Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i'm feeling really uninspired, lazy, broken, and confused these past few days... and i think its what we call the 'pre-quarter life crisis'. pft.

also why i'm sooo lazy blogging, posting/taking pictures, going out (bars, night out's, etc.) ... cos i just wanna lie in bed and DREAM! (x.x)

...i missed being an EXPAT.
  • freedom
  • weather
  • people who don't mind
  • really nice income
  • more shopping selections
  • great number of other reasons
BUT i still don't reget quitting the last time cos at least being back home, i have my friends/ family 24/7. and oh, Starbucks and alcohol is much much cheaper! :>

AND i had been traveling loads too since i got home! but i'm still confused whether i like where/what i am right now... i mean, i'm helping out in the business, getting my salary (of course, my previous one was soo much incomparable!) but still feel useless :(

... so i plan on studying again. which also means that i have to start all over. but both fields i'm planning to take are different in so many levels. aarrggghhh! cos i only have to choose ONE.

well anyway, i hope to get my answers within the next 3 weeks. classes starts on May and June...while pictures from Hongkong are soo relieving for now :)

(leather jacket: giordano. pashmina: zara. top: bench. skirt: h&m)

and WOW these clothes from Matthew Williamson for H&M!


Winnie said...

It must be nice to be back with your home comforts again after being away for so long.

Sounds like you're at another crossroads in your life. So many options open to you. Good luck on continueing your education though, I'm hopefully going back in September too!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

i like long dress but it's cold here for the moment !

Bella said...

Oh, these shots are darling... and I love the Matthew Williamson pieces!!

Hope you're having a fantastic week! xxx

Secretista said...

I hope you find your place and are content soon!

Kira Fashion said...

I love your skirt :)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

you are such a cutie... :)

Frou Flu said...

haha i know what you mean about lying around and dreaming:) sometimes i like doing that too... i really hope you find your "destiny" so to speak or where you want to be and what you'd really love to do:) cute skirt by the way:)

Sinead said...

I love your blog :) I used to read it but then I took a break from blogger, and I just found it again... still love your style!

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