Thursday, October 29, 2009


what are you wearing for Halloween?!?

  • I think I'm getting the hang of studying Interior Design. word of advice, NEVER procrastinate! 1 plate (of drawing/painting/etc.) can take you forever........
  • Been lying low from partying and alcohol... i din know 'alcohol poisoning' existed til i had one, weeks ago. booo.
  • I can't save =( stress from school always results to stress eating & shopping!
  • I think I have the most number of monotone, achromatic (black, white, grays) clothes ever, in my life right now.
  • And yeah... I'm always tired.

Friday, August 28, 2009

weekend in baguio wonderland...

before i actually became sick & too stressed at my projects (yes, interior designing is really stressful!), i spent the weekend with my friends at Baguio City! 5 hrs from Manila... is the city of cool weather, pine trees, and strawberries!!!

we love goofing around asian poses... me here doing the pigtail pose! lolz
bonfire night... marshmallows, hotdogs...
baileys... and more booze!
my very own... tall & tanned IGOR! ("igorot" = natives of Baguio City)

can't believe i skipped class today for nursing a flu... damnit, i still have loads of things to do! and i hate missing lectures! baaahhh. BUT my friends and I are heading to the movies later and go see UP and Time Traveller's Wife :)

hopefully, i'll be better by the weekend... Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is actually my current couch bff!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me...

LADY GAGA was effing awesome last night!
live in Manila~! ♥

and i was her groupie...


Sunday, August 9, 2009


my fave korean/japanese hairdresser - Mr. Shin - from 4 yrs ago ,came back to Manila after 2 yrs of wandering around Tokyo :) love love his new salon...

(it's located in jupiter st., makati)

and i love love my new hair...

such a change!

and guess what? aside from collecting fashion magazines, i just bought my first 2 copies for home/interior designs! :) yea... i wanna teach myself the art and details in interior... as i am with fashion :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

kiss ♥ kiss

so there was this randomly DRUNK guy in Taboo... and we decided to make fun of him! (bad i know!) i think his friends abandoned him already... poor guy eh.

then here's a picture of my friend's painting on his wall.

yeah, he got bored one day and painted a dragon in all 3 corners of it! kewl huh? too bad he wasn't able to finish it... cos he was only here for a holiday. i wish i was that good and bravely paint my wall too!

i've been busy with school homeworks lately... and i'm pretty much planning of hibernating this month of August - meaning, less parties and weekend night outs. yeah... this could be real. it's been raining nonstop anyway, and all i want is some warm coffee and am-i-the-only-one-who-thinks-it-is-lame? True Blood series. plus, i felt kind of broke from last month's impulsive shopping... it was my birthday month, and i can't control it! lol.

my internet has been sucky this month, and i can't wait to change subscription! - GLOBE ADSL sucks!

Monday, July 6, 2009

quick update random

its weird that i'm always dressed up, but forget to take pictures for my blog :(

and its ironic that i have been buying threads, needles, and pins now that i'm no longer in fashion course!

aaah... today, school's great. will update later :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

first day blues

  • i feel more at ease in fashion school than interior design... i dunno, i guess the idea that the latter's more of a professional course (take note: board exams after) makes everything seems COLD.
  • since it takes an hour travel from home to school, i always get sleepy in class. pft. energizer bunny where are you?
  • ah oh well... let's keep motivated shall we?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


diy shirt
  • just finished with the fashion courses (basic fashion design & basic pattern making) i took this summer TODAY :)
  • i'm gonna miss my fashion class... the people there are great! not to mention our dear designer-instructors John & Paul Herrera!
  • being surrounded with uber-artistic people can be both inspiring and frustrating! sometimes i wish i had their "gift" too :)
  • BUT i've already decided to pursue Basic Interior Design and i'm gonna start monday! so... it's gonna be a very very busy year for me!
mood board: peter pan movie. i wasn't able to finish (rendering) the whole collection, but my idea was combining raw and modern materials, soft textures, feminine colors, etc.

(yeah... i know my sketch's not the prettiest in the block, but i'm glad i'm DONE with stick figures! ~haha. must. practice. more... cos i suck in details!)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

the basics

so i already started taking (basic) fashion classes in FIP -Fashion Institute Phils.- and it's surprisingly FUN! :>

most of the professors are designers, so we're all invited to watch their show at Fashion Week!!! *excited*

...but i'm also a bit scared about taking Interior Design in PSID (Phil. School of Interior Design) this July. i have no background in drawing & designing whatsoever, but i'm willing to learn... so yeah, i'm officially back to school! (while i think taking fashion classes beforehand kinda helps in my 'prepping up' for the big-school-thing).

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

interior vs. fashion design

while both courses are out of my league (and can't still figure out where to settle yet) i guess its never too late to try BOTH (?)

let's just see what happens next.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

thnks fr th mmrs



Monday, April 20, 2009


i have too many heels already (most of which i don't even wear!) but i'm still dying to get my hands on these (even if my current collection almost look like the same - i mean the glads & ties :)

i have too much black, so maybe its time for white! ($250 from Stella Luna). yummy issit? tried them on yesterday... wished i had the audacity to run off and never return them! haha

Friday, April 17, 2009

something very random

i've been wanting that LV vernis bag the girl was wearing,

but my friend bought a Prada,
and i think i'm vindicated.

mac hello kitty...
black kitties me loves - i hate pink
something to add in my undying makeup collection...

classic: eat this shop, product in this shop

yummy, cheap dumpling shop in macau.
can't blame them... english is not their language.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

get yourself together.

Two roads diverged in the woods, And I... I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

too lazy for the hot n' humid weather

  • been wearing havaiannas + shorts + over-sized tees lately... and pool parties are like the BEST thing ever! (to dress up a little).

(belted long skirt from China)

  • been thinking of enrolling Bikram Yoga again. YES, i'm trading it for those yummy heels i saw the other day... my mind, body, and soul is in dire need of ZEN.
  • my mom just announced my (last month's) credit card bill, and i've been living BEYOND my means! :(
  • i think i'm gonna DIE single cos no man would want to marry me... (undomesticated goddess who'd rather learn the tricks of applying falsies, than cook one decent meal! and yes, i don't do house chores cos they scrap Off my nailpolish!) i think i'm better Off living ALONE somewhere else again... where i'm forced to DO everything myself.
  • ...and i can't wait for our BORACAY Fest this coming May! (here i go again...!)

(i'm sorry, but i feel like i LOST my interest in dressing UP or fashion (or just blogging) per se. i have like dozens of unworn shoes & clothes in my closet, most of which deserves some appreciation or 1st chances, yet i'm piling them up like paperwork and i don't know... i think i really NEED a break!)

anyway, this cracks me up like i'm HIGH or something...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i'm feeling really uninspired, lazy, broken, and confused these past few days... and i think its what we call the 'pre-quarter life crisis'. pft.

also why i'm sooo lazy blogging, posting/taking pictures, going out (bars, night out's, etc.) ... cos i just wanna lie in bed and DREAM! (x.x)

...i missed being an EXPAT.
  • freedom
  • weather
  • people who don't mind
  • really nice income
  • more shopping selections
  • great number of other reasons
BUT i still don't reget quitting the last time cos at least being back home, i have my friends/ family 24/7. and oh, Starbucks and alcohol is much much cheaper! :>

AND i had been traveling loads too since i got home! but i'm still confused whether i like where/what i am right now... i mean, i'm helping out in the business, getting my salary (of course, my previous one was soo much incomparable!) but still feel useless :(

... so i plan on studying again. which also means that i have to start all over. but both fields i'm planning to take are different in so many levels. aarrggghhh! cos i only have to choose ONE.

well anyway, i hope to get my answers within the next 3 weeks. classes starts on May and June...while pictures from Hongkong are soo relieving for now :)

(leather jacket: giordano. pashmina: zara. top: bench. skirt: h&m)

and WOW these clothes from Matthew Williamson for H&M!

Friday, March 27, 2009

more effing details

OMG Edison Chen is on the front page!!! BUT my effing Chinese sucks, so damn.
  • we planned on visiting the Giant Buddha (aside from the outlet shops) in Lantau Island, HK. the cable car trip took more than 30mins... it was windy that day, and i'm scurrrd of heights. got bored eventually. also never bothered to get up-close with Buddha... a bus ride wasn't alluring at all.

and so the day passsed.

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