJUNKIE: in august?? wow!! sure sure! i wish i'd never stop clubbing!! haha :)

BELLA: really nice quote isn't it? :) and thanks!

MEJ: thanks mej!

LLOYDA: hala! haha! shopping shopping! but all the shoes i got from juan are worth it! :) u shud, and whatever u find.. share! :)

Miss Urbanita said...

So beautiful! Love your shoes. Kisses ;)

Belle said...

I am new to your blog and it is gorgeous. Will definitely be checking back for updates.
Cute dress as well :)

dapper kid said...

LOVE that dress, the belting job looks stunning!! Sounds like you had lots of fun :)

Winnie said...

Loveee how you transformed that dress with the belt!

I feel the need to go out and party hard after reading this!

girl next blog said...

It looks so much better short!
And the shoes are so cool, I love them.

♥ fashion chalet said...


(aw ♥) You're my positive blogger friend whose whimsical style inspires me!! Thanks for keeping your page going and for stopping by and commenting on mine as well! :)


dori said...

what a brilliant idea on the belt!
and it looks AWESOME!

Vivian said...

nice yo see you so happy- i'm hoping to feel the same way when i go back home... you give me hope!!

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