Thursday, January 29, 2009

wednesday, im not inlove!

i just realized that i'm not a Wednesday person

and i don't think it's just a PHASE.
cos i'm really sticking to sleeping it away,
every Ladies' Night Wednesday!

bigger-sized zara tee. f21 bandage leather skirt. h&m clutch. janylin shoes.

Monday, January 26, 2009

the insomniac is getting better

booo yah!

more sleep,
less blogging,
partying ONLY on weekends...
do me better

shiny pants,
black & white,
platform shoes...
who doesn't love them?

♡china, japan & korea!


(i'm wearing topshop top. h&m tights)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CHANGE might be good...

so my sister 's back from her vacation in the US, and brought me home some makeup's (WOW ilove how everything is cheap there!:) and clothes i ordered from Forever21 - leopard, satin, leather, floral a-line miniskirts and printed leggings!! *yuuuum* NO new shoes however... but i had my mom's approval to get the Damier Neverful MM from LV, which i promised, would be my LAST bag for the year!! *grins* and ilove them to bits!

was able to wear the DIY shredded tank, and liquid, metallic tights from topshop last weekend...

but can't get over on how people reacted to it:
the "maybe-she-has-an-attitude-problem" look. bah.

and... i think i'm gonna be gone for a while (blogosphere) BUT i'm SURELY gonna miss all of YA!! :) xoxo...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sparkle zombie

i'm soo sorry for being a bad blogger, but i'm NOT in the perfect shape yet.

top: from Hongkong. embelished jeans: from Hongkong. shoes: CMG.

and i think i've turned INSOMNIAC since the Holidays, cos i had been sleeping past 3am every night! really, it's NOT doing me any good! so aside from those huge, dark, undereye circles i've been growing lately, my head's totally spinning - everysingleday! boooo....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

seventeen forever

after hibernating for almost 2-weeks somewhere, i'm finally back in the city :) Fort is absolutely my fave destination, when i'm out with my friends...

dress/top: mango. skirt: rockwell urban bazaar. shoes: juan. fringed bag: h&m.

and just so u didn't noticed, i have stick straight hair! :) i actually asked my hairdresser to iron it for a while cos my curls are killing me! had thought of keeping them this way, but my hair's too damaged... so yeah, its going back to curls once i wash them. pft.

also been playing with black's, studs and golds lately (finally! right?) cos MOST of the clothes in my closet are yeah, those 3 words. the dress/top whatever is actually a gift from my friends eons ago - but never wore it, not even once, cos i find it too SHORT (unless i don't care about people seeing my underwear! >:) so thank God for the skirt! and i've been looking for something like this forever! but since i'm such a lazy-ass shopper, and oh, was also on a shopping ban some months ago, i just got them last Christmas from the bazaar in Rockwell. the fabric is also perfect... its a bit thick and wool-y, so the pleats drops pretty nicely by itself :)

... it has also been chilly in the Phils. lately, so i've been using my knit trench coats as much as i could! :) and that SELDOM happens!

loving: seventeen forever by metrostation

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i wonder...

i'm a little bit intrigued by this book.

and that newly-opened eyebrow salon in Serendra...

creds: chuvaness

...and aren't these shoes purfect?

just some looks i wouldn't mind adapting....

Jun (vivi model) is soo HOT no?

on a personal note, ive been eating & sleeping a LOT these past few weeks! and is using the GYM as an excuse to have a sumptuous dinner after. i know, i think i've turned into a PIG! bah.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i know Chloe is a fashion sweetheart and all... but this look here, is giving me an eye sore :(

or maybe it's just me.

anyway, after shopping loads for clothes & makeup these past few weeks - i'm officially on a BAN! and i'm soo sticking with it because: (1) i'm saving up for my vacay trips (these are going to be soo much FUN!!) (2) i need to focus on my work/ future MORE

also sorry for the frequent MIA's, but i kinda added "LESS time on the internet!" on my NY's resolution (i know right?) let's see how long IT'll really last... :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


for some shallow reason, i CAN'T wait to go back to Manila and head off to SM department store! why? 'cause these patterned tights are killing me!! (*.^)
well, the obsession started off with those cute, Japanese kids in their harajuku-ish outfit...

and then by the Queen and her love-tights post.

until somebody mentioned to me (a month back) about our local designer, kate torralba, teaming up with the largest hosiery manufacturer (City Lady), designing colored/patterned tights which she would be selling to the local market!


gone are the days when i would just stare at (international) online stores... and who cares about those stares here, really!

...because these old, lace leggings of mine isn't giving me the happiness i deserve! haha!

photo creds: kingdomofstyle, ixinwei, chuvaness
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